Ignite Me (Shatter Me): TikTok Made Me Buy It! The most addictive YA fantasy series of 2021

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  • Ignite Me (Shatter Me): TikTok Made Me Buy It! The most addictive YA fantasy series of 2021


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      Ignite Me (Shatter Me): TikTok Made Me Buy It! The most addictive YA fantasy series of 2021


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      Tahereh Mafi is the New York Times bestselling author of the Shatter Me series which has been published in over 30 languages around the world. She was born in a small city somewhere in Connecticut and currently resides in Santa Monica, California, with her husband, Ransom Riggs, fellow bestselling author of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, and their young daughter. She can usually be found overcaffeinated and stuck in a book.

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      13 reviews for Ignite Me (Shatter Me): TikTok Made Me Buy It! The most addictive YA fantasy series of 2021

      1. Alisha

        This book is magic to me. I love it so much. Thank you so much Tahereh for introducing Aaron to me 💓

      2. Jhanvi kishor

        The book was perfect. The fights, the drama, the heat, and everything in between. Tahereh Mafi will take you on journey of a life time. It was the best conclusion for the shatter me series but then…. She decided to give us a new start all over again by releasing Restore Me. Can’t wait to read it ‼️

      3. Bhavya

        Love this!

      4. Sapphire

        I don’t usually write reviews but I can’t resist for this one, this was far the best YA fantasy I’ve got my hands on. I suggest you to read the first two books first in the shatter me series.In the entire shatter me series, this was my favourite book .Now the characters, the character development of Juliette was the most incredible. Rather than that I really fell in love with Aaron Warner, my favourite fictional character ever.If you are a reader, you should definitely get your hands on this one.

      5. Reader_17

        This novel is the definition of what you call thrilling. This book was so amazingly written that it made my heart throb a hundred miles an hour. I loved the whole series so much that I can read it over and over again. The character development of this whole series is stunningly beautiful and the pace just perfect. Juliette won everybody’s heart over and over again while we were all impressed by knowing who Warner actually is and we all loved him. The plot is unique and takes a complete turn in this book. Although, I did find the ending a bit abrupt because I think there should have been more about what happens after everything is over which was kind of missing in the book. However, due to the writing and plot, this tiny disappointment wasn’t minded that much. Nevertheless, I do wish there was another sequel to this series. I was completely absorbed by this book. This series needs to have another sequel. I love it.(THESE REVIEWS ARE MY POINT OF VIEWS, AND YOUR OPINIONS MIGHT BE VARYING FROM MINE)Sincerely,Reader.xxx

      6. Ramya

        Simply i LOVED the book!!! An amazing and mindblowing ending to the shatter me series by Tahereh Mafi. Loved the character development that Juliette shows in this book. forever in love with Warner..and Kenji what I would without u!!All thanks to amazon for delivering this book in perfect condition and before the expected date! :)

      7. Navya

        This is amazing. This is the best book in the entire Shatter Me trilogy and defiantly worth purchasing.

      8. Ruchi Chawla

        After reading the previous two books I was so excited to get my hands on dis one. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. It was all a mixture of adventure, thrill , passion and humour. A must read. Can’t wait for the next one :0)

      9. Angelica C.

        Great End“In a world where there is so much to grieve and so little good to take? I grieve nothing. I take everything.”And it’s over! I feel like I just got into this story and now it ended. I need more. A prequel, a spinoff, another novella (maybe from Kenji), ANYTHING! I so desperately need more of this world, more these powers, more Warner!But alas it over and I am left grieving for yet another finished series.Whenever a series ends I kind of just sit around for a day or two to re-read all my favorite scenes and get my life together. But this series? It’s killing me. Maybe it was because I read the books and the novellas back to back. Maybe it was because it ended just as I was starting to really love the characters. All I know is that I want more.So anyway this takes place days after Unravel Me ends. Juliette is now with Warner and the few surviving members of Omega Point are hidden away. But in order to defeat the evil commander Anderson they must reunite and team up with an unlikely ally; Warner.DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS POINT UNLESS YOU’VE EITHER READ IT OR WANT TO BE SPOILED!!!!YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!Since this is the end of a series and I have a lot of pent up feelings inside of me I’m just going to vent them out. That also means that I’m going to rant and probably make a lot of Team Warner comments. Here we go.The book starts with the main characters divided and thinking that the other is dead. I am so glad that was cleared up quick because it would only have dragged the story on and serve to make more problems than solutions. Thankfully this dives quickly into the thick of it having our characters regroup and form a plan to take down the Reestablishment.When Juliette goes to Adam’s house to make the plan everyone is all happy to see her alive, all except Adam. Honestly, throughout this entire book I rally just wanted Adam to fall off a cliff and die. So Juliette shows up and Adam starts screaming at her. He tells her that she is a terrible person and that he would rather she be dead. Really? Who says that to a person they claim they love. Then he talks about their relationship even after she already broke up with him like twice and then kicks her out of his house. You have no idea the satisfaction I felt when he ended up living at Warner’s house or his “ex-girlfriends new boyfriend’s bachelor pad” as he called it. I wanted him to feel horrible because the same girl he kicked out of his s***ty house was the reason he didn’t freeze or starve to death along with his little brother. Also, I really wanted to see Warner walk in and punch him in the face. That would have made me happy.Anyway so the all move into Warner’s personal training facility and begin training there and planning for the war. And I must say that I love this about Warner. He is always pushing Juliette to do more, to be more. I love when he teaches her to fight, when he gives her a gun, when he doesn’t question her judgment or abilities. While Adam is putting her down making her feel weak, Warner is lifting her up making her feel strong. I love how when Juliette first tell Warner that she plans on taking down the Reestablishment. Warner starts laughing but it’s not at her. He knows that she can do this and instead of changing her mind, asks if she would like help. I love the confidence he gives her. This happens again when Juliette and Adam are arguing where Adam asks Warner if he’d like to step in and he responds saying that Juliette doesn’t need his help. This is why I knew that she had to end with Warner. He believes in her.While training a lot of things happen and a lot of deep heartfelt moments occurred. One of the being when Juliette finds out that wait for it… she can now touch people! I loved that she could now truly live and be happy. Another when Kenji starts talking about his feelings. By the way I love Kenji in this book, he cracked me up! He is a far deeper, serious yet hilarious character than I first gave him credit for.Then finally after all that training they manage to convince all the sector 45 soldiers and civilians onto their side and go to war. This war could have lasted longer. It’s like the last few chapters and since Juliette didn’t go to war we don’t even get to see what happened. All that happen is that they get to the boat where Anderson is and Juliette manages to shoot him. “Twice. Once or Adam. Once for Warner.” That is literally what it says. Then it ends. It’s just over. Kenji is injured and unconscious, Anderson is dead, there are dead bodies everywhere, their side of the world is saved and that’s how it ends. Warner and Juliette looking out at the world from a roof. That’s it. That is it!?!?!?!?I’m so angry! I was expecting an actual ending, not this crap! I needed an actual conclusion. At the very least an epilogue. But no. I have to settle for this. Also I think it should have been Warner who kills his father, as payback for all the both physical and psychological scars.In the end though I really did like this book and it’s characters. Most characters undergo some form of growth in books but none like Juliette and her companions. Their development was slow and we only got to see bits and pieces at a time. While some characters peak after they have gained some strength Juliette never stops growing. She always wants to do more and be better and push herself as far as she can go.Adam and Warner also changed. With Adam it is true that you don’t really know a person until you see them is a tough spot. And I must say that Adam is a pretty horrible person deep down. No let me rephrase that, he’s not a horrible person, just a horrible love interest (who deserves to fall of a cliff and die). Seriously though, he was always whining and crying and always making a scene. It was obvious that everyone around him was just done with him. I bet even James was done with his BS. When Juliette said she had to break up with him a third time, you could just tell she was done. Finished. Its like he didn’t know how or when to shut up and it was annoying.Now Warner. My dear, beautiful Warner. I love learning new things about him as his is probably the most interesting back story of all. I would love a detailed retelling of his past. He is yet again shown to be loving and kind and caring in ways that even Adam was not. At one point Juliette wonders if Adam would save her life or let her die if given the chance while knowing for a fact that Warner would save her all over again. Then that scene with his mother being dead? That scene killed me! I have never so radically changed my opinion on a character. He is truly such a good man and I’m so glad Juliette got her crap together and finally loved him. This is the first time I have done a complete 180 turn and seen a character in a new light. In book one I hated him and compared him to all kinds of things. Now I love him and am team Warner all the way.But seriously, is anyone even Team Adam anymore?But before I wrap up there are just a couple of things. Things that were never explained or that are just plain bothering me.1. His mom has powers? WTF?2. How come Warner can’t touch her though he can touch Juliette.3. Delalieu is Warner’s grandfather! WTF, again!?!?4. Why was Delalieu not sad when Warner’s mom died?5. Did Anderson have powers too?6. What’s with the bird symbolism? Is that it? Warner is the bird? That is a little to convenient so I’m calling it BS.7. Was it really that easy to win a war?Other than that I really enjoyed reading this books and regret not jumping on the bandwagon much sooner. I wish there is more of this story in the future or some kind of continuation. I am now willing to read just about anything Tahereh Mafi writes

      10. syd5ward

        (No actual spoilers here but a few things discussed that don’t happen until the end of the book)I read Shatter Me, the first book in the series, two years ago. I ate it up. Although I was on vacation at the time, my nose was constantly jammed into that book. It was a fantastic read, and I have rarely found a book that encapsulated me so. Juliette’s heartbreaking story, and her new-found solace in Adam, made it a beautiful and compelling story that I quite literally could not put down. It was a simply fantastic book.At the time I read Shatter Me, no other books in the series had come out yet, so I finished the book and moved on with my life. Only recently did I even learn that it had become a series, and I was reluctant to get back into it because of my reservations about the originality of the story. However, I was convinced to give the series another try, and so I did.I was instantly blown away by the writing style the author used. It was powerful and moving, getting the point across in a way that was interesting and thought provoking to read. The author has a very strong voice, although at times it was overly dramatic (but this was mostly when Juliette was dealing with Adam.) The story line was brilliantly paced, and there was never a point where the book was slow or boring to read. However, it wasn’t constantly in motion with action on every page. It was a good balance at a comfortable pace.The character development throughout the series was perfect. We watch Juliette go from a scared little girl to a strong, brave, powerful, independent young woman. We watch Adam go from a kind, gentle, affectionate boyfriend to a hateful, relentless, and eventually submissive ex. We see Warner, in Juliette’s (and our own) eyes, go from a sick, evil captor to a misunderstood, broken but still loving man who saved Juliette’s life even after she broke his heart. But like in all stories, there are characters who change, and ones who stay the same. Characters like James, Kenji, Castle, and Anderson are static characters, and their presence in the story is just as powerful as the dynamic ones. The author brilliantly found the perfect balance of static and dynamic to create a cast of characters that get our emotions flowing.The evolution of the relationships in this story is gold. First we have Juliette and Adam. As mentioned before, their relationship turns toxic and she realizes that he is no longer what she needs, and vice versa. Then there is Juliette and Warner. She doesn’t want to admit her feelings for him because she is still confused about Adam; but she knows deep down that Adam was her past, and Warner is her future. When she finally admits that she loves him, it is a beautiful thing that they create, and I don’t know about other readers, but it left me wanting more about their relationship.Aside from romantic relationships, there is the relationship between Juliette and Kenji. He was the main comic relief in the series, and it was much needed. The story would have been much less fun to read if he had not been a part of it. Kenji and Juliette’s friendship was such an adorable thing, and the fact that they become closer in Ignite Me makes it even better. Not to mention that Kenji was totally hilarious and had me laughing out loud at several points in the series. And then there was James and his relationship with everyone. With Juliette, he was always loving, as children often are. He was loving to everyone, but his love was of special significance to Juliette because she had spent her whole life knowing that she terrified people. The fact that James, young and vulnerable, so openly accepted her was a beautiful thing.His brotherly bond with Kenji was very touching and brought out the softer and less foul-mouthed side of Kenji. James wasn’t innocent to the world, but he didn’t let it make him hateful. Instead of harboring the pain inside him and letting it rot there, he chose to be resilient, as children often do. When you see James and Warner together, it is very interesting to see how he reacts to James’ blunt questions. Warner isn’t irritated or offended, and he answers honestly to every question. James seems to bring out the best in everybody, even Warner.But perhaps the most interesting relationships to study would be between Warner and the other characters. With Juliette, he is openly affectionate and willing to do anything to make her happy. With the remaining group from Omega Point, he is honest about the fact that he cares nothing for them; but he harbors them anyway, because he cares for Juliette and she cares for them. Warner’s relationship with Adam is filled with hate on both sides, until the end of the book when Warner learns of their shared blood. Then, he is willing to let down his pride and anger in order to bond with the only family he has left.But the most important relationship to the story is between Juliette and herself. She grew up believing that she was a monster, that she deserved to be locked up in her cell. When she meets Adam, she begins to see herself as more than that, but her self-esteem is entirely built on him. After they discover that she can hurt Adam, she begins to see herself as a monster again, and she starts to spiral back down to what she used to be when she was in the asylum. But then she trains with Kenji and discovers what she’s capable of and you see her confidence rising again, this time not based on another person. She has relapses of insecurity whenever Adam tries to get her back, but she stays strong.From then on, she is powerful and confident, and she begins to see her powers not as a curse, but as something she can use to her advantage. We finally see her step into her full self, the person she was always meant to become. And that is the lesson we can learn from Juliette. We all have our demons. The ones that chase us, make us afraid and vulnerable and the ones that make us question whether we even deserve to live. The ones that demean our self-worth, make us see ourselves as nothing more than a sorry waste of oxygen. Just like Warner’s tattoo says, Hell is empty and all the demons are here. But Juliette made a choice, and we can make the same one. We can choose to not become our demons. We can choose to make them our powers, to use them for our advantage. We can use them to make ourselves strong. And when we do, and the whole world seems to want to come down on us, we can quote Juliette and say, “’I’d like to see them try.”That is what a great author does. They give us characters that we can relate to, and that make us think about our lives and the things we can do to change everything. That is why I believe that this series is one of the most brilliant ones that I have ever read. So kudos to Tahereh Mafi for not only giving us a great story, but giving us a story with meaning that we can take into our own lives. This series will forever be close to my heart for that very reason.

      11. Emily Chewter

        Book is amazing although condition is not amazingThe book is great, a definite 10/10 love how it is written and have already started to read it as soon as it was delivered. However with further inspection I saw it has been a bit damaged in places. It was damaged at the bottom of the spine as shown but in other places as well such as the corners of the book. I don’t know if this was due to the seller or the delivery but it’s was in a cardboard box so the spine would be unable to tear. Still love the book and unfazed by the damage but I know some people like to keep there book pristine and it’s not very nice receiving a damaged product.

      12. Amazon Customer

        LOVED IT!Oh my Shatter Me series heart, I LOVED this book! Like I’d make out with this book… okay maybe not that, but I seriously loved this book so much.The shortened review:Oh my Warner heart! This book is AWESOME!! I have so many Shatter Me series feelings right now I don’t even know what else to say other than GO GET THIS BOOK! Mafi has render me speechless right now. I don’t even know what else to say at the moment without sounding like a Shatter Me fangirl who can’t stop rambling about how awesome this book is.The REAL review: Do NOT read this review if you have not read the rest of the series *slight spoilers*Tahereh Mafi is a writing goddess, or maybe she has that secret talent I like to call writing brilliance. Whatever you want to call it, Mafi has it. There’s no other way to explain the awesomeness of IGNITE ME! This book literally ignited all those feelings I tried so hard to keep in while reading this book, but failed miserably at doing. I snort laughed, sighed, swooned, teared up, and laughed until I was crying. This book is nothing but awesome! Literally.Juliette grows up a lot in this book. I admired the fierce, determined heroine she becomes. Tahereh does a brilliant job at showing her struggles with overcoming her preescptions of Warner, Adam, and herself, as well as situations that lead her to where she is now. The realization of how wrong her presceptions have been is a hard thing for her to accept. It was what was driving her, and now everything she thought she knew is wrong. I liked getting to see her struggle with that. Because now Juliette has to figure out where she stands, what she’s going to do, and figure out her heart’s desire. For the first time in her life, Juilette has never been more free to be herself. More free to make her own decisions, and to follow her heart. It’s empowering to be free. Seeing Juliette accept that and embrace that freedom was bitter sweet, and oh so fabulous all at the same time. I loved that Tahereh showed me, vs telling me about her struggles. It’s what emotionally gripped me with the story.If you read Unravel Me, then it’s no spoiler about where Juliette and Adam now stand. Seeing her battle over her feelings of how things used to be to how things are now between the two was heartbreaking, but incredibly empowering at the same time. Anyone who’s had a first love and a first heartbreak will understand exactly what Juliette is going through. I did. Along with that, you’ll also understand her hope for where things can go for her and Warner. Understanding the differences in how Juliette felt about Adam and Warner were well established and discussed in this book. It was perfect. It made sense to see and understand the changes in her feelings for both guys. I loved that I got to see that. Not only with her, but with Warner and Adam as well. There’s a conversation between Juliette and Kenji about the changes that I loved in this book, as well as the inner thoughts Juliette has as she sorts out her feelings, and the truths of what she’s learning. I admire the fact that Mafi didn’t rush these feelings and emotions. Everything that unravels in this book has been built up and hinted at in the previous books/novellas in this series. I loved how everything happens in this book.I’ve said this from the get go, I LOVE WARNER! I just have to say, I KNEW IT!!!! I knew there was so much more to him than we have previously seen, and now we get to see more of who Warner really is. I swear I fell in love with this Warner as much as Juliette. Like her, he’s broken, stronger, fiercely determined, and totally vulnerable. Then there’s the swoon worthy factor. Oh my Warner. Talk about igniting things…. Warner knows how to ignite a slow burning fire that literally melts the pages. Mafi writes these sizzling moments between Juliette and Warner perfectly! I love what she gave us on the page, and what gets taken off the page. When you read those scenes you’ll know what I mean. It was perfect.Ignite Me is full of passion, tension, and action. I love it when an author can emotionally pull me into their book. Between the threat of war, the desolation that is evident at times, and then friction between a few characters I found my self fidgety and literally on edge. I felt like I was about ready to snap in two at times with the mounting tension. Leave it up to Kenji make me laugh so hard I’m crying during those times. He can make those tension mounting scenes laughable. His lines are by far the best in this book. No other character has made me laugh out loud as much as he did. I swear if Mafi published a Kenji quote book, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. He at times reminds me of the things my brothers would say. I love that brotherly love he has for Juliette. These two have such a great, real, best friend chemistry. I loved the scenes when these two were together. Who wouldn’t want a best friend like him?! Kenji is by far one of my all time favorite literally secondary characters!I thoroughly enjoyed how everything that has been set up in the previous two books in this series played out in IGNITE ME. It was brilliant! Looking back at everything the has previously happened, it all made sense now at the course of action some of the characters took, and the direction the story went. Tahereh was still able to throw in some great twists, but everything from the romance, the action, the friendships, and shocking truths all made sense. Everything in the other first two books lead up to everything that takes place in this book. To me, nothing, even down to who Juliette gives her heart to, was shocking to me, because of how well Tahereh set up the over all series’s plot. It was perfect!IGNITE ME is the perfect ending for a series I am so sad to say good bye to. Now that I have so many Shatter Me series feelings, you’ll find me curled up on the couch re-reading Ignite Me over and over again.

      13. Mother/Gamer/Writer

        It’s A Heavy, Unbelievable Kiss…Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 Controllers, Royalty AwardReview Source: I bought 3 copies of it!Reviewer: Me (total fangirl)Finallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly!!!!! WARNER! Just…WoW…I think I’ve waited for this moment since Shatter Me. Warner is literally, literally, LITERALLY HOT. I can’t even describe it. This review is not going to be a typical review, but a series of quotes. Because, dang…there are so many. Dang this book is so good. Dang I’m so jealous of Juliette. And the only way I can do Ignite Me justice is by using Mafi’s own words.Just…DANG…This review contains MAJOR spoilers from Ignite Me…read at your own risk….The Comedy…Oh Kenji…Warner leans back, just a little. “Tell me what you want,” he says desperately. “Tell me what to do,” he says, “and I’ll do it.”“This is, by far, the craziest s*** I have ever seen,” Kenji says. “I really never would’ve believed it. Not in a million years.”“It’s like a soap opera.” Ian nods. “But with worse acting.”“I think it’s kind of sweet,” Winston says.I jerk back, half spinning around. Everyone is staring at us. Winston is the only one smiling. (Page 175 hardcover)“So,” he says. “I don’t see you for twenty-four hours and you and Warner go from let’s-hug-in-super-dramatic-fashion to let-me-give-you-an-ice-cold-shoulder, huh?” Kenji is tracing shapes into the mats underneath us. “Must be an interesting story there.” (Page 2013 hardcover)“It’s weird, isn’t it?” he says.“What is?”“If we were naked right now, I’d be dead.”“Shut up,” I say, laughing against his chest. We’re both wearing long sleeves, long pants. As long as my face and hands don’t touch his skin, he’s perfectly safe.“Well, it’s true.”“In what alternate universe would I ever be naked with you?”“I am just saying,” he says. “S*** happens. You never know.”“I think you need a girl friend.” (Page 215 hardcover)The Romance…“I’ve never seen him in sweatpants before.” I try to sound normal. “I’ve never seen him in shorts.”Kenji raises and eyebrow at me. “I bet you’ve seen him in less.”I want to die. (Page 233 hardcover)“Have you never looked in a mirror?” I ask, angry now.“Excuse me?”“You’re perfect,” I tell him, so overcome I forget myself. “All of you. You entire body. Proportionally. Symmetrically. You’re absurdly, mathematically perfect. It doesn’t even make sense that a person could look like you,” I say, shaking my head. “I can’t believe you would ever say something like that—” (Page 200 hardcover)I’m beyond rational thought. Beyond words, beyond comprehensible ideas. Seconds are merging into minutes and hearts are collapsing and hands are grasping and I’ve tripped over a planet and I don’t know anything anymore, I don’t know anything because nothing will ever be able to compare to this. Nothing will ever capture the way I’m feeling right now.Nothing matters anymore. (Page 318 hardcover)He wraps my legs around his hips and dips me backward until the mattress is under my head and he leans over me, cupping my face in his hands, his thumbs two parentheses around my mouth and he pulls me close and he kisses me, kisses me until time topples over and my head spins into oblivion.It’s a heavy, unbelievable kiss. (Page 319 hardcover)He kisses the curve of my shoulder. My shoulder blade. Five kisses down my spine, one softer than the next. “I will be here every night,” he whispers, his words so soft, so tortured, “to keep you warm. I will kiss you until I can’t keep my eyes open.”My head is caught in a cloud.Can you hear my heart? I want to ask him.I want you to make a list of all your favorite things, and I want to be one it. (Page 332 hardcover)“I have never known this kind of peace. Never known this kind of comfort. And sometimes I am afraid,” he says, dropping his eyes, “that my love will terrify you.” (Page 333 hardcover)My hands move to his pants. His eyes fly open.“Close your eyes,” I have to tell him.“No.” He can hardly speak.“Close your eyes.”He shakes his head.“Fine.”I unbutton his pants. Unzip. (Page 334 hardcover)Poor Adam…please find some peace…“She looks at that psycho like she’s in love with him,” Adam barks back. “You think I don’t know what that look is? You think I wouldn’t be able to tell? She used to look at me like that. I know her – I know her so well—” (Page 169 hardcover)“Because I don’t want to die,” he says to me. “Because I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to feed my little brother and I’ve come up with exactly jack and s***in the way of solutions. Because it’s cold as hell outside, and he’s hungry and because our electricity is going to get shut off soon.” Adam is breathing hard. “I didn’t know what else to do. So now I’m here, my pride in the toilet, hoping I can stay in my ex-girlfriends new boyfriend’s bachelor pad, and I want to kill myself.” (Page 259 hardcover)“It doesn’t matter anymore.” I’m staring at my hand in his, his refusal to let go. “We would’ve ended up in the same place sooner or later.”“That’s not true – this is proof!” he says, holding up my hand. “We could’ve made it work—”“We’re too different now. We want different things. And this?” I say, nodding at our hands. “All this managed to prove is that you are extremely good at turning me off.” (Page 307 hardcover)By this point, if you are not completely convinced, dying, swooning, utterly salivating to read Ignite Me…then, all hope in humanity is lost. Tahereh Mafi has single-handedly created something so beautiful with her mastery of words it’s indescribable. I can’t even properly express how much I enjoyed this entire series. I cried. I laughed. God I fell completely and madly in love with a fictional character. Juliette’s transformation from scared girl to woman was amazing and so very well written. I don’t think I could have asked, begged, or wished for a better ending to this stunning trilogy. This is how books are supposed to be written. This is how words are supposed to be meshed together. Thank you, thank you, thank you Tahereh for bringing such joy to my world in the form of these characters!

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