The Right Move: Windy City Book 2 (Windy City Series)

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  • The Right Move: Windy City Book 2 (Windy City Series)


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      The Right Move: Windy City Book 2 (Windy City Series)


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      Book Description


      She’s a distraction, that’s what she is.

      I’m the newest Captain of the Devils, Chicago’s NBA team, and the last thing I needed this year was for Indy Ivers, my sister’s best friend, to move into my apartment. She’s messy, emotional, and way too tempting.

      But when the team’s General Manager vocalizes his blatant disapproval of my promotion to Captain, referring to me as an unapproachable lone wolf with no work-life balance, I can’t think of a better way to convince him otherwise than pretending to date my outgoing roommate.

      The only problem? Faking it feels far too natural.

      Having a fake girlfriend wasn’t supposed to be messy but having Indy under my roof and in my bed is complicated, especially when she wants all the romantic parts of life that I could never give her.


      I never imagined I’d be living with my best friend’s brother, NBA superstar Ryan Shay. Even more unbelievable? He needs me to act as his loving girlfriend who’s suddenly changed him into a friendly and approachable guy.

      Because, well . . . he’s not. He’s controlling of his space and untrusting of others.

      Our arrangement isn’t one-sided, though. I’m in a wedding coming up, one where every one of my childhood friends, including my ex-boyfriend, will be in attendance, and there’s no better date than my ex’s celebrity hero.

      Blurred lines make it almost impossible to separate real from fake. Falling for my roommate was never part of the deal, especially when Ryan is quick to remind me that he doesn’t believe in love.

      I’m a romantic and can’t help fantasizing that he’ll change, but soon enough, I find myself questioning if sharing a roof with my best friend’s brother was the right move after all . . .

      Dimensions 3.8 × 19.4 cm
      Publisher ‏

      ‎ Hodder Paperbacks (17 August 2023)

      Language ‏

      ‎ English

      Paperback ‏

      ‎ 512 pages

      ISBN-10 ‏

      ‎ 1399728563

      ISBN-13 ‏

      ‎ 978-1399728560

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      ‎ 354 g

      Dimensions ‏

      ‎ 12.8 x 3.8 x 19.4 cm

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      10 reviews for The Right Move: Windy City Book 2 (Windy City Series)

      1. Raka Dutta

        I Loved reading it. The main male lead was a perfect book boyfriend. The whole rolarcoster was very exciting to read.

      2. Zenia Dabreo

        Loved how the book progressed with characters and storyline of the 1st part intertwined and continued to make the reader more connected. Amazing read this one.

      3. Khushi

        Omg the best freaking book i hv read in while literally lovedddd it.. perfect combination of everything romance spice and emotions.

      4. Devika

        It has every element any romantic book girl could ask for this book is nothing but perfection! I am absolutely in love this book!

      5. Kindle Customer

        How can I describe how good this book was wow can’t stop reading for one sec love this awesome story amazing 💯🔥🔥

      6. Kindle Customer

        It’s a sweet decent read but dragged a bit. I skipped through some of it to catch the ending. A few pages shorter and crisper would have worked better as the ending was predictable.

      7. Swathi Makam

        Such a fantastic read. And some lines so precious in this book. Loved Ryan Shay.

      8. Sudha Deshpande

        Simply amazing and beautiful. Ryan Shay is an amazing book boyfriendI loved him so very much and Indy too. They both are perfect and it is an amazing read. Loved it

      9. Briana Bailon

        Best Friend’s Brother, Forced Proximity/Roommates, Spicy, Fun & Romantic 💘Best friends brother, forced proximity/roommates, he’s an NBA basketball player, she’s a flight attendant, I was ready to dive in all the goodness that Indy and Ryan were going to bring to this story! After finding her boyfriend of six years cheating on her with another woman, Indy suddenly found herself without a home, newly single, and wondering what to do next in her life? Meanwhile, Ryan Shay, one of the best players in the NBA was constantly working on his grind daily with his workouts, practicing with his team, and striving towards being the best. Indy and Ryan were opposites from one another with Indy being more open and Ryan was… as Indy called him a bit robotic. With Ryan and Indy as roommates, all the fun and excitement *wink,wink was about to ensue and I was ready to buckle up in my seat and got ready for the ride of my life!Back when I read, “Mile High” I absolutely loved Stevie and Zanders, but seeing the little glimpses of Indy and Ryan, I was excited to read this book! Indy found herself becoming Ryan’s new roommate especially since Stevie moved out to live with Zanders so, with the extra space, it made sense for Indy to move in. Although, Ryan wasn’t exactly too keen on the idea of sharing his place with Indy especially with her messy stuff all around his place to remembering their first encounters as not so pleasant. Indy was all kinds of sassy, smart, confident, but also had a layer of vulnerability to her that she was still dealing with through out the story. Ryan was also strong, independent, and fiercely protective of those closest to him, but he always had his focus on basketball. With Ryan and Indy being roommates not only were they in a forced proximity situation, but also able to see different sides of each other, and funny enough they found themselves in a fake dating arrangement too! The more I read, the more fun I was having!INDY MY GIRL! YASSS! I LOVE A BOOK GIRLIE! The fact that Indy was making book references such as, the things book boyfriends do or her loving reading, yeah that’s the kind of thing I love to see. Especially because, if Indy was a real person, I would befriend her and we would have book clubs together and gossip about all things books related! Also I would love to know which books she loved to read, so maybe I could check them out as well! Plus I loved how much of a romantic Indy was, another thing that I found relatable about her, and made me appreciate her more. I’m a hopeless romantic so it felt like I could get where Indy was coming from in how she viewed love or what she hoped to one day have, someone better for her, someone who truly showered her with all the goodness in the world rightly so.I knew I was going to love this book and everything with it from Indy and Ryan, but it didn’t take away the surprise of how much I fell in love with Ryan! At first glance, Ryan seemed very stoic and serious when being around Indy, but as he got more comfortable around her, he started to open up to her, and his “robotic” ways started to melt away to reveal that Ryan was secretly crushing on his roommate. Ryan was already a great character in, “Mile High” especially with the close bond he has with Stevie, best brother/sister twin duo ever! I loved seeing Ryan expand his inner circle to include Indy. Even though at first Ryan wasn’t on board with Indy being his roommate, he found himself changing things in his life little by little in order to make Indy feel more at home with him. The little things that Ryan did for Indy all added up to the big picture in that Ryan was slowly falling for Indy, and his feelings for her were more than he initially anticipated. Plus the fact that Ryan would get Indy bouquets of flowers regularly, built her a bookcase to put all her books, and was super protective over her, that was just to name a few of the things I loved what Ryan did, but more importantly how much of an amazing man he was!From the moment I started reading, I couldn’t stop myself! I kept going and needed to know everything that happened with Ryan and Indy. This was the type of book that had a tight grip, chokehold on me that I couldn’t be stopped at all! Indy and Ryan were phenomenal! I loved Indy for all her bookish love with books and book boyfriend, as well as seeing how loving and caring she was. Ryan was an exceptional man that has Indy reconsidering her book boyfriend’s with all the romantic things Ryan did for her. Both Ryan and Indy really shed their vulnerabilities with each other, and I was glad to see that they were not only able to open up about their fears to one another, but come out stronger having taken the time to reflect on their feelings in order to move forward. Seeing Stevie and Zanders again was tons of fun, and I absolutely couldn’t help laughing to myself with Indy’s Daily Updates to Stevie muahahaha! The romance was swoon worthy and had me wanting Ryan all to myself. The spice was sensational and all kinds of fun especially with the tension that had been building up throughout the story. Overall, this was just so much fun to read, and I cannot stress how fantastic this book was! The ending and epilogue were magnificent and solidified the happily ever after Ryan and Indy deserved *tears of joy (sigh) gosh this book really did live up to the hype for me, and I already wanna read it again!

      10. Readersescapism

        A true masterpiece!!Book 2 in the windy city series”sometimes the quietest love is the loudest.”I thought Stevie and Zanders were amazing in book 1 but Ryan Shay and Indy were even better!!Ryan Shay truly is the blueprint. Everyone deserves to be loved the way Ryan loved Indy.The tension and fake dating that turned to real feelings. The slow burn was immaculately done in this book.Even though they both had their own insecurities from the past they were willing to learn how to communicate and show each other love. They were true soulmates. The way Ryan learned to communicate with her family to show her he loved her.“Cold coffee waiting for me in the fridge. Fresh flowers, though sometimes dead because he tried to hard to keep them alive, sitting on the kitchen island for me at home after every road trip, making sure I have food I can eat.”I liked that we got to see a real side to the aftermath of a broken heart. We got to see Indy getting over her ex, his toxic manipulations and growing into her own person with Ryan supporting her from the sidelines and showing her the correct way to be treated by a significant other.I loved that they weren’t toxic, there was no dramatic 3 act breakup the way it’s usually done because he loved her so much he wouldn’t even let her think too long whether she wanted to be with him or not.A truly beautiful beautiful book. Liz really outdid herself with this one.

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