Hindus in Hindu Rashtra (Eighth-Class Citizens and Victims of State- Sanctioned Apartheid) Hardcover – 15 August 2023 by Anand Ranganathan (Author)

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  • Hindus in Hindu Rashtra (Eighth-Class Citizens and Victims of State- Sanctioned Apartheid) Hardcover – 15 August 2023 by Anand Ranganathan (Author)


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      Hindus in Hindu Rashtra (Eighth-Class Citizens and Victims of State- Sanctioned Apartheid) Hardcover – 15 August 2023 by Anand Ranganathan (Author)


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      Product description


      “Crisp and powerful; a ruthless exposure of monumental follies.” – Meenakshi Jain, Historian

      “A searing commentary, a manifesto of sorts for the modern Indic age; forces the reader to question prevailing narratives.” – Vishnu Jain, Lawyer

      “If, even after reading this scholarly and evocative work—a small masterpiece in its own right—the Hindus and the Governments of this country do not wake up to take control and address these issues, the fate of the community will sadly be akin to that of lambs being quietly led to their own slaughter.” – Vikram Sampath, Historian

      “Powerfully demonstrates that Hindus were and continue to be eighth-class citizens regardless of who holds the reins of power; hope it awakens, re-awakens hearts and minds. A must-read.” – J. Sai Deepak, Advocate

      About the Author

      Anand Ranganathan is a scientist and an author. He has written three books, all novels: The Land of the Wilted Rose, For Love and Honour, and The Rat Eater, Souffle. His forthcoming book is on India’s forgotten scientists. Hindus in Hindu Rashtra is his first non-fiction book.

      Product Description

      Hindus In Hindu Rashtra
      Hindus In Hindu Rashtra
      Hindus In Hindu Rashtra
      Hindus In Hindu Rahstra
      Hindus In Hindu Rashtra
      Hindus In Hindu Rashtra
      Hindus In Hindu Rashtra
      Hindus In Hindu Rahstra
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      7 reviews for Hindus in Hindu Rashtra (Eighth-Class Citizens and Victims of State- Sanctioned Apartheid) Hardcover – 15 August 2023 by Anand Ranganathan (Author)

      1. Surya

        First of all I would like to thank Dr Anand Ranganathan for shedding light on numerous critical issues. As a reader you will navigate through mixed emotions (Sad,Fury,Shock,Fear) while reading this book.We will fall short of words to describe what a brilliant writer Dr Anand Ranganathan is! Author’s powerful narration will haunt you for a long time.This book depicts how Hinduism/Hindus have been subjected to discrimination and constant injustice under the garb of Secularism and how Hindus are being reduced to a Eighth Class Citizens in their own land.He had taken 8 chapters to expose the bigotry of our system. Each chapter of this book will unfold some harsh realities.By the time you finished reading this book your So called Secular bubble will burst into a million pieces!This book will force the reader to confront the harsh reality and make the reader to ask some serious questions.State control of Hindu Temples :How govt has been controlling thousands of Hindu temples and it’s properties across the length and breadth of our nation systematically regardless of who holds the reigns of power. How they are even choosing non-hindus as members of board to suppress the voice of Hindus and their belief system. How certain ppl are encroaching the lands of temples. How the temples have been suffering a huge revenue loss because of their political greediness , how State Govt’s are misappropriating temple funds offered by the devotees nd how Hindus are being exploited completely.In the pacification of minorities how these shrewd politicians are being snatching away the basic rights of Hindus.The horror goes on and on….Injustice towards Kashmiri hindus :Who can forget the gruesome genocide of kashmiri Hindus/pandits. How the so called politicians, leftist (propaganda)media houses, writers, intellectuals had completely turned a blind eye to this horrific event.Kashmiri Hindus had to flee from their own land to save themselves nd their near and dear one’s from the brutal persecution and forced Conversions. The survivors and their Successors are still enduring the emotional turmoil caused by the aftermath of kashmiri Hindus Massacre in the 90’s .Unfortunately they are still lamenting for their Home land but government has failed to deliver justice.Waqf act of 1995 :Many of us are not aware of how dangerous this waqf act is!How this act equipped the ‘Waqf board’ with unparalleled power to lay claim on any property including Government properties ( BTW Waqf didn’t even spare Mukesh Ambani one of the richest man on this planet by laying claim on his property. Now think about the case of ordinary citizens)Waqf can evacuate legitimate owners from their own land by claiming and recovering the property as theirs.How many of you are aware of the fact that even supreme court of India in 2019 declared that a civil court of India has no jurisdiction in their matter of a suit pertaining to a waqf property?Now we can fathom how waqf board become the third largest land owner in india after defence and railways.The RTE Act :How the government applies RTE act exclusively to Hindu owned institutions not to minority institutions. RTE act forced the hindu institutions to maintain 25% EWS but does not provide fee reimbursement on time. Management are finding it hard to run the institutions with these restrictions and are opting out of educational sector. RTE act is responsible for the closure of more than 10K Hindu Schools.The Ironic part is that RTE act is not including Hindus as minorities in states and Union territories where Hindus are actually minorities ( J&k, Meghalaya, Punjab, ladakh, Mizoram etc… )Hindus are not even allowed to teach their own children whereas every other religion had been given an exemption. RTE act enabled non-hindus to propagate their religious beliefs and Corrupt the young minds under the pretext of Schooling.RTE act is not only subtly killing Hindu institutions but also lending minority institutions a free hand to exercise proselytization and mint money from Hindus.Legislations that appease non-hindus but targets hindus :He had taken the Classic cases of Bigamy, child marriage act, ground for divorce etc to further prove his point.Judiciary that exclusively tries to reform Hinduism :How judicial system find everything that has to do it with Hinduism problematic and Constantly Oppressing Hindu’s from exercising their rituals and traditions where as observing a Complete Silence when the shoe is on other foot.Celebrating those who killed and converted millions of hindus :The fact that these monsters (Aurangzeb, Bakhtiyar, babur, Francis Xavier, sikandar shah miri, Tippi sultan,khwaja moinuddin chisti etc) are still being glorified in our land says alot about what’s wrong with our system and some ppl. After all this what we have been taught in our schools – a completely fabricated history.Places of worship act, 1991 :The act which need to be nullify to reclaim Kashi, Mathura and countless Hindu temples.Hindus cannot remain oblivious to what’s happening around. It’s high time Hindus need to wake up from the Kumbhakarna Syndrome and start raising questions against injustice and demand justice.Solidarity between hindus is the only way to protect our Hindu/Sanatana dharma and our bharat from these evil forces.Thank you Anand sir for enlightening us by your Stellar writting, your book is indeed an eye opener for people like me! You are an absolute Gem. Love and respect always keep on inspiringI would highly recommend this book to not just my fellow hindus but also to all non-hindus to examine their mental conditioning. A prominent book in these challenging times.

      2. Deepak Chatterjee

        Being a regular viewer of Anand’s debating style backed by his polite bluntness, accuracy, authenticity and wit, I was eager to read his book, “Hindus in Hindu Rashtra”. This is a curious review from me as I strongly recommend all to read this book even as the book leaves me very sad and in despair. Belonging to the so-called ‘RW side’, even as I was aware from a young age about what was going on in the country in the name of secularism, the extent of the rot, and systematic use of the legislature to legally condemn us to eighth class citizenry came as a shock. Judiciary too has looked the other way. And it was for Anand in his indomitable style to document all this in all of 130 pages. Most of us know how cruel killers have been eulogized in our history, but we mostly restrict ourselves to Aurangzeb and possibly Tipu. Chapter 7 of the book is a horror of an eye opener – Bhaktiar, Miri…! Then there are legislations that ostensibly appear to be for our benefit, e.g. RTE. While I am aware of how unfair and destructive it is for Hindus, most Hindus would be blissfully unaware of it. As Anand ends his Epilogue with, “… you cannot wake a person pretending to be asleep”, I have had frustrating experiences explaining this retrograde legislation to many Hindus, who remain unfazed! “Hindus are not even aware of this legislative, judicial and Constitutional apartheid.” (page 105). This is must read for all educated people; it’s translations would be of immense value to the vernacular educated. I end my review, though, with a sense of disappointment with Anand: he has not held any ray of hope alive. True even the current so-called RW establishment continues to play by the same rules, or at least appears to do so, yet a lot has changed in the last 9 years. The change, ironically started in the 90s. Earlier sharing such views in polite society in India would have been suicidal. There were very few voices, who would get very little space in mainstream media; there was no SM then. Today we have Anands, Sampaths, Sai Deepaks and they are being followed meticulously. Others are flowering. The ruling dispensation may be slow, especially at disbanding unfair laws, but has created the atmosphere where a counter narrative has not only germinated, it is thriving. It is difficult for the top most political leader of the world’s largest democracy to signal directly, especially when the whole world is keeping an eye on India ready to put roadblocks in the name of saving democracy. But there are others who are doing their bit in messaging. I would say the top guy is doing exactly what he should be doing. No one can catch him on the wrong foot. We have to learn a few things from the Communists. Yet, I agree, time is running out. To quote Anand, “… 15th August 1947 – a 75-year-old date in an 8000-year-old civilization.” (page 91). Sad I am but all great things take birth in misery.

      3. V Lakshminarayanan

        Timely Book, Must ReadDr. Ranganathan’s book is timely.M K Gandhi placed himself as the spokesman for Hindu community, sold out Hindu rights to satisfy Muslims as way of recruiting them to his independence struggle. Islamic Ulema, long interested in re-establishing the long dead Mughal Empire, saw an opportunity to use Gandhi in their Khilafat struggle. So began the unholy alliance that disarmed and emasculated the Hindu populace while stimulated the Islamic Ummah to harden their position to bargain hard. Gandhi asked the Hindus to observe absolute nonviolence while condoned and even defended the Muslims in their violent path like he did during the Moplah massacre. His message did not create unity between Hindus and Muslims, instead, it emboldened Muslims and divided the country. During the bloodshed of partition, Gandhi went into hiding in Noakhali in East Bengal and asked Hindus to accept Islamic violence against them.By the time of independence, Hindus were emasculated. Gandhi’s assassination further encouraged his coterie to create a constitution that awarded Hindus Second Class citizenship by creating a class of people as minorities and gave them more rights. . Nehru government and the judiciary got busy reforming Hindu practices all the while letting Muslims live in their medieval age. Subsequent Congress governments saw a vote bank opportunity in continuing the policy and we have now the Waqf act and the Right to Education act. Supreme Court have the audacity to deny Nupur Sharma her basic rights while showing a preference to bail Zubair the hatemonger.The author clearly presents a cremation ground has been created by the Congress for Hindus. Unless this process is stopped, all that is left for Hindus is their final cremation. I hope that this book is widely read, information distributed and discussed among the masses of Hindu community and necessary public pressure arises to take back the rights that Hindus lost. Otherwise, our children and grandchildren will either be driven out or forcibly converted to other faiths.

      4. Karthik I Seetharam

        Wake up callThis book shows the targeted degradation of Hindu rights in their own civilizational homeland, through which, as the author states, Hindus live as lower class citizens in an apartheid state. The present laws, court judgements, and liberal (Indian) media narratives demonstrate that India is anything but secular (in the western sense) in reality.Furthermore, the narrative of the western media of Modi’s Hindu nationalism infringing on minority rights is entirely false given what the actual laws are. Modi and his BJP have not rectified most of these injustices so how can they can be seen as full-force working for Hindus?This book is a wake up call for Indians and NRIs to understand the sad plight of hindus in India, and that they need to take urgent political action, lest one of the most ancient and peaceful civilizations, with myriad contributions to humanity, will vanish this century.

      5. Nik

        Must readEvery Indian needs to read this book, if they want India to go in the right direction! I ordered the book for dad, he is going to send it to others, including PM Modi and Amit Shah!

      6. NSK

        Stunning and Eye openingI consider myself well read, but I was not aware of most of the things I read in this book backed with 167 footnotes of backup. I saddens and hurts me to know a majority is living in acceptance and lack of understanding of what has been taking away from them. I was surprised to find out that the WAQF is the 3rd largest land owner in India that is Bharat. This was systematically done to unnecessarily appease a few representatives, who made sure the rest were not aware off their wealth. All the appeasement just solidified the heads of these communities, they did not necessarily distribute it with their poorer brothers. Instead they used it to keep them poor and said its the Hindus that are responsible for your poor conditions. ONE LAW for all .

      7. Divya Kamath

        Untold story of descrimination – must readThank you Anand sir. The book ‘Hindus in Hindu Rashtra’ sheds light on the reality of discrimination experienced by Hindus in India in every field, despite being the majority.

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