The Creative Act PAPERBACK – Import, 1 January 2023 by Rick Rubin (Author)

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  • The Creative Act PAPERBACK – Import, 1 January 2023 by Rick Rubin (Author)


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      The Creative Act PAPERBACK – Import, 1 January 2023 by Rick Rubin (Author)


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      This book is a companion to anyone on the creative path; for me, Rick Rubin’s attention, consideration, ideas have dug themselves down deep into my consciousness and grown with my work, so that over time, I have found myself in the shelter of a huge resplendent tree, and remembered that it all started with a word or two from a person who really, really listened. May it start something similar in you — KAE TEMPEST

      A gorgeous and inspiring work of art on creation, creativity, the work of the artist. It will gladden the hearts of writers and artists everywhere, and get them working again with a new sense of meaning and direction. A stunning accomplishment — ANNE LAMOTT

      The legendary producer of artists from Adele to Black Sabbath, Johnny Cash to Jay-Z, distils the insights of a glittering career to reveal how to get the best out of musicians – and offers useful lessons for the rest of us in the process ― Financial Times

      An existential enquiry into the nature of creativity, art and being part of the human race . . . a deep look at the most fundamental of human impulses ― Big Issue

      Rick Rubin is the definition of a creative genius and he has put his wisdom in one place and it is possibly the most inspiring book on creativity I have ever read . . . For those wanting to feel some new life and confidence in their creative bones, this book is a godsend — MATT HAIG

      You’ll probably read this extraordinary book four times. The first time, you’ll gobble it up. The second time, you’ll savour it. The third time, you’ll take notes in the margins. But the fourth time, the fourth time it will be part of you as you create the work you were ready to ship — SETH GODIN

      A gorgeous, delicious and wildly practical interrogation of the creative process. A master of his craft, Rubin supplies rich insights, sound advice, helpful suggestions and supreme comfort to anyone living to create, or endeavouring to live creatively — JJ ABRAMS

      I want my kids to read it. I want everyone to read it. It is a manual for creativity and creative thinking. A reference book for now which will continue to be of service in the future. Much needed — MIKE D

      Rick Rubin created genres. He is like Oppenheimer; a destroyer and creator of worlds, a true genius. Read this fantastic book — RUSSELL BRAND

      In this extraordinary book, Rick Rubin beautifully captures the sacred but commonplace practice of creating. I find it so powerful when someone gives voice or form to what we know but perhaps don’t understand. Designers from any discipline will find Rick’s words profoundly encouraging and inspiring — SIR JONY IVE

      Book Description

      From the legendary music producer, a master at helping people connect with the wellsprings of their creativity, comes a beautifully crafted book many years in the making that offers that same deep wisdom to all of us

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      ‎ Canongate Books; Main edition (1 January 2023)

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      ‎ English

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      ‎ 432 pages

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      ‎ 1838858636

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      ‎ 978-1838858636

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      13 reviews for The Creative Act PAPERBACK – Import, 1 January 2023 by Rick Rubin (Author)

      1. Naman Deep

        Just pure gem for any creative/non-creative individual trying to get a hold of being a better problem solver and take any creative Endeavor

      2. Amazon Customer

        It’s amazing from the cover, the printing and the pages are so fine to the curated writing of the author. It’s is freakishly relatable to my own psyche. It’s like a polished and well organized version of thoughts which you were not sure about. It has earned a place in my life. It’s moving and strong and helpful in my journey of being an artist.

      3. Vishal Maurya

        Knowledgeable things

      4. Bernie Gourley

        This book offers Rick Rubin’s philosophy of creativity and art. For those unfamiliar with Rubin, he’s a ZZ Top-looking music producer who contributed to a lot of successful albums, ranging from hip hop to the rock-n-roll of Tom Petty. He was a major player behind the Run DMC cover of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” that blew peoples’ minds in the 80’s. Interestingly, Rubin is neither a musician nor a technologist, and I heard him say in an interview that his great value-added was having an extremely high level of confidence in knowing what he liked. Rubin has a persona that is as much guru as music producer, and this book reflects this broad insight and wisdom.In the book, Rubin lays out his view of the creative process and the mistakes people make with it, but along the way he offers insight into such interesting questions as why some artists only seem to have one major work in them. While Rubin’s experience is mostly with music (though he also worked with comedian Andrew Dice Clay on Clay’s albums,) his book is broadly targeted towards all artists, and he seems to use as many examples from literature and graphic arts as he does from music.Rubin does sound a bit woo woo here and there, but I found that many statements — e.g. those that spoke of the universe’s role in artistry — could be interpreted in a way that wasn’t necessarily superstitious. While woo woo sounding statements often get on my nerves, I felt Rubin’s use was poetic and spoke to a broader truth.I’d highly recommend this book for artists and creative types, regardless of field.

      5. Sy

        A deeply aware, introspective and observant read on being human, creatively; recognizing our unique role in creating and shaping the life we live through existence, and the worlds we can create for ourselves as a species; when we pause, observe, understand, become aware, and then create; with our most fundamental, exciting & innate to every human, natural trait of fundamental creativity.Rick Rubin is apart from being a successful music entrepreneur and producer, a human being who has developed an innate sense of the skill of observation; Seeing patterns emerge and play out, many repeating principles at the core of creating great art; by being in close proximity and part of the intensely emotional, vulnerable and, simultaneously liberating act of creating music with other great artists who also tap into this flow state of pure Consciousness in order to deliver their best performances; which we as human beings on the end of listening, crave to connect to through their voices and sounds, so we can simultaneously liberate ourselves from our own emotionally-built walls, to find peace amidst the chaos.All this to say, that this book is such an effortless read of deeply spiritual concepts written in a manner to have quick and immediate effect on you, set in a context of the life of artists but accessible to anyone doing any job really, and revealing more as layers in subsequent reads. Like a great lyric in a song that may be just a line or 2, but at the right moment, reveals yourself to you, enshrining that moment’s impact on the journey ahead. Buy the book with no regrets, take it on your journeys, experience reading it with some chai/coffee by the beach or up in the mountains! :)A MUST BUY, for all human beings, not just the ones from the music industry.⊙

      6. M. Gill

        This book is a really wonderful book. It even is a type of a book which helps one to be spiritual enlightenment as well as the author of this book is also one of the great musicians who has been also in the podcast of Andrew huberman labs

      7. Kindle Customer

        This is an amazing masterpiece to truly 3xpress yourself as an individual.Amazing depth of psychology to be a great at whatever you do and let things happen on a grand scale.

      8. Maulik Kalamthekar

        The binding broke the moment I opened it. Extremely poor quality. Doesn’t feel like original print.

      9. Jason Landry

        “If inspiration does not come to lead the way, we show up anyway.”Released in 2023, The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin is a bible of highly quotable material that all artists should read.Rubin, a music producer of such acts including The Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even Jay-Z, is like a zen master. His expertise lies in what he hears and how he is able to suggest and or push an artist to dig deeper or go father, or think differently than they currently do—just think of him as an oracle.The creative act, as the title states, can refer to whatever type of “art” you are studying or producing. Whether you are a musician, photographer, painter, or designer, it doesn’t matter. Every single thing he discusses within this book applies. I found it to be one of the best books that I have ever read on the subject of creativity. It should be a required reading book for anyone in art school or trying to master a given craft.Each chapter is short and covers a variety of topics including: Creativity, Awareness, Self-Doubt, Experimentation, Momentum, and Success, just to name a few. Here are just a handful of great quotes that I found inspiring. I hope you read this book and become inspired too!“The objective is not to learn to mimic greatness, but to calibrate our internal meter for greatness. So we can better make the thousands of choices that might ultimately lead to our own great work.”“We’re all different, and we are all imperfect, and the imperfections are what makes each of us and our work interesting.”“Distraction is not procrastination. Procrastination consistently undermines our ability to make things. Distraction is a strategy and service of the work.”“You are never alone when you’re making art. You are in a constant dialogue with what is an what was.”“If we are aiming to create works that are exceptional, most rules don’t apply. Average is nothing to aspire to.”“If inspiration does not come to lead the way, we show up anyway.”

      10. North Yorkshire

        Accessible ZenThe message is that you can make better art if you concentrate more on what the art wants and needs than on your own preset artistic processes and methods. You should allow yourself to make art that surprises or challenges you.For me the most helpful bit of advice was to focus on finishing projects – like many people I tend to focus on the origination and first steps then I get distracted. It is closing off a project that really makes the next steps more purposeful.The book is friendly and almost avuncular in tone. It isn’t lecturing, hectoring or preachy and doesn’t pretend to any kind of mastery (I don’t think he refers to any Zen guides or precepts, preferring to use his own extensive experience as his source of insights). He doesn’t recount anecdotes, drop names, or even refer to his achievements – he just tries to distill and pass on what he has found to be helpful in creative work.It is a fairly Americanised and domesticated version of Zen – he can’t let go of ideas of individual will and moral value and prefers to talk about expanding and adjusting our self, rather than moving beyond it. That’s not a criticism or complaint – and is probably part of the reason why the book has resonated so deeply with many readers.If you are a creative, then you will probably find his gentle pointers to be helpful and productive. Don’t expect to get itemised recipes for success; it is more reflective than that, helping to flag up typical reasons for creative blocks or generic work and how we might freshen up. Worth a look if that resonates.

      11. Mr. Richard Compton

        Helpful advice from a trusted “source”Wanted to recommend Rick Rubin’s book The Creative Act: A Way of Being to all my artist friends out there looking for some fresh inspiration or even a gift for younger artists just starting out.What has fascinated me about Rick Rubin is how he has had so much success as a record producer, but with such diverse array of iconic musical artists, such as The Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, and the Avett Brothers. All artists I greatly admire for their authenticity. That there must be something very fundamentally sound in his approach and methods.Recently I have been seeing a lot of interesting videos of Rubin talking about creativity on Tik Tok and YouTube and thought “the book is better” might apply here. And it is. It reminds me of a modern-day version of Robert Henri’s The Art Spirit.What I personally wanted to learn more about was Rubin’s involvement with Tom Petty’s Wildflowers album. Which I view as Tom Petty’s artistic peak. Considering that Tom Petty started writing songs in 1967 and Wildflowers was made 27 years later, for a late bloomer guy like me, this is very important knowledge to have. : )But Rubin never actually talks specifically about any of the artists he has worked with. He gives a lot of practical advice on how to break out of creative ruts and how to collaborate. Lots of pearls of wisdom on the whole creative process of selecting and nurturing seeds of ideas, crafting them into works of art, and then deciding when it is time to release them into the world, move ahead and start anew.He does however speak about the artist’s muse. He calls it Source. The short version is that Source is a never-ending cycle of metaphysical energy, a river-like current that ebbs and flows very much like the seasons of the earth. Human beings channel this energy into art as it is destined to be created by those ready to receive it. And art is life, because it is a manifestation of the way humans think and feel about life. As long as there is life, there will be art.There is a lot written in this book about self-awareness and being in harmony with the world. Maybe it is Rubin who learned from Petty? That Tom Petty just instinctively knew that he would never run out of ideas or things to create as long as he knew how to tune in to the “Source”.Because, and be warned, that there are also lots of phrases like “We are dealing in a magic realm. Nobody knows why or how it works.” And “The best work is the work you are excited about.” Which are true, if not obvious, and a bit annoying if not for so many of them. Because they end up sounding like empty platitudes and salesmen-ship.The book is also over 300 pages. And many a blank space at the end of each chapter to perhaps write notes. A cynic would look at the page inflation as a marketing ploy or ego inflation, or maybe even a little of both.Overall, the book is of value to those who create. It’s well written. It’s as if a wise person, a trusted source—so to speak—is talking directly to you, coaching you up in their gentle, but very specific, manner. I love that.

      12. I tried it…

        A real pick me up of a book for artistsRick Rubin is one wise person. A real finger on the pulse of cool music for decades in America. Beastie Boys say no more. This book is like if you’re trying to improve your art or start down a creative path and Mr. Rubin sat you down in his living room in the Hollywood Hills and told everything he knows about creating art and it’s joys and obstacles. He hands you a beer as you tell him what istroubling you and he advises you on how to overcome it. He seems to really enjoy sharing his hard won lessons with the reader. In his eyes being creative is not some exclusive club for the uber talented but a god given right to all humans. Please read this book and let the beautiful ideas inside your heart flow unhindered by the thoughts and criticisms of yourself and others. Rick Rubin loves you.

      13. Wendy

        Get UnstuckThis body of work is simple and stunning. After reading two chapters, I bought three more books and sent them to art school friends. Most of us had long ago changed careers and shut the door on creating. And, we have all struggled as human beings because we refused to create. This book captures the essence of creativity. This book sparked all of us into creative action. Thank you, Rick Rubin. You remind us all that creating is who we are and that without it, we were not being who we were meant to be. I will be buying more copies and gifting them to my non-artist family and friends. Rubin’s inspiration crosses all fields of study and occupations and is as equally applicable to the artist as it is to the engineer. This book should be required reading for all humans.

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