Ikigai Hardcover by Francesc Miralles (Author), Hector Garcia (Author)

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Ikigai Book

“Ikigai” is a profound exploration of the Japanese concept that offers a refreshing perspective on finding purpose and happiness. The authors beautifully blend ancient wisdom with modern insights, creating a compelling guide for anyone seeking fulfillment in their lives.

  • Ikigai Book

    Ikigai Hardcover by Francesc Miralles (Author), Hector Garcia (Author)


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      Ikigai Book

      Ikigai Hardcover by Francesc Miralles (Author), Hector Garcia (Author)


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      Ikigai Book

      Product description

      Embark on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment with “Ikigai:

      The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life.” This captivating book unravels the ancient Japanese concept of ikigai, guiding you to find your purpose and unlock the key to lasting happiness. 🎋🌸

      Within the pages of this enlightening book, you’ll explore the intersection of passion, mission, vocation, and profession—the four pillars of ikigai. Through engaging narratives, insightful anecdotes, and practical exercises, you’ll uncover your unique ikigai and learn how to integrate it into your daily life. 💼🧘‍♂️

      “Ikigai” offers a refreshing perspective on success and fulfillment, urging you to prioritize joy and meaning over material wealth. Whether you’re seeking clarity in your career, relationships, or personal growth, this book provides invaluable guidance to align your actions with your deepest values and aspirations. 🌿✨

      With its blend of Eastern wisdom and modern insights, “Ikigai” serves as a roadmap to living a purpose-driven life—one filled with vitality, resilience, and profound satisfaction. Discover your ikigai today and unlock the secrets to a life of purpose, passion, and lasting happiness. 🌟📘


      “Ikigai” is a profound exploration of the Japanese concept that offers a refreshing perspective on finding purpose and happiness. The authors beautifully blend ancient wisdom with modern insights, creating a compelling guide for anyone seeking fulfillment in their lives.

      One of the most striking aspects of the book is its simplicity and accessibility. Through engaging anecdotes and practical exercises, the authors lead readers on a journey of self-discovery, gently guiding them to uncover their unique ikigai—the intersection of passion, mission, vocation, and profession.

      What sets “Ikigai” apart is its emphasis on balance and harmony. Rather than chasing external markers of success, the book encourages readers to cultivate a sense of inner fulfillment by aligning their actions with their deepest values and aspirations. This message resonates deeply in today’s fast-paced world, where many feel overwhelmed and disconnected from their true purpose.

      Moreover, the book is incredibly versatile, offering insights that apply to various aspects of life, including career, relationships, and personal growth. Whether you’re a recent graduate embarking on your career journey or a retiree seeking meaning in your golden years, “Ikigai” provides valuable wisdom that transcends age and cultural boundaries.

      Overall, “Ikigai” is a gem of a book that inspires readers to live with intention, purpose, and joy. Its timeless teachings serve as a beacon of hope in uncertain times, reminding us that true happiness is found not in external achievements, but in the pursuit of a life aligned with our deepest passions and values. I highly recommend “Ikigai” to anyone seeking to unlock the secrets to a fulfilling and meaningful existence. 🌿✨

      About the Author

      H�ctor Garc�a is a citizen of Japan, where he has lived for over a decade, and of Spain, where he was born. He is the author of several books about Japanese culture, including two worldwide bestsellers, A Geek in Japan and Ikigai. A former software engineer, he worked at CERN in Switzerland before moving to Japan.

      Francesc Miralles is the award-winning and internationally bestselling author of books about how to live well, together with the novels Love in Small Letters and Wabi-Sabi.

      Alongside H�ctor Garc�a, he was welcomed to Okinawa in Japan, where the inhabitants live for longer than in any other place in the world. There they had the chance to interview more than a hundred villagers about their philosophy for a long and happy life.

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      8 reviews for Ikigai Hardcover by Francesc Miralles (Author), Hector Garcia (Author)

      1. Akshay P Nair

        It is a hard bind book. I come with great packing. I recommend this book to everyone.

      2. ronnie reazon

        Hector Gracia, born in Spain, is an author and an aspiring philosopher. He has been living in Japan for 18 years. He worked as a software engineer in Switzerland before moving to Japan. His most well-known books are Ikigai, A Geek in Japan, and Ichigo Ichie.Francesc Miralles, also born in Spain, is an award-winning author of fiction, self-help, and inspirational books. He studied journalism, English literature, and German. He has also worked as an editor, translator, ghostwriter, and musician. He is well-known for his book Ikigai and Love in Lowercase.The authors of Ikigai have interviewed hundreds of centenarians of Japan to unravel their secret of being young and happy, even at an old age. Most of the Japanese belonged to Okinawa, a Japanese Island, where 24 people out of 100,000 are over the age of 100- far more than the global average. Women of Okinawa live longer and have fewer diseases than anywhere else in the world. The book contains lessons based on what these Japanese centenarians eat and drink, how they treat their work and their style of living.The book introduces the concept of ikigai and how it helps the Japanese people live a healthy life even at an old age. Then the authors describe the secrets of anti-aging and how stress can degrade our health. Concepts of Logo-therapy and case studies where people found their purpose are described. The basic principles of Morita Therapy are also explained. In the next chapter, the authors explain flow, three steps through which flow can be achieved in work, and how you can discover your ikigai with the help of flow.The following chapters contain some information about Japanese centenarians and their philosophy, habits, lifestyle, and diet. Then the book explains some yoga and exercises of Japanese people which keeps them healthy. The last chapter contains the concept of resilience and antifragility, which can help you handle life’s challenges without getting broken. The book ends with an epilogue that includes the ten rules of ikigai.Three key lessons which I have learned from the book is as follows-(1)“Ikigai” is a Japanese word that means- a reason for living, a meaning for living. Having an ikigai means having a clear purpose that makes our life worthwhile. Your ikigai is something you love (watching Netflix, scrolling Instagram, sleeping, etc. won’t count), you are good at, you can be paid for, and something the world needs. For example, if you love singing a lot and are good at it, your ikigai is probably singing. The world needs good songs, and you can be paid for them.So, first, you need to find your ikigai or purpose, and then you should constantly take action to fulfill this purpose. The good news is this action wouldn’t seem boring because it will give a sense of satisfaction. If you have a definite purpose, an Ikigai, you would never feel lost.“He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.”-Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist(2)Work with the flowWe all have experienced a situation in our lives where we lost track of time. It may be when you were reading a book, and you got so much immersed in it that you didn’t realize how 3 hours passed like a flash of light. But there are also times when the opposite happens, and time doesn’t pass at all. You have probably experienced this during a boring lecture. What causes this difference? Why does time pass slowly when we do something that we don’t like while it passes swiftly when we do something of our interest?The answer is flow. Ta-dah! The psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined the term flow and described it as the pleasure we feel when we completely immerse ourselves in what we are doing. According to him,The state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience itself is so enjoyable that people will do it even at a great cost, for the sheer shake of doing it.When we are in a state of flow, we focus on our work and not on distractions. The intensity of focus leads to Deep Work which increases our productivity and at the same time gives satisfaction. Once we find flow in our work, the work will be fun.(3)Be resilientThis is the most powerful lesson which I learned from the book Ikigai– to be resilient. Resilience is defined as the ability to withstand harm without getting weakened. It means to accept everything life throws at us, without blaming others, without getting frustrated, without feeling discouraged.When you have a clearly defined ikigai, you have to pursue it no matter how difficult the situation becomes. You can’t give up even if things are not going according to your expectation. That’s when the importance of resilience comes. Resilience is our ability to deal with setbacks. The more resilient we are, the easier it will be to handle the obstacles without getting broken. Those who are resilient, they are good at dealing with negative situations without getting discouraged. They adapt to changes and concentrate only on those things which they can change.What did i liked about Ikigai?First of all, I liked the concept of ikigai and how our ikigai can help us live a meaningful life. This is life-changing. The concept of flow and how to experience flow in our work was the most beautiful chapter in the book. I liked it so much that I made notes of this concept. I also liked the part where the authors describe resilience and anti-fragility.The book made me feel the importance of slowing down, being in the moment, and showing gratitude for every small thing I have in this life. This book helped me to live with peace, make friends, and enjoy each and every moment. I don’t know; the book is a kind of magic, which made me realize that there is nothing to worry about but only to be happy. I was happy after reading it.What didn’t I like about Ikigai?Before reading the book, I expected that this book is all about ikigai and finding purpose and will help me find my own. But when I read it, I found that it doesn’t contain much information about finding ikigai, which disappointed me. The book includes advice about exercises and eating vegetables, which are somewhat familiar and can be found in any blog. These were the few things that I didn’t like in the book.Is Ikigai worth reading?Yes, the book Ikigai is worth reading because it contains many powerful and proven concepts which can help you to improve your way of living. It can help you realize the value of a purposeful life and find your purpose. In today’s stressful and fast-paced world, we rarely get any time to heal our body, mind, and soul. This book can help you to understand the importance of slowing down and being in the present. If you feel bored in life, Ikigai can help you to enjoy and get lost in your work. This book contains interviews of Japanese centenarians, which would motivate you to live a simple life with high thinking. I found all the lessons highly practical, which anyone can easily implement in their life and get remarkable results.Who should read Ikigai?The book Ikigai must be read by all those people who don’t enjoy their work and are frustrated, or who are stressed and busy in their work and hardly live their life, or who doesn’t have a purpose in life and feels lost, or who are discouraged by failures, or all of the above. This book can also help those people who don’t have a good lifestyle, eat junk foods, don’t exercise, drink and smoke, etc. Ikigai can make anyone understand the importance of living a purposeful life. I will recommend this book to anyone who wants to live a long, happy, and purposeful life.

      3. Nibir biswas

        “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” is a remarkable book that explores the concept of ikigai and provides valuable insights into living a fulfilling and purposeful life. As a reader of this book, I am thrilled to give it a perfect rating for its exceptional content, profound wisdom, and overall satisfaction it provides.One of the standout features of this book is its ability to delve into the essence of ikigai. The authors present a comprehensive understanding of ikigai as the intersection of four fundamental elements: what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be rewarded for. Through a thoughtful exploration of these elements, the book guides readers toward discovering their own ikigai and embracing a life filled with purpose and meaning.The insights shared in “Ikigai” are deeply rooted in Japanese culture and wisdom. The authors draw from the experiences of individuals in the Japanese community of Ogimi, known for its high concentration of centenarians, who have found a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their lives. The book offers valuable lessons and practices that can be applied by readers from all walks of life.The writing style is engaging and accessible, making complex concepts easy to understand and apply. The authors incorporate personal stories, scientific research, and practical exercises to support the exploration of ikigai. The book encourages self-reflection and invites readers to delve into their passions, talents, and values to uncover their unique purpose.”Ikigai” goes beyond mere theory by providing practical guidance for incorporating ikigai into daily life. The book offers actionable steps, such as finding flow activities, nurturing social connections, and embracing a healthy lifestyle, that can contribute to living a long and happy life. It serves as a roadmap for readers seeking to cultivate a sense of purpose and find joy in their everyday experiences.In terms of value for money, “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” offers a reasonable price considering the profound wisdom and life-changing potential it provides. It is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to unlock their own ikigai and embrace a more purposeful and fulfilling existence.In conclusion, “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” is a remarkable book that offers profound insights and practical guidance for discovering purpose, joy, and longevity. With its comprehensive understanding of ikigai, engaging writing style, and actionable steps, it is a must-read for individuals seeking a meaningful and fulfilling life. If you’re ready to uncover the secrets of ikigai and embrace a life of purpose and happiness, this book is an invaluable resource.Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the authors or publisher of “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” and provided this review based on my own experience as a reader.

      4. Amazon Customer

        Worth reading, content is useful. But the quality of the paper is not nice. The illustrations and other highlights are in black. That means it is a Xerox of copy. I wanted the original book. But anyway I am not returning it . It’s worth the cost. The cover looks appealing. Size of the book is convenient to carry in a small handbag

      5. Justin Subba

        It’s such a good book but hopefully I too live a happy and loooong life.

      6. Krushnakant Raspelli

        Some books are good that’s it

      7. Mahika

        After reading, i fell in love with this book. It’s so amazing one must must must read it.

      8. Snigdha

        Packed well and delivered safely.One of the best book read so far……

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