In the Likely Event Paperback – Import, 1 August 2023 by Rebecca Yarros (Author)

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  • In the Likely Event Paperback – Import, 1 August 2023 by Rebecca Yarros (Author)


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      In the Likely Event Paperback – Import, 1 August 2023 by Rebecca Yarros (Author)


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      About the Author

      Rebecca Yarros is a hopeless romantic and coffee addict. She is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of over fifteen novels, including the viral Fourth Wing, The Last Letter, and The Things We Leave Unfinished. She’s also the recipient of the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence for Eyes Turned Skyward. Rebecca loves military heroes and has been blissfully married to hers for over twenty years. A mother of six, she is currently surviving the teenage years with all four of her hockey-playing sons.

      Seriously. All four are teenagers. Send wine.

      When she’s not writing, she’s at the hockey rink or sneaking in some guitar time. She lives in Colorado with her family, their English bulldogs, Maine coon cat, and feisty chinchillas who love to chase the bulldogs. Having fostered then adopted their youngest daughter, Rebecca is passionate about helping foster children through her nonprofit, One October.

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      Dimensions 2.54 × 21.59 cm
      Publisher ‏

      ‎ Montlake (1 August 2023)

      Language ‏

      ‎ English

      Paperback ‏

      ‎ 350 pages

      ISBN-10 ‏

      ‎ 1662511558

      ISBN-13 ‏

      ‎ 978-1662511554

      Item Weight ‏

      ‎ 366 g

      Dimensions ‏

      ‎ 13.97 x 2.54 x 21.59 cm

      Country of Origin ‏

      ‎ United Kingdom

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      6 reviews for In the Likely Event Paperback – Import, 1 August 2023 by Rebecca Yarros (Author)

      1. Niharika

        what if the time we wanted never came? what if this was all we’d have?this book was hard for me to read because it hit too close to home and some words just reached for the jugular, because i know how it feels like to have someone and still feel like you don’t have enough time with them. How them leaving makes you feel like you’d do just about anything to have one more moment, one more touch and JUST one more shot at the possibility of us.The angst, the “it’s always been you” and the cut-throat writing was incredible. i’m leaving this at 4 stars because the timeline felt stretched, Nate could’ve done what he did a long time ago.i wholeheartedly loved Izzy, she was relatable, funny, and as rarely seen in romance books, mature with a functional spine.That said, i rooted for them since the beginning and the epilogue took my heart away like it’s no one’s business.

      2. Amazon Customer M

        Military romance with a sense of realismIn The Likely Event is a story about Nate and Izzy, who met ten years ago under traumatic circumstances where they developed a strong connection with each other. I hear that traumatic events will do that to you, and these two had some clear chemistry in those opening moments during the take off of the fateful flight.Nate is a military man, intent upon being different than his abusive father. He is a bit “wrapped too tight” as my generation might say. Izzy is a lawyer working in politics ten years later when they are reunited against the backdrop of the war and drawdown in Afghanistan. Nate and Izzy try to figure out themselves during a particularly tense week under some very dangerous circumstances. I did like the opening plane crash scene and was very hopeful for Nate and Izzy’s story. Can their spark endure with the distances between them? It appears it might as the story with flashbacks to the important events in their lives over that ten year period. It’s a tough story to pull off over the ten year time period. The story is also told in alternating points of view, so you do have to pay attention to who is narrating the individual chapters. As far as the romance goes, it’s a typical scenario — Nate needs to get his head together and figure out what is important to him. Izzy has to do the same, but she is a bit more open to a future than he is which is a big part of the conflict between the two of them. I did think there were some slower spots in the story and I craved some action. There are action sequences that a harrowing and illustrate just how dangerous things could be in this region. I really did wonder what prompted Izzy to put herself in such a situation.There’s a little twist at the end that I didn’t see coming that spoke to the devastation of losing a friend while in service that did squeeze my heart somewhat and I did like where these two end up by the epilogue of the book. I would call this one of Rebecca Yarros’s more emotionally contained stories, as she usually makes me cry like a baby and I didn’t even shed a tear with this one. That’s not to say there aren’t harrowing scenes in this — there are. Overall, In the Likely Event is what I expect from Rebecca Yarros — a military romance with a sense of realism. Nate and Izzy are flawed main characters, and that makes it interesting to see what it takes for them to make it work. I liked that about the story. This is a quick read that I devoured in a couple of days. It is also a standalone title.

      3. Briana Bailon

        Now & Then Chapters, Right Person Wrong Time5⭐️/ 3🌶️If there was one thing Izzy Astor didn’t like, it was planes. The endless possibilities that could occur while being on a plane terrified her, and yet, one day in the year of 2011, she met Nathaniel. You would think that moment Izzy and Nathaniel met would be oh so cute, and lead to a romantic montage of them talking, and flirting right? Umm, not exactly. Sure, Izzy and Nathaniel were attracted to each other right off the bat, but within the first couple of minutes their plane took it, it ended with them crashing. That wasn’t just the beginning of Nathaniel and Izzy’s story, but it also followed them years later when they met again under new and different circumstances. Told in dual point of views, switching between timelines to illustrate Izzy and Nathaniel’s story, it explored so many of the things they went through, and eventually how despite many years apart, some things would never change between them.If there’s one thing that Rebecca Yarros never fails to do is, always creating unique storylines, and having me intrigued from the beginning. Before reading, all I knew was that there was going to be a plane crash (not a spoiler, literally mentioned in the summary), and centered around Nate (Nathaniel) and Izzy’s romance. The interesting part of the story wasn’t just seeing the plane crash and the events that happened during and after, but also having now and then chapters. Seeing how Nate and Izzy met wasn’t the meet cute one could expect, instead they survived a plane crash. Years later in 2021, Nate was still serving in the Special Forces and tasked with her newest assignment which happened to bring him face to face with Izzy, who he hadn’t seen in three years.Nate and Izzy went through a traumatic event together back in 2011, but even before the incident happened, their first encounter showed them connecting and sharing things about one another. I wasn’t expecting “now” and “then” chapters, but I personally loved it since it highlighted the different point in times from when Nate and Izzy first met to the present of them being older, well into their respective careers, but still having that connection despite the many years apart. In addition, it seemed like something happened the last time Izzy and Nate saw each other so that was something I was most curious about especially considering how the past showed them growing close and forming a deeper connection than they initially thought.Man, why can’t I have Nathaniel Phelan for myself? That man was perfect in the best of ways. From the way he always felt a sense of need and protection over Izzy, to bringing a warmth to Izzy, and overall just being the best. Nate was an amazing man, his line of work was dangerous, but like he said he was pretty good at it. Even in the present when he met Izzy again, I could see that all his years being in the Special Forces reflected how well of a soldier he was. Nate was capable, strong, intelligent, super observant, and able to strategize. Plus, Nate was an absolute dream boat when it came to Izzy. I loved the scene back in 2014, when Izzy and Nate were highlighting their favorite books for each other so they could read their favorite parts in the books! Annotate and highlight your favorite book for me and that’s a pretty thoughtful gesture in my opinion! NATE PHELAN IS THE MAN FOR ME! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED HIM! I admired and loved his fierce protection over Izzy, that man truly went above and beyond to not only ensure Izzy’s safety, but also helped in pulling strings and favors in order to help Izzy with certain things that occurred within the story.Nate and Izzy were the right person for each other, but it was always a matter of “right person, wrong time”. Somehow, over different times throughout the years Izzy and Nate happened to find themselves together again and no matter what, the sparks were still there! The chemistry was palpable through the pages, and I was swooning and feeling the love all the way through. At first, I wanted to say this was a second chance romance, but since Izzy and Nate never actually had a chance in the first place, it was more of an “undefined” thing between them. When it came to Izzy and Nate it was just them, plain and simple, there wasn’t a need to label it because, what they had couldn’t easily be defined which I would one hundred percent agree with. I truly loved the way Nate and Izzy were together, they clicked from the moment they met back in 2011, and seeing them through out the years further illustrated how much they deeply loved and cared for each other.Towards the end, there were some things that got revealed that made me cry and had me seeing Izzy and Nate in a new light. Both, Izzy and Nate had been through their fair share of obstacles whether it was from them never finding the right time to be together or their individual problems. For Izzy, she had always wanted to earn her parent’s approval and in some ways went along with what they wanted in order to achieve that, but thankfully at one point, Izzy finally decided to put herself instead. When it came to Nate, there was so much more than meets the eye. Nate was so use to keeping things compacted tight inside himself instead of seeking help for his PTSD and other things he struggled with especially being in the special forces unit. In the end, with certain things being brought up about Nate and his mental health, I was surprised and I just cried. In the end, I was glad to see that the growth both Izzy and Nate went through over the course of many years eventually ended with them in a better place, both physically and mentally.Once again, this book was not what I expected, and I’m so happy I got to read about Izzy and Nate’s story. A totally unpredictable story that spanned over the course of many years in which, Izzy and Nate had stolen moments together, and were constantly separated from each other. Seemed like whenever Izzy and Nate met up again, the timing was always off which later created some tension and heartaches for them. The romance truly was beautiful and mesmerizing to watch unfold. The connection that Izzy and Nate formed spoke to how well they knew one another, but also even with the small amount of time they spent through the years highlighted just how much they loved one another. This story was intriguing, had a bit of danger, tension, angst, heartbreak, and a passionate love that went above what couldn’t be simply defined. When it came down to it, it was just Izzy and Nate, two people who experienced a traumatic event years earlier, but over the years their connection grew stronger. Towards the end, things picked up even more, adding a heightened level to the story that had me fully immersed in the story, and hanging on every single word. Izzy and Nate’s story wasn’t as simple as one would think. Seeing what happened through out the years leading up to the present in 2021, when Izzy and Nate met up again, it revealed just how much they had gone through when it came to their relationship. I was downright sobbing towards the end since I was deeply invested in Izzy and Nate! Truly the way this story was created was entirely unique, and just fantastic in every aspect! I’m happy to see that Nate and Izzy finally got their happy ending and with the ending/epilogue, I was crying tears of joy since my two favorite characters finally achieved the dream that they had always sought to make a reality which was, finally being together at the right time, they finally got their shot together!

      4. Kőszegi Bianka

        an epic military romanceI’m going to start by saying that I’m the number one fan of Rebecca Yarros!She’s been my favourite author since I read the Flight and Glory series which also made me the biggest fan of military romance!I consider this 4,5 ⭐️ rating strict because this book was absolutely amazing and it would’ve been a favourite read but the ending was too sudden, and I didn’t get the big finale I expected.Izzy and Nate meet in Afghanistan after 3 years when Nate is tasked with protecting Izzy while the country is falling into the hands of the Taliban. This whole story was set up for heartache and tragedy and I expected a sobfest at the end (with a HEA of course) but instead it ended abruptly. Hence the – 0,5 ⭐️ This book easily could’ve been a 100 pages longer.Nevertheless it was still an emotional read, especially when we finally come to the part in the past when we get to know what happened between Nate and Izzy, why they‘re mad at each other. That part was really sad, and then there was this big twist which was so unexpected, I even had to go back some chapters because I didn’t want to believe what happened.I really loved the dual POV and dual timelines. We first meet Izzy and Nate in Afghanistan when they’re shocked to see each other, and in the next chapter we see how they met 10 years ago when they survived a plane crash together. Over the years they meet up more or less once a year but after a few days they have to say goodbye to each other because it’s not their time to be together.Nate must go back to the army and Izzy goes back to her life even though they love each other. But we know from the start that something went really wrong 3 years ago. And that was really sad.I loved Izzy’s and Nate’s chemistry, and that Nate gave her his earbuds cause he knew she was scared of flying 🥹 the way they met, and the fact that Nate would’ve died for Izzy. Literally.This was a beautiful story about two people falling head over heals for each other at the wrong time. They were truly meant to be.

      5. karline05 ( un brin de lecture)

        une romance seconde chance sur fond de guerre d’afghanistan génialeJe connais la qualité des romances de Rebecca Yarros depuis longtemps et je suis habituée au grand 8 émotionnel que cette dernière fait vivre à ses lecteurs … J’ai adoré ma lecture !!En effet, même si cette histoire commence sur des chapeaux de roues avec un crash d’avion , étant phobique de cet événement , forcément j’ai un peu vécu difficilement ce passage …Cet évènement sonne la rencontre de nos 2 héros . L’histoire de Nate et Izzy s’étale sur quelques années et malgré une attirance réciproque , les choses ne s’emboitent jamais vraiment pour que leur relation évolue….On les retrouve quelques années plus tard dans un environnement hostile au sein de l’évacuation des force américaines de l’Afghanistan…J’ai adoré la pression constante et la montée de la tension au fil des pages où le danger est partout, la plume fluide et imagée de l’autrice permet une immersion totale parfois même trop …Nate est un soldat d’élite qui maitrise tout ce qui l’entoure. Il a cette impression d’être à la hauteur qu’en exerçant son métier malgré les risques. J’ai adoré ce personnage droit et altruiste près à tout pour protéger la femme de sa vie même s’il faut l’éloigner de lui…Izzy est une jeune femme entêtée , qui sait ce qu’elle veut et se donne les moyens d’y parvenir même si elle est une femme dans un milieu d’hommes. Elle a souvent baissé la tête pour plaire à ses parents mais son attachement à sa soeur et sa volonté d’être heureuse va l’amener à des extrêmes .Leur duo est une évidence pourtant ….Le dénouement est comme on l’attend et j’avoue que l’autrice m’a totalement laissé sans voix avec une révélation que je n’avais absolument pas vu venir …En bref :Une romance contemporaine géniale !!! J’ai adoré l’histoire de Nate et Izzy qui nous entraine dans des ascenseurs émotionnels tout au long du livre. J’ai frémi, souri, levé les yeux au ciel et même versé quelques larmes …. En gros j’ai adoré ! La plume de l’autrice nous embarque dans cet univers dangereux et captivant et nous laisse ébahi après avoir tourné la dernière page mais avec le sourire aux lèvres.

      6. Amy

        Military romanceThank you to NetGalley and Montlake for the ARC of In the Likely Event!I enjoyed Izzy and Nate’s love story. The premise of meeting in the midst of tragedy and forming a strong bond was interesting. I have to say that I enjoyed it more while I was caught up in the reading of the story than I do now that I am sitting down to write my review. The characters acknowledge that they need to spend more time together to grow their relationship despite their magnetic pull towards each other but I don’t think they ever truly take their own advise. The premise of why Izzy went to Afghanistan in the first place is ridiculous and hard for me to get past. That being said, I don’t think military romances are for me. I think the book was well written and the characters were well developed but it was not my favorite.SUMMARY:Izzy Astor hates to fly. Then she spots her seatmate, who is anything but ordinary. Nate Phelan sports dark hair, blue eyes, and a deliciously rugged charm that Izzy can’t resist. Their connection is undeniable. Izzy never believed in destiny before, but she does now. Just ninety seconds after takeoff, their plane goes down in the Missouri River. Their lives change. They change. Nate goes on to a career in the military while Izzy finds her way into politics. Despite a few chance encounters over the years, the timing never feels right. Then comes a high-stakes reunion in Afghanistan, where Nate is tasked with protecting Izzy’s life. He’ll do anything to keep her safe. And everything to win her heart.

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