PERSUASION- Fingerprint Paperback – 1 June 2016 by Jane Austen (Author)

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  • PERSUASION- Fingerprint Paperback – 1 June 2016 by Jane Austen (Author)


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      PERSUASION- Fingerprint Paperback – 1 June 2016 by Jane Austen (Author)


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      About the Author

      Jane Austen is one of the most well-known and widely-read English novelists of all time. She was born on December 16, 1775, at the rectory in the village of Steventon, in Hampshire, England.
      Jane’s fascination with words and with the world of stories, began quite early. in the 1790s, during her adolescence, she started writing her own novels, the first one being Love and Friendship [sic]—a parody of romantic fiction organized as a series of love letters.
      Between 1811 and 1816, Jane started to anonymously publish her works. Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Emma were all published during this time. Jane started working on Persuasion, her last completed novel, soon after she finished Emma. Written in her unique and distinctive style, it subtly exposes the rapidly changing and expanding social environment of the nineteenth century England. Completed in 1816, it was published posthumously in December 1817.
      In 1816, at the age of forty-one, Jane became ill with Addison’s disease. She died on July 18, 1817.
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      ‎ English

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      ‎ 256 pages

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      ‎ 978-8175993792

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      10 reviews for PERSUASION- Fingerprint Paperback – 1 June 2016 by Jane Austen (Author)

      1. ADITI SAHA

        You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope…I have loved none but you.”—-Jane AustenOur most beloved author as well as one of the most widely read author of all times, Jane Austen’s, last notable piece of literature, Persuasion, unfolds the story of a twenty-something woman in the early 19th century England who is caught between the choices of her heart as well as her family to decide on whether she will honor her heart’s choices that once loved a man so dearly or or will she pay heed to her family’s wishes who once persuaded her not to marry the one whom she loved because of his status or poor finances.Synopsis:Persuasion, Jane Austen’s last novel, is a moving, masterly and elegiac love story tinged with the heartache of missed opportunities.It tells the story of Anne Elliot, who, persuaded to break off her engagement to the man she loved because he was not successful enough, has never forgotten him. When he returns, he brings with him a tantalizing second chance of happiness.Once the 13/14 year old version of this reviewer was so caught up in the world of literature, that she practically used to sneak in the the older readers’ section in her school’s library to select her next Austen/Bronte/Hardy/Gaskell/Poe/Shelley book and later on, she took on a good hearing from her school’s librarian warning that she is only allowed to read something of her age! Very well, that did not stop her from reading these remarkable and classic romance stories. Back in those days she too was captivated by the words and the stories of Austen and even today, as a grown up woman, she loves them equally with the same vigor.I re-read this only because of Penguin’s new edition called, Penguin English Library. At first, I was caught on the crossroads on whether to buy the clothbound editions (hardcover) or the simple paperback ones, considering the fact that the clothbound editions are pretty much over-priced compared to its paperback editions. Anyways, I decided to collect the paperback editions which are also really pretty, and it is only because of the fact that with the cost of one single clothbound edition book, I would get almost three paperback editions.And I would really suggest readers to but the paperback editions as they are cheap and affordable and has a great paper texture compared to the hardcover/clothbound editions. But if a reader really wants to invest in these novels, then I would recommend him/her to purchase the hardcover/clothbound editions. They are really a masterpiece that a reader would like to decorate it on his/her bookshelf or his/her home library.Back to the review, well how can I put my feelings into writing when it comes to Austen or Bronte novels, I really have no idea about that. I can only urge each and every reader ever born onto this planet to read the notable literary masterpieces to make them invaluable, priceless and memorable with the passing time, rather than let them fade away under the heaps of technological waste.Criticize her literary works or rant those with your harsh words or put blank paint on the covers of her novels, do whatever you want to with her novels, but give them a read, rather than reading the notable works of Rowling or more like her. Never mind, I shall not get into a fight on what a reader should read or not, as it depends purely on their personal taste.Austen’s literary works are worthy of every great positive adjectives ever discovered in English vocabulary. Similarly, when it comes to Persuasion, that revolves around Anne, daughter of a rich baronet who has claimed to fame because of his financial position in the society and to back his aristocratic dreams, his two daughters support him, except his daughter, Anne. Eight years ago, Anne was drawn to the charm of Frederick Wentworth, although his financial situation was not that stable, thus Anne, then a young and persuadable lady, was easily brainwashed by her family to not to settle her home with this chap considering the fact that Anne’s family had a reputation in the society of riches. But now, Anne is still unwed, and has formed an opinion of hers own, and is not that naive to be brainwashed by anyone, and surprisingly Wentworth is back with his fortune and name and rank and both their families are now in good terms and it is becoming real difficult for the former lovers to address one another considering their deep feelings hidden under piles of passing time and changes.Anne’s story is inspiring as this woman is at first depicted as someone who is naive but after few years, she becomes independent both financially and mentally. Yes she certainly stands as an epitome for not only the 19th century women but also for the coming-of-age women with a strong underlying message to be independent in body, mind and in the society. The characters in this story are evolving from one dimension to another and the changes are very much visible among each and every characters. The limitation back then for a woman was very vividly portrayed by the author and that is where Anne barges in as a warrior to break all the barriers and stand tall.The romance is the reason why many people find solace and comfort in the literary worlds of Austen. They are not too passionate or heavily poignant, yet they have this feeling that you get when seeing your lover after a long duration of time- a longing that is quite pure, gentle yet a bit compassionate enough to move even the less-emotional people on this planet. Anne and Wentworth’s love affair is something like that as the former lovers found no words or a way to express themselves in the crowd yet their presence together had this powerful effect which is evident not only to those characters surrounding them but to the characters (readers) outside the pages of the book. And for that Austen will forever live on and on till the time goes by!And I feel that I’m not qualified enough to talk about Austen’s literary prose or writing style, because many before me and after me had and will research Austen’s notable works for their thesis or research purposes.“I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.”—-Jane Austen

      2. Anthony Raja Selvan

        Awesome paper quality and product, just got few issues with delivery, and delivery time is heavy…aprt from it ..Book and it’s quality are awesome

      3. Utkarsha

        Loved it …. ❤️

      4. Gautam Kumar Samal

        The book is fine and received in good condition except the quality of the print is below par. Apart from that, love Jane Austen novels and loved this one too!

      5. Rashida

        Frederick aka Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot first fell in love when she was nigh teen, but he had no money, and her family objected, persuaded her to refuse him.—-The Elliot’s are a respected, landowning family at Kellynch; with three daughters. The youngest is married to a wealthy man, Charles Mangrove. The lavish overspend has brought the Elliot’s into a great debt, to which they decide to relocate themselves to a house in Bath, leaving their mansion to well-mannered Navy people.Prior to moving to Bath with her father and sister, Anne visits her younger sister’s place at Uppercross. Anne finds the Musgrove family absolutely delightful and marvels the bustling household.A recent and regular visitor at Uppercross is Captain Wentworth, a friend to Mr. Musgrove. Shortly, the Musgrove family and Captain make a trip to Lyme to their friend’s place. There Anne meets a good-looking gentleman, later to be known as Mr. Elliot, one of his cousins.After Christmas, Anne joins her family in Bath. She is then formally introduced to her cousin, she reacquaints herself with an old school friend who makes her learn a hidden past, and the Crofts arrive with news of two engagement. Anne is overjoyed to know that Captain Wentworth is not promised to Lousia!The first half of the book has an autumnal feel, when Anne’s hopes and she herself is disregarded and mistreated by almost everyone around her. Then the slow, gradual return of joy and hope is seen in Anne’s life.-The writing is simple and quite. Even the declaration of love is done in a subdued form.-Austen has created the pain-in-ass characters with great perception.

      6. Pranoti Billade

        The page quality is not that good compared to other books by Jane Austen from same publication. Some of the pages have very light printing making it just readable.

      7. sonal

        This book cover is so pretty that i kept looking at it for a few minutes. Well, on the other hand, it completely depends on your taste but i don’t regret buying it. This rating is solely for the book cover, i didn’t give five stars because according to me the font size is a bit small if compared with other publications. But it is definitely readable. All the Fingerprint publications books are printed in this font size. But you know with this price you can manage reading this font size.Thanks.

      8. Arpit Choudhary

        I guess many of us are here because we read( and loved) pride and prejudice and now want more of Jane Austen. Frankly it doesn’t come close to fun p&p was, but it still has an emotional depth which I found was lacking in p&p. How lead character thinks of her past, how she reflects upon her short lived relationship and the way it has an impact on her description of nature is truly touching.

      9. Tom Dolan

        OVERJOYED!EUREKA! I have found it. I have found the key word.The key word is ENJOY!I ENJOY being alive. I ENJOY breathing the air. I ENJOY being able to sleep, to dream, to think, to write. I ENJOY reading books. And I especially ENJOY writing personally-revealing reviews of personally-revealing books that ignite the imagination and send the mind flying!OK. OK. Enough about me. What about you?Why might you want to read Jane Austen’s “Persuasion”?Why, to ENJOY the book of course!OK. Very good. But why stop there? Why stop at the ENJOYMENT of reading the book? Why not let your mind go beyond the ENJOYMENT of reading the book? Why not keep going until you arrive at the ECSTASY of seeing, hearing, experiencing something imaginary, something ideal, something unreal, as if it were really happening right here, right now, in real life?Sounds great! But how?By bringing the book to life in your mind.Yes. Yes. Yes. But how? How??By seeing the 2007 movie “Persuasion,” starring Sally Hawkins and Rupert Penry-Jones, BEFORE reading the book. That’s how.I did see/hear the movie BEFORE I read the book. And I’m glad I did.As I read the book, the movie kept coming back to life in my mind.In addition, the book revealed — in depth and in detail — all of those seemingly minor thoughts, feelings, and incidents that did not make their way into the movie.By means of the written word, a book can open a character’s heart and mind to the reader. By means of voice-over, a movie can do the same kind of thing. But not to the EXTENT that a book can.Be that as it may, whatever the movie may lack in such EXTENT is made up for, many times over, by the movie’s astounding EFFECT.Indeed, insofar as EFFECT goes, there is something in the movie that surpasses anything and everything in the book; in any other book I have ever read; and in any other movie I have ever seen.That extraordinary “something” that I am raving about is the kiss scene. Not just the kiss, mind you. The scene!(Not to mention the love letter — and the race against time — leading up to the kiss scene.)In that kiss scene, a moment of time becomes an eternity of bliss. The infinity of space shrinks to nothing. Nothing except! Nothing except a small warm pocket of space wherein there is room enough for only two human beings, two people, a man and a woman, this man and this woman. Each is the whole world of the other.What will become a kiss evolves and revolves between the two of them, binary stars, paired, gradually encircling one another, beyond the reach of all the universe that is not their own. It is just the two of them. Nothing more. Nothing less.Try as I may, I cannot tell you in words. The book cannot tell you in words. You have to see the movie to believe it. Seeing it, hearing it, you will believe it, even though it is nothing but make-believe.”Nothing but make-believe”??? What a thing to say!!!As if make-believe were of little or no value. A next to nothing sort of thing. A waste of time! of money!! of life itself!!!OK. OK. I stand corrected. How dare I down-talk make-believe!Let me slow down here, stop, and ask myself a couple of questions:1. What would thinking be like without the make-believe of imagination?2. What would life be like without the make-believe of dreaming?Those two questions have these two answers:1. We cannot think without imagining.2. Nor can we live without dreaming.So, no more down-talking make-believe. Not by me anyway.OK. Agreed.Now that’s settled, I can turn my back on things that do not interest me, and return to what does — i.e., “Persuasion” : book and movie.Much as I much prefer books to movies, the “Persuasion” movie of 2007 is exceptional. So exceptional that, if I had to choose one over the other, either the book or the movie, I would choose the movie.By the grace of good fortune, however, I don’t have to choose between the two. For, I have both: the movie and the book.Each is excellent. Both are superb. And the two together are scintillatingly synergistic.When push comes to shove, however, my mind must admit, and my heart must confess, that, to my way of thinking and feeling, the movie is even better than the book, simply because of the kiss scene.That kiss scene is so good, so well done, so realistic, so believable, that I believe it to be real, even though it is make-believe.Is believing in make-believe such a bad thing? I think not.Speaking of thinking, consider this:Once you have seen/heard the love letter, the race against time, the kiss scene, and the other scenes in the movie, you can replay them in your mind by conducting “search and enjoy” missions: just pick up the book; flip to the juiciest pages; and read to your heart’s content.What could be easier? What could be more enjoyable?? Certainly not the realities of everyday life. Ugh! Why get into that when you can get into this: a good book.

      10. 舞 小泉

        gOODI read this and feel it make me some sad, content so deep, i think so

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