Meditations Paperback – 10 August 2017 by Marcus Aurelius (Author)

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  • Meditations Paperback – 10 August 2017 by Marcus Aurelius (Author)


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      Meditations Paperback – 10 August 2017 by Marcus Aurelius (Author)


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      About the Author

      Marcus Aurelius was born Marcus Annius Verus in Rome on 26 April 121. He was taught at home by some of the best tutors. In 161, after the death of Antoninus, Marcus became the ruler of the Roman Empire. He made Lucius Verus his co-emperor, and for the first time in history, Rome was being ruled by two emperors.
      During his campaigns against the Sarmatians and Germans, Marcus penned down this emotions, thoughts, and reflections in a series of twelve books called Meditations. Originally written in Greek, Meditations records the various stages of his life and gives an insight into his inner life, Stoic ideas, and philosophy.
      The first English translation appeared in 1634. It was published by Meric Casaubon. With themes, ideas, and beliefs which have continued to inspire the readers across the centuries, Meditations is one of the greatest works of Greek and philosophical literature.
      Marcus breathed his last on 17 March 180. He was succeeded by his son, Commodus.

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      Dimensions 15 × 2.5 cm
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      ‎ Fingerprint Publishing; Reprint edition (10 August 2017); Prakash Books India Pvt Ltd, 113A, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002, +9111-23265358

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      ‎ English

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      ‎ 228 pages

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      ‎ 9788175994751

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      ‎ 978-8175994751

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      13 reviews for Meditations Paperback – 10 August 2017 by Marcus Aurelius (Author)

      1. Aditya369

        Meditations, written by Marcus Aurelius, is a profound and timeless book that offers readers an invaluable glimpse into the mind of one of history’s greatest philosophers and Roman emperors. Marcus Aurelius, known for his Stoic philosophy, provides a collection of personal reflections, meditations, and philosophical insights that continue to resonate with readers across centuries. In this detailed review, I will delve into the key aspects that make Meditations a must-read for anyone interested in philosophy, self-reflection, and personal growth. Practical Stoic Philosophy: At its core, Meditations serves as a practical guide to Stoic philosophy. Marcus Aurelius explores themes such as resilience, virtue, self-discipline, and the acceptance of life’s inherent challenges. His teachings encourage readers to cultivate an inner strength and tranquility, enabling them to navigate life’s ups and downs with equanimity. The book offers valuable lessons on finding meaning, staying focused on what is within our control, and maintaining a virtuous character in the face of adversity. Insights into the Human Condition: Throughout Meditations, Marcus Aurelius contemplates the human condition, our place in the world, and our relationships with others. His reflections on mortality, the fleeting nature of life, and the interconnectedness of humanity prompt deep introspection. Readers are compelled to reflect on their values, purpose, and the impact they have on the world around them. The book encourages a profound examination of one’s actions and the pursuit of a life well-lived. Inner Dialogue and Self-Improvement: Meditations offers a unique perspective into Marcus Aurelius’ inner dialogue. Written as a series of personal notes and reflections, the book feels intimate, as if we are granted access to the emperor’s private thoughts. Marcus Aurelius reflects on his own virtues and flaws, emphasizing the importance of self-improvement and continuous introspection. Readers are encouraged to question their own beliefs, biases, and behaviors, fostering personal growth and self-awareness. Universality and Timelessness: Despite being written nearly two millennia ago, Meditations remains astonishingly relevant to this day. The profound insights and wisdom imparted by Marcus Aurelius transcend time and culture. The book addresses universal human struggles and offers practical guidance for navigating them. Whether one is facing personal challenges, seeking clarity in a chaotic world, or simply yearning for philosophical contemplation, Meditations continues to resonate and provide solace. Accessibility and Readability: Meditations is written in a concise and straightforward manner. Marcus Aurelius’ prose is clear, accessible, and devoid of unnecessary embellishments. The brevity and clarity of his thoughts make the book easily digestible, allowing readers to absorb and reflect upon its teachings at their own pace. Each passage can be read and contemplated independently, making it suitable for both casual readers and those who wish to delve deeper into Stoic philosophy.In conclusion, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is an exceptional work that has stood the test of time. Its profound insights into Stoic philosophy, practical wisdom, and timeless reflections on the human condition make it a must-read for individuals seeking personal growth, self-reflection, and a deeper understanding of life’s complexities. Meditations serves as a guiding light, offering readers the tools to cultivate inner strength, wisdom, and virtue in an ever-changing world. It is a book that deserves a permanent place on any thoughtful reader’s bookshelf.Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal opinion and appreciation for Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. The impact of the book may vary from reader to reader, but I firmly believe it offers immense value and should be experienced by anyone interested in philosophy and personal development

      2. Mahadevan

        Cheap rate but lots of wisdom

      3. Vaishnav Anita

         Its very good book, fonts are correct and quality of paper is also good.About the : This book is amazing, I have read it’s soft copy from the kindle and I liked it very much and always wanted to have this book and got it in great Indian sale.Must read this book.

      4. Monika Saravanan

        I bought the book one month ago and happy to say it’s a great book. The book was in good condition when it arrived and there were no damages on the pages.

      5. Roy Cheeramattam

        It’s all about stoicism. Go for it if you practice the same

      6. Mus’aib

        I would say, must read.😊

      7. Vikram

        Age old wisdom highly relevant in today’s world of stress and distractions. This book has been helping me to find answers to life’s meaning and to live a purpose driven Life.

      8. Amazon Customer

        So far so good

      9. kmanthie

        A Book for All SeasonsIt’s so surprising that a Roman Emperor would (could, too), although what turned into what the world knows today as The Meditations, was, though it, undoubtedly contained what could be coined as “meditations”, the writings were originally the output of a number of years’ worth of diary-keeping. He would write in his journal what seemed to be pithy, mental monologues which were, in most cases, longer than what one would call a “pithy saying (or quote)” and they’re, individually, not long enough to be what we would consider an essay should be, for example. Bottom line: Aurelius is one of the pillars of the Stoic school of thought. Stoicism, as it was known, and which is a kind of ethos which can be practiced in today’s modern world. Followers of stoic thought need not be regarded as a typical way of thinking for those in government, especially in the executive branch, whether at the local level (mayor), the state level (governor) or national level (president) because of the terrific contributions by Marcus Aurelius. In my opinion, men who have power like that are usually not long on the subtle and on a useful, independent mode of thought. Something woefully inadequate vis a vis the US congress as well as the executive branch (don’t try to rebut by saying that JFK wrote Profiles in Courage. It was ghostwritten by Kennedy sycophant, Ted Sorensen). So, as to this book, it is not a long, heavy book, filled with insightful prose, though it be stilted and sometimes seem dry and plodding in areas, but this is an error on the translator and the way that person translates, say, Will to Power from German to English. Same thing can happen with some French works with poor translations. Anyway, Meditations reads quite easily. It’s something where you could open it up at any random spot and whatever it was you happened to land at, I bet if you read the two pages to which you just opened it you’d either be able to identify with what he’s saying or possibly find some words that will resonate with you and/or make you think; catch your attention, at least.

      10. Wally

        Great quotesThis book showed up really fast. It was a great read with alot of Inspiring quotes. Very happy I got it.

      11. Lukas

        Zu klein geschrieben.Zu klein geschrieben um es bequem lesen zu können.

      12. Meg

      13. Pamela Harman

        Thoughtful and timelyThis is another book I ordered not necessarily to read through on one sitting but to refer to as needed. Several contemporary writers and thinkers have mentioned this book as being relevant in today’s changing world and reality so I wanted to check it out for myself. I have always been fascinated by ancient wisdom and tradition that continues to be relevant today but I have yet to totally understand why this book has been singled out as being pertinent to today’s world. Perhaps I would be able to write a more intelligent review in a few years after I’ve had time to immerse myself in its few pages.

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