Liars Like Us: 1 (Morally Gray)

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  • Liars Like Us: 1 (Morally Gray)


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      Liars Like Us: 1 (Morally Gray)


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      A young woman on the verge of bankruptcy.
      A mysterious billionaire with an offer that will change her life.
      An obsession so powerful, it could destroy them both.


      What Callum McCord wants, he takes.
      No matter what he has to do to get it.

      Author’s note: Liars Like Us is a standalone marriage of convenience romance with an obsessive & possessive morally gray hero and spicy bedroom scenes intended for mature readers only

      Dimensions 2.24 × 21.59 cm
      ASIN ‏

      ‎ B0C5P7Z72T

      Publisher ‏

      ‎ J.T. Geissinger Inc. (21 May 2023)

      Language ‏

      ‎ English

      Paperback ‏

      ‎ 354 pages

      ISBN-13 ‏

      ‎ 979-8985316889

      Item Weight ‏

      ‎ 449 g

      Dimensions ‏

      ‎ 13.97 x 2.24 x 21.59 cm

      Country of Origin ‏

      ‎ India

      Based on 10 reviews

      4.67 Overall
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      10 reviews for Liars Like Us: 1 (Morally Gray)

      1. Kindle Customer

        If someone is in a sour mood, this is the New book to grab. I have nothing more to say than I loved it. It’s short so can be finished in one sitting.

      2. Bhawna Parashar

        Loved it so much, this series is the reason, I might doubt myself maybe I also like red flags 🤣. But, Damn Callum is just🥵

      3. Shanitha Azim

        In the first half I thought hero Callum was dark and mysterious but towards the middle I understood the truth. He is completely UNHINGED!Be warned he is totally a morally grey hero.But there was something inherently good and endearing about him. Like he said, I can’t decide if ‘he’s a good man who does bad things or a bad man who does good things’.Emery had such a sassy attitude. I loved how she constantly fought with Callum for the sake of it and because of his stratospheric arrogance, and put him in his place.But for me their banter was the highlight. As always with this author the dialogues and the monologues were awesome. All the characters were unique and eccentric with a humour sense.Still I disliked Emery’s friend Dani so much. I didn’t feel like she was a good friend to Emery.Can’t wait to read more from this series.Also, I highlighted half if the book.Overall a well written, at times predictable romance with scorching hot scenes.Safe, KU and recommended.-hero obsessed, morally grey hero.-fake relationship and witty banter.-marriage of convenience, billionaire romance.-he falls first.

      4. Dona M.

        I just love witty, sarcastic fmc and MMC that puts up with it with his own brand of love, care and ahem… Punishments.. this book was twisty in a good way and the banter was 💯

      5. Fallen For Books

        OMG… What did I just read? It was addictive to the core!! The hero i would love to hate and still have him… I mean he was sweet and possessive. In love and obsessive. Should I love him or question myself as to why and how can I ? He was so hot. It gave me whiplash. I think only a girl like Emery could handle him! So glad I read this book! Can’t wait for Cole!!!

      6. Elegant Fantasy

        This book was full of passion, humor, witty banter and some mystery. Callum was an enigma and when he appeared in Emery’s life it seemed that everything in her perfectly constructed life was going wrong one after the other and he was her only hope. Emery’s personality was so colourful and the way she humbled Callum with her jabs was entertaining. Callum was her perfect match because the come backs he delivered were amusing. Their chemistry was great and the build up of their relationship was satisfying. I don’t want to give anything more away about the plot but I can definitely say that I devoured this book and there was never a single moment when I felt bored because Callum & Emery together were one entertaining mess!

      7. Kindle Customer

        When you love someone you don’t want to see that person hurt and upset. The kind of problems Callum creates for the woman he is obsessed are not small. And to pile them when she is already on the low. She had already started drinking. Yes he was no knight in shining armor and yes I like an obsessive hero and I have no issues with angst amongst protagonists but taking 1 star away for the serious stress he causes her.

      8. mamta dash

        Oh how I love Callum ❤️Best book boyfriend ever.. laugh out loud funny and so passionate . God 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️

      9. Endless reader

        An funny and full of banter must read!!!!Emery has inherited her parents’ bookshop, which is on the brink of bankruptcy and when a new chain of bookstores opens across the street and the IRS are calling, the rent is increased etc. she is at her wits end. In walks Callum, an unknown billionaire whom asks her to marry him. This marriage will benefit him and her and so their story begins! Lies, secrets and an attraction that cannot be denied.Callum loves Emery with all he has and although you morally shouldn’t you can’t not fall in love with him. Emery agrees to the marriage so she is able to save her bookshop but more important to save the people she calls family. Callum has a secret life that Emery slowly discovers and will finally make her pack her bags! Callum gives her space but has Killian keep a watchfull eye on her. Callum’s love is strong and so is Emery’s but she feels betrayed. Of course there is a happy end.I loved this book and read in one go during a sunny afternoon. I just couldn’t put it down. The banter between Callum and Emery is so funny, I just laughed out lout, Emery is a hell of a cookie. All and all it is a must read. Callum made me swoon, and perhaps it shouldn’t but it did. Callum and Emery are a great couple. I cant wait to read Cole’s story, I have pre-ordered it straight-away!

      10. sherrejon

        The type of OTT goodness I love in my booksFirst of all, the OTTness in this book was just perfection. But, what sold the book to me early on was the BANTER!!! And JT does some of the best banter I’ve ever read 🤣. I was snorting and laughing like a lunatic 🤣.Emery’s (30) bookstore’s tanking after a new, huge bookstore opens up across from her small one. She’s upset and is trying to remain positive, but it’s not looking good 😏.Her rent’s doubling, she owes over a million in back taxes, her apartment building’s being condemned, and the list goes on and on. She decides to splurge and take her 5 employees to an expensive dinner as a last hurrah and a goodbye before she has to fire them ☹️.The next day at work, a handsome AF man comes in and propositions her to get married 😳. Callum (35) will give her $10 million so that she can save her business and he can keep his inheritance. His father’s disinheriting him if he doesn’t marry within a certain amount of months. He was at the same restaurant she was at the previous night when he overheard her situation.It’ll be a marriage of convenience 👀. What could possibly go wrong 😈?What I liked/loved: POSSIBLE SPOILERS—the BANTERRRRR 🤣. Did I look like a crazy person while I was driving, working, or doing chores? Oh yeah 🤣. The way Emery and Callum argue and volley back and forth was just 😮‍💨. I couldn’t help but highlight so much, and the amount of times I laughed was embarrassing 🤣—the OTTness. Oh LAWD. Callum has no shame, no SHAAAAME being ott 😅. He DNGAF if he seems unreasonable or unhinged 🤣 as long as he has Emery, he doesn’t care 💅—the tension 👀. Jeeeezus 🔥 so much tension. If looks could cause fires, well then the world would’ve burned down with the way Callum looks at Emery 😅. It’s 🤌🏻—the 🔥. Well, duh 👀. So many Ks in this book 😮‍💨. Their first kiss happens at almost 40% but then they consummate their marriage at about 50% and it’s 🥵. Callum is absolutely O B S E S S E D with Emery’s Os 😉. And the amount of S was just 🤤—the diiiiirty talk 🥵. Oh GAWD. Give me the strength to survive Callum’s mouth when he gets going 😅—TMDLAGG 🫠. 👈🏻This is me right there. Actual footage of how I reacted when he said those lines 🥵💦—praise k 🤤—he calls her Wife and Baby 😮‍💨🫠 (also darling, but let’s not mention those 🤣😅)—the swooniness 🥹. Um… she asks and he’ll make sure she receives. The books. The foods. The jobs. This man is doing God’s work out there by being so sweet ❤️—he’s so JP. I mean. Callum’s about to un a live his brother when he says that Emery’s seeeexy, let’s not mention the other things he’s willing to do to any man that wants her 🤣—the “revenge” scenes lol. Emery taking out Callum’s favorite car and going over curbs a little too hard was just smart revenge 🤷🏻‍♀️ don’t get me started on the sandwich 🤣—ASK FOR IT 🫠 SAY PLEASE 🥵💦—the connections he has 😅. I mean. It’s not everyday the cops pull you over because you won’t talk to your fiancé 😅—the rings 👀. Getting a more conservative ring so your life isn’t in danger is just 🥰—KILLIAN!!! Sigh. I loved seeing him again 🥰—the audacity 😅 it’s hard to explain this one without huge spoilers, but… oh my god… Callum’s audacity is in a league of its own 🤌🏻 👏🏻—the tattoos 🥹—his persistence 🥰. Ummm. He doesn’t give up 👏🏻. We need more men like this 😮‍💨What I didn’t like/wanted more of: SPOILERS—when he handcuffs her to the bed, I was very irritated at how quickly she caved to him 😐😑. She needed to make him suffer more 🤣😑😐. The sandwich was a nice touch, but not enough 🤣 (btw. Once the twists were revealed, I overlooked a lot of the things I didn’t like 🤣)—the workers looking like her 😅. Umm… so… are they getting fired now? 😅🤣. I mean. It’s kind of 🥴😬. Luckily, he never cared for any of this, but still—a longer epilogue. It’s only 2 months later ☹️—for the book to be longerOverall, I loooooved it 🤣.

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