Think Like a Monk: The secret of how to harness the power of positivity and be happy now – Jay Shetty (Paperback)

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  • Think Like a Monk: The secret of how to harness the power of positivity and be happy now - Jay Shetty (Paperback)


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      Think Like a Monk: The secret of how to harness the power of positivity and be happy now - Jay Shetty (Paperback)


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      Jay Shetty is a storyteller, podcaster and former monk. Jay’s vision is to Make Wisdom Go Viral. He is on a mission to share the timeless wisdom of the world in an accessible, relevant and practical way. Jay has created over 400 viral videos with over 5 billion views, and hosts the #1 Health and Wellness podcast in the world, ‘On Purpose’.
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      ‎ Thorsons (8 September 2020)

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      ‎ English

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      ‎ 320 pages

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      ‎ 0008386595

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      ‎ 978-0008386597

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      ‎ 13 years and up

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      8 reviews for Think Like a Monk: The secret of how to harness the power of positivity and be happy now – Jay Shetty (Paperback)

      1. hello world

        Actual rating: 4. But I’m giving this book 5, it’s because this’ Jay’s first book. Haven’t finished reading. It’s basically my first impression. Most likely this will be my final impression as well!Who should buy this book?Anybody with interest in reading. If you’re capable of reading a book within a month then you could buy!Who shouldn’t buy this book?1. This book is not for someone who wants a book as an aid to overcome fear, depression, loneliness, addition, negative thoughts, relationship struggles…2. Introduction to all the problems under the sky or maybe above the sky are written in this book…3. Those who already practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga might not find much stuff in this book…Things that will be interesting…1. You might think that maybe Jay is the wisest person in the universe.2. It’s because he didn’t dilute the subject matter. But he has made the content more relatable to 2020.Annoying things…1. Sometimes you might find Jay like a kid praising teacher to get extra marks or get some chocolates.2. Don’t get me wrong… Without fail he has written few words about people who has acknowledged his book!3. Sometimes you might get a feel like, I should become famous within 5 years & Jay will write about me4. You’ll definitely find stuff you might not want to take from a book.Do you want to become rich or make him rich…1. It’s obvious, like in almost all the books, you’ll find some marketing stuff at the end of the book.2. There’s nothing wrong in that stuff but again are you ready to spend money to listen to him and to learn from him?3. If you read some other self help book or teachings of the people that this book relies on; you’ll notice that you’re drawn towards meditation, positive thinking, changing lifestyle…4. Unfortunately this book has the tendency to draw readers more towards Jay rather than meditation or mindfulness…5. It’s like a fitness trainer inviting you to gym.. but rather than guiding you to exercise and get fit, the trainer is more interested in selling supplements!Still if you’re reading this review…1. Go ahead and grab a copy of this book.2. Suppose, if you’re surrounded by people who give you advice, & you don’t know how they became instant genius, chances are they might have read something from this book or anything from similar books3. A must read for readers who wants to know what’s the current trend in the self help category…Simple advice…1. I followed few rules which I have broken when I bought this book..2. Here’s the rule: When it comes to self help, inspiration or mindfulness buy the book written by the person who’s an expert in that field, maybe a doctor, or phycologist, or someone who’s known for their specific talent like music, etc…3. Another rule of thumb… It’s better to buy self help book written by someone who’s already dead or someone who’s about to die. It’s because you have their whole life before you before buying their books!I think this is my first review….Why I’m reviewing this book?Honestly I’m disappointed. But still it’s not a bad book and it’s not a great book. It’s definitely not as advertised!If you’re ready to follow Jay then you can buy this book and do whatever he suggests in the book.Closing thoughts…Once you start reading this book you’ll get a feel like maybe you’re eating up huge variety of foods & you couldn’t identify what you are tasting!Reading this book is like getting a taste of all the Indian food + Chinese food + Western food + some food from sky!Finally…While reading this book be ready to get interrupted by Jay himself through some social media!Still why I bought this book…1. I’m surrounded by people who can speak almost about anything after watching a movie or a 5 minute video… I’m sure they gonna quote from this book!2. I like how Jay sold so much copies of this book! Most likely he has planned everything ahead while releasing his first video!Finally reason for my fictional name…1. I just don’t want people to get caught up in something popular & lose interest in their pursuit of becoming more mindful, positive, financially well, etc!2. Actual reason for this name…Just search in your favourite search engine, “what was the first program written in C by it’s founders?”3. Yup, I like programming that’s why I have created this fictional name.4. Guys if you’re really fed up with life, don’t give up. Start learning a programming language. Just print hello world…Why everyone should print hello world…1. Hello world is a way of checking if the IDE or code editor is installed correctly in the computer.2. As you make more hello world programs, you’ll either stick with 1 programming language or you’ll develop interest to learn more programming languages3. You’ll start to understand how computer behaves and understands everything as 0s and 1s…Finally…1. Is this really a book review?2. Don’t you feel sleepy or annoying?3. This’ how you might feel like while reading this book.4. If you’re an avid reader and want to read something that will have an lasting impact on your life, please don’t start with this book!5. Then what to buy since you’ve some amount of money to buy a book: Maybe you could buy a book written by a real monk!6. Either agree or disagree: Basic always remains the same. You might see changes in the format or in the way of presentation.7. If you’ve read the previous statement and agreed you will not invest so much on self help books. You might prefer audio books or ebooks as they’re relatively cheap & don’t take up space in your bookshelf!Think before buying anything….

      2. Tushar M.

        Think Like A Monk is written by Jay Shetty who was a former monk.One day he went with his friend reluctantly to hear a monk from India whose name was Gauranga Das who was IIT Alumni. By hearing his speech, Jay got inspired to hear him more. Because Gauranga Das had left his lavishing life to become Monk. Jay was so impressed that, he even followed Gauranga Das to hear his other talks.Jay said everyone can adopt monk-like thinking. And in today’s world, everyone should since we are living stressful life day-in and day-out. Monk-like thinking can give us peace, purpose in life. In this book, he even teaches three meditation techniques to clean our minds. In this book, Jay describes how to have Monk Mind. Jay Says nowadays people follow monkey mind which is distracted, overthinking, negative, etc. He differentiates between Monkey Mind and Monk Mind so that we can clearly see which mindset is beneficial for us.The first chapter is about your values. Values are important in our lives. Without them, we are like a wanderer wandering aimlessly. Values make us different from other people who don’t have values. The author says we should not become a person other people want us to be. We should hear our inner voice and filter out other’s opinions about us. To do that values help us most.Every day we should sit alone to reflect on our day, on the emotions we feel throughout the day. Because our values are tainted by external influences like News, Movies, Books we read. we should check what we are doing in our free time. Our actions should match our values. e.g if we decide that we should spend our time with Family and without doing that we played golf then our value(spending time with family) is not aligned with. So what you do in your free time defines your value. Identify your value and let them guide you. Your values help you tune out other people’s opinions of you.In the Chapter called Negativity, the Author says that go to the root cause of your negative feeling and try to shift the focus to the positivity of the situation. Feeling negative is natural. But we choose our response to the negative situation. When you have negative thoughts, Spot, Stop, and Swap. It means Spot your negative emotions, Stop to reflect on them i.e why you are having such a negative feeling(Go to the root of such a feeling) and Swap it with other positive feelings. Negativity stems from Envy, Comparision with others, Jealousy, etc. Do not compare yourself with others. By focusing on others, you are wasting your time. That wasted time you could have used to improve yourself. Forgiveness is a great virtue anyone could have. The author gives much importance to Forgiveness. By forgiving others we are healing ourselves and our surroundings. Forgiving yourself also is a great trait.Everyone has got fears of some kind like loss of money, loss of respect, loss of loved ones. Instead of running from the fear one should acknowledge it, accept it and search for the root cause of that fear. One should control the reaction while facing the fear. The author says there are two types of fear 1. helpful fear 2. Hurtful fear(Loss of Loved ones). We can not control Hurtful Fear but we can control helpful fear by reacting to it calmly, objectively so that we can use it to make a progress. This is the crux of the Chapter called Fear. We can use Helpful fear as a motivator.The author says Intention is very important in achieving your goals. What is the “why” behind your goals? If you live your life intentionally, with the values that are internal to you, not external values that people encourage you to have, You will be satisfied. Enjoy the process of achieving your goal. Action is very important to live life intentionally. If you have just good intentions but don’t take action then it is just an illusion. Do your work as a service i.e out of responsibility and love. We are motivated to take action on four things: 1. Fear 2. Desire 3. Duty 4. Love. Actions taken out of duty and love are results in Satisfaction. Actions taken out of Fear and Desire result in success but you won’t feel satisfied.Find your Dharma as the author says in Chapter called Purpose. Purpose in life is very important. That is, why are you doing what you are doing? Find purpose in your Work, in your personal life, in whatever you are doing. Find in what way your work will help society. As the author says Dharma is Passion + Purpose. If there is no purpose in your passion then it is just a Hobby. Self-awareness is very important in finding your passion and purpose. Seek who you really are. In your free time instead of watching movies, youTube videos self-reflect, think about why are you the way you are? Ask questions to yourselves? Ask questions about the past actions that resulted in a failure, why did that happen?Gratitude is an important aspect of monk mentality. The author says show gratitude in every aspect of life be it positive or negative. Kindness follows gratitude. Live with the gratitude mentality. Be gratitude conscious.All in all, the book is good…

      3. Just arrived


      4. Babita g.

        If you are looking for something non fictional than go for it✨

      5. Anshu Jaggi


      6. Janhvi Chauhan

        This is a great book. I think everyone should read this. Jay Shetty has written this book very beautifully. I just love the book. I have read it so many times. It kind of Modern Bhagwat Gita. Cannot compare this to Shrimad Bhagwat Gita. But still it’s a great great read.

      7. Sushruth Gowtham

        Don’t know exactly how to write the review for a book ,because this is the first time in my life I’m writing a review for the book . Hope I start implementing the main principle of the book right from here -how monk think at this moment ??(to write a review for the book now ). Myself being a doctor , leading a relatively more stressful phase at this Covid pandemic time , mainly due to fear of acquiring Covid disease to myself , my family members, friends , and others in the society , I am very glad to have read this book. Apart from the normal times, these Covid times have put more of stress , burden , agony and fear to all health care workers in various aspects of their life and draining them physically and mentally. There are also cases reported in healthy people who with the fear of getting covid positive or who are tested positive succumbed to death just due to their mental agony and fear of Covid . So apart from the treatment by medications and vaccines , it requires lot of mental Courage & emotional support to fight and overcome such diseases . So this book in particular is must a read for everyone , to gain mental stability and positivity especially in these pandemic situations. Apart from the social distance precautions, mask wear, Diet , personal hygiene and immune booster supplementation , this book can work as a mental booster to everyone of us .The author has beautifully divided the book into three parts – Let Go, Grow and Give , with each of the part having various chapters described under. Right from the first page , the author takes through to a wonderful ride to an enlightened atmosphere driven by a positive energy vehicle . There are various highlighted phrases , quotes and sayings described throughout the book and can be read many a times to develop positive Vibes.There is lot of focus on personality Development , positive emotions and habits described in the book which are motivating . There are beautiful Small Stories described in the book which are given as examples to apply to ourselves .There are real life incidents of the authors lifestyle at the ashram with the monks which makes us get connected and also adding liveliness to the book . The core of the book mainly deals with the different kinds of meditations to train our mind for peace and finding purpose everyday. There’s lot to be experienced internally rather than externally. Hence I am unable to put my book experience in the words .Apart from name, fame , money , luxuries and etc , there’s lot to be dealt internally which gives more happiness to us such as by our kindness , gratitude and service which are beautifully explained in the book . The main thing which I learnt the most in the book is to find happiness internally and being grateful for what we have in our life .I would recommend this book to my friends , family members and also people who are mentally sick , so they would go through this wonderful journey of positive energy . Also in this pandemic situation, where home isolation is the main treatment for many of us , this book is a must read to improve our mental , physical and emotional stability .Words wouldn’t suffice to express my gratitude or thanks to the author Jayshetty and his team for delivering such a masterpiece book to the world and enhancing many lives . Words are actually short for me to describe the experience I had while reading the book . May you write many more books like these and transform as many as Possible to the positive energy. Thank you so much Sir !! -Dr.Sushruth Gowtham

      8. shama m shetty

        Worth reading the stresses upon many philosphies based on his experiences as a monk.valuable book.definitely an eye opener

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