Done and Dusted: The must-read, small-town romance and TikTok sensation! (Rebel Blue Ranch)

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  • Done and Dusted: The must-read, small-town romance and TikTok sensation! (Rebel Blue Ranch)


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      Done and Dusted: The must-read, small-town romance and TikTok sensation! (Rebel Blue Ranch)


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      Book Description

      From BookTok sensation Lyla Sage comes the first book in the Rebel Blue Ranch series, featuring a steamy small town cowboy romance between a fiery barrel racer and her brother’s best friend.

      About the Author

      Lyla is a hopelessly romantic twenty-something who lives in the Wild West with her loyal companion – a sweet, old, blind rescue pitbull. She writes romance that feels like her favorite things: sunshine and big blue skies. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, usually about cowboys or hometown heroes, but she’s been known to dabble with mob bosses, monsters, and billionaires, too. You can usually find her under her heated blanket, at her favorite local bookstore, or in the mountains. To stay up to date on Lyla’s upcoming projects, connect with her on social media @authorlylasage, sign up for her newsletter, or go to
      Dimensions 2.8 × 19.6 cm
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      ‎ Quercus; Illustrated edition (24 October 2023)

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      ‎ English

      Paperback ‏

      ‎ 352 pages

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      ‎ 1529436648

      ISBN-13 ‏

      ‎ 978-1529436648

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      ‎ 240 g

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      ‎ 12.8 x 2.8 x 19.6 cm

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      ‎ India

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      7 reviews for Done and Dusted: The must-read, small-town romance and TikTok sensation! (Rebel Blue Ranch)

      1. Kindle Customer

        I love Every word in this sweet and amazing book this book is for me is stress remover I m just so glad I found it can’t wait for second book in this series

      2. Kasim khan

        I am so glad I gave this one a chance! Emmy and Luke are one of my fav book couples now. They are hot and sweet and I am absolutely in love with them.

      3. Erin | erinsreadingroom

        Addictive and unputdownable ✨— 4 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”Sugar, you deserve to go out on your own terms. Just because you got dusted doesn’t mean you’re done.”📖 | 348 pages👤 | author Lyla Sage🏢 | independently published📅 | release date 6 June 2023What you can expect:— First-person POV— Brother’s best friend— Friends-to-lovers— Small-town, cowboy romance— Dual-POV— ADHD, anxiety and PTSD representationTrigger warnings include: anxiety, trauma after an injury, panic attacks (on-page), alcohol consumption, explicit sexual content, references to controlling behaviour within a relationship, death of a parent (past, off-page), discussions of toxic childhood environment and parental relationships.Done and Dusted is the book one in the Rebel Blue Ranch series by debut author Lyla Sage. After a life-altering and traumatic injury results in Emmy Ryder uprooting her entire life and returning home to the small-town she spent her adult-life running away from, Emmy is faced with difficult decisions and new revelations. For the first time in her life Clementine Ryder has no idea what she’s doing. What’s next for a legendary racer that panics at the sheer thought of getting back on a horse? She gets dragged to the local dive-bar by her best-friend Teddy, obviously. There’s nothing better than a girl’s night to forget your woes and have fun… until your childhood nemesis and brother’s best friend swaggers in.The chemistry between Luke and Emmy is undeniable from their first scene together. The angst and tension is palpable between the pair as they have a battle of wit and banter. Luke loves nothing more than to get Emmy Ryder’s blood pumping. He constantly provokes her in hopes of seeing the return of her razor-sharp tongue and feisty attitude. Author Lyla Sage done an amazing job establishing the beginning of the love/hate relationship between Luke and Emmy, and the progression in their relationship felt effortless and natural. Luke had me swooning and kicking my feet in the air.Branded as the town’s “bad boy” and “ladies man” left Luke with a reputation he was no longer interested in. After being left the deed to the local-bar and an opportunity to truly call something his own, Luke worked hard to set himself straight and help his business thrive. Luke’s family situation was a surprise and honestly tragic to read. I felt for the boy who was left to feel unwanted and undeserving of love and kindness. I’m so glad that he found the Ryder family who accepted Luke as one of their own, no questions asked. Luke is a top-tier book-boyfriend and is completely unproblematic which was refreshing to read. He’s so kind and patient, and his devotion and care for Emmy and the other people in his life was heart-warming to read. I was so proud of Emmy’s journey in this book as she opened up about her ADHD diagnosis and the impact that has on her day-to-day life, and seeing the people around her accept her fully was truly beautiful to read. Emmy really goes on a journey in Done and Dusted as she discovers who and what she wants in her life, and I felt genuine pride in the end after all of the hard-work Emmy put in towards that conclusion.“It was weird, spending time with Brooks this way. I’d known him nearly my entire life, but I didn’t actually know him.”The relationship growth between Emmy and Luke was written to perfection. It was a perfect balance of slow-burn and longing, and you really feel the development that they go through as they take the time to truly learn about one-another as adults and tackle the younger ideals that they were holding onto. Emmy and Luke found a home within each other and a safe place to learn and grow, and I really appreciate the ease in which the topic of consent and communication is approached by the author. Clear communication and consent within intimate scenes does not take away from a sexy build-up, and I’m glad to see this being more present within the Romance genre as a whole.Honestly my only issue with this book was Emmy’s oldest brother, Gus. Gus is the best-friend of Luke and acts as the main source of conflict throughout the story. Gus is your typical, cliché “protective older brother” that tries to dictate who is “good enough” to be present in Emmy’s life. This could be considered sweet if Emmy wasn’t a 27/28 year old *grown* woman who is more than capable of making decisions for herself. When Luke and Emmy finally stopped fighting against their natural chemistry and got together, Emmy feared the reaction of Gus and asked for the relationship to be kept quiet until she was ready. As much as Luke didn’t want to be a secret to the people he considered his family, he respected Emmy’s choice and never once pushed her into a decision she wasn’t ready to make. Gus as a character was really difficult to like, as opposed to Emmy’s other brother Wes. Wes is an absolute sweetheart who respects Emmy’s decisions as a grown-woman, and is happy to be a rock of constant support and care.”Wes?” I called.”Yeah?””You didn’t ask why I came home.””I don’t care why you’re here, only that you are.”When I tell you that I squealed when I learned that book two would centre around Wes and Ayla, whom we have yet to meet. Wes is a caretaker at heart, and I cannot wait to see his story unfold in Swift and Saddled upon its release next year.Done and Dusted was unputdownable and is almost *too* easy to read in one sitting whilst you ignore real life obligations. Such an incredible, swoon-worthy book that has left me excited for the continuation of this series.

      4. natayslibrary

        Really cute small town romanceDone and Dusted fue mi primer cowboy romance y qué decir, no creo que haya podido empezar por el mejor lugar esta nueva obsesión.Es un libro ligero, divertido y una historia preciosa. Emmy después de años en la ciudad vuelve al pueblo donde se crio y del que tanto quería escapar cuando era joven, el motivo es que después de sufrir una lesión haciendo lo que más le gustaba, montar a caballo, no sabe qué hacer con su vida y cómo superar ese trauma.Luke es un bad boy reformado, tiene un bar y una vida medianamente estable. Siempre ha sido parte de la familia Ryder, por lo que se paso la gran parte de su infancia molestando a Emmy.Se reencuentran en el bar de Luke y desde ese momento él no puede dejar de pensar en ella y en por qué ha vuelto a Meadowlark.Ambos tuvieron una atracción instantánea, pero van forjando su relación poco a poco, Luke ayuda a Emmy a intentar superar ese trauma y así poder volver a montar a caballo.Resumiendo, la dinámica de la relación de Emmy y Luke me parece una fantasía. Él está determinado a ayudarla y mostrarle sus sentimientos por encima de todo lo demás. Emmy es un personaje muy fuerte, aventurera y entusiasta al enfrentar sus miedos y así poder salir adelante.Hay algunos baches en los que ambos se tropiezan pero a base de comunicación y el amor que sienten el uno por el otro consiguen superarlos y seguir adelante.Os la recomiendo muchísimo si nunca habéis leído un Cowboy romance, os encantará y os creará una nueva adicción.——————————————–Done and Dusted was my first cowboy romance and what can I say, I don’t think I could have started this new obsession in the best place.It’s a light, fun book and a beautiful story. Emmy after years in the city returns to the town where she grew up and wanted so much to escape from when she was young, the reason is that after suffering an injury doing what she loved most, riding horses, she doesn’t know what to do with her life and how to overcome that trauma.Luke is a reformed bad boy, he has a bar and a fairly stable life. He has always been part of the Ryder family, which is why he spent most of his childhood annoying Emmy.They meet again at Luke’s bar and from that moment on he can’t stop thinking about her and why she’s come back to Meadowlark.The two had an instant attraction, but they slowly forge their relationship, Luke helps Emmy try to overcome that trauma so she can get back on a horse.To summarise, the dynamic of Emmy and Luke’s relationship seems like fantasy to me. He is determined to help her and show her his feelings above all else. Emmy is a very strong character, adventurous and enthusiastic about facing her fears so she can get ahead.There are a few bumps in the road where they both stumble but through communication and their love for each other they manage to overcome them and move forward.I highly recommend it if you have never read a Cowboy romance, you will love it and it will create a new addiction.

      5. Briana Bailon

        Brother’s Best Friend, Cowboy Romance, Spicy & more!4.75⭐️/ 3🌶️OH SNAPS! I JUST DISCOVERED ANOTHER COWBOY ROMANCE! YAY! This story had, brother’s best friend, absolutely it revolved around cowboys, written in dual point of view, small town, a strong female lead, a male lead that was very protective, and had a tendency to get jealous when seeing other guys around his best friend’s little sister, and the romance! And spice! For this book to be Lyla Sage’s debut novel, she gave us all what we wanted… a great romance book to fall in love with!Clementine “Emmy” Ryder was a champion barrel racer, she was well known in her career, but also back home in Meadowlark, she was the town’s sweetheart. The last thing Emmy expected or wanted was to go back home to Meadowlark, but after making the decision to leave her ex boyfriend, and pack up her apartment, she was looking for some time to regroup. Meadowlark was the place that Emmy grew up, where her family still lived, and of course, the one man who always managed to push her buttons to no end, Luke Brooks. Just like her older brother’s, Luke also took on the role of being protective over Emmy, and even as adults Luke was sticking to that role albeit to Emmy’s dismay. Luke was Emmy’s brother’s best friend, and a constant annoyance she grew up with. Sure, when Emmy was younger she had a major crush on Luke, but according to her she got over it quickly and only saw him as the person who would only see her as his best friend’s little sister. Being back home brought its own set of feelings that Emmy had to deal with, but also being around Luke, brought its own set of challenges and more.Luke Brooks was the man around town that was known to be a bit reckless, a bit of a troublemaker, but also very loyal to those closest to him such as, the Ryder family. Growing up, Luke didn’t really know what it was like to have a solid support system, but that all changed when he met Gus Ryder and the rest of his family. Gus and his family welcomed Luke with open arms and from the day onward Luke was part of the Ryder family (as much as Emmy was annoyed by him later on). Luke didn’t think much of Emmy other than being Gus’s littler sister and occasionally stepping up to defend her honor whenever someone tried to mess with her so, Luke was always protective when it came to Emmy. With Emmy back in Meadowlark, Luke suddenly saw her in a new light, one that had him not only recognizing how gorgeous she was, but also imagining some not so friendly thoughts as to how she would look laid out in his bed! Safe to say, Luke was starting to appreciate Emmy in a new way, but things were a bit complicated since she was Gus’s little sister.With so many great reviews I had heard about this book I was both excited and intrigued to read this debut novel. I’ve become an avid fan of cowboy romances and Layla Sage has joined the ranks of authors I want to read future books and the notable cowboy romances books I’ve read so far. The way Lyla wrote Emmy and Brooks was authentic, raw, vulnerable, and lovely. Emmy and Brooks had grown up never really thinking much of one another aside from the fact that they were tethered together by Gus, Emmy’s older brother. Slowly but surely with Emmy back in Meadowlark, both Emmy and Brooks’s perception of each other changed positively! I also found the way that Lyla wrote about Emmy’s ADHD interesting as it revealed a lot about what Emmy dealt with in such specific detail.You know that saying, save a horse, ride a Cowboy?… WELL EMMY DID EXACTLY THAT! WOOOOOO! Emmy had the ride of her life with Luke! Luke was already an attractive man with his ripped muscle shirts and backwards hats, but then add in his dirty talk, his protective nature, him saying, “don’t talk to her that way”, and manhandling (respectfully & consensual) Emmy and BOY DID THAT MAN BECOME EVEN HOTTER! Luke and Emmy’s tension was amazing and when they finally just went at it with each other ripping clothes off and going at it again and again, phew I was burning up! AND THEN… THE ICONIC SCENE WITH LUKE AND THE BOTTLE OF WHISKEY! My mind literally thought of that one TikTok audio where it goes, “omg I never let a man spit in my mouth…” well, with the way Luke Brooks was in this book my mind had been changed to YES! The spice in this book was excellent, got me dropping my jaw, squealing for joy, kicking my feet, and internally screaming (can’t be screaming out loud or the neighbors will think I’m tripping lol).OMG YOU GUYS THIS BOOK WAS FANTASTIC! Lyla, on the small chance you are reading this review, GIRL YOU DID A PHENOMENAL JOB! I ABSOLUTELY ADORED EMMY AND LUKE! For this being a debut novel, it had so many amazing qualities and tropes alongside the plot line! Makes me want to bust out my new cowgirl boots and ride off into the sunset with my own horse, and possibly a sexy cowboy *wink. Definitely a must read for anyone looking for a quick, easy yet enjoyable storyline with lovable characters, set against the backdrop of Meadowlark, and more! I really have nothing else to say other than words of praise *ahem Luke gave a lot of praise to our girl Emmy ;) we love to be praised and called “good girl” OMG! SO GOOD! I loved the close knit family of the Ryder’s and how Luke was welcomed into the family from a young age, the vulnerabilities that each Emmy and Luke had was explored and they had one another as another form of support that was lovely to see. If you see this book, get it, read it, and I hope you not only enjoy it, but also feel happy reading about Emmy and Luke.

      6. Rin

        Loved it!!I didn’t expect to like this book so much but wow. I can’t find one negative thing yo say. I read so many romance books that sometimes i feel like i’ve read it all but then there are books like this one that really make me feel seen and that warms my heart and i remember why i love this genre so much.This book is a classic romance, there’s nothing really new, but i loved the two main characters so much. I think they fit perfectly together, they’re so good to each other, so balanced. Their communication was great and their chemistry amazing. I loved the intimacy between them, i haven’t read sexy scenes that made me almost tear up in a long time. The way they care for each other and know each other, how they turn each on just by being themselves without it being super kinky, it felt very natural and made these moments beautiful.I loved the found family aspect for Luke and the relationship between Emmy and her brothers and father. The fact that it’s happening in a ranch setting was the cherry on top of the cake for me.Can’t wait to read more books in this series, spend more time in this universe and get to know more about the side characters!

      7. Meighan

        great cowboy romance!📚𝐁𝐎𝐎𝐊 𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐄𝐖📚Done and Dustedby: Lyla Sage4⭐️Well, it’s safe to say this one lived up to the hype! If you’ve been here a while, you know I get pretty scared of super hyped up books, but I really enjoyed this one.Even though Luke and Emmy grew up together, Luke never really paid that much attention to Emmy. She was his best friend’s little sister and he was trying to figure his life out. Fast forward to adulthood and Emmy returns to her small town after a blow to her career. Who’s the one person who can somehow help get her back on track? Luke. Feelings start to form and things get spicy!I loved Emmy and I loooved her best friend, Teddy. Teddy is the kind of girlfriend we all need, honestly. (I will so be disappointed if Teddy & Gus don’t get a book!!) One thing I *truly* appreciated was that the book was about Emmy, not about the horses. I always ask people “is it horse heavy?” because I have read romance books that were more about the horses than the couple. And as a city girl, that is NOT the vibe. Emmy is a barrel racer and she’s trying to (literally) get back on the horse- the book was about her journey and I loved how balanced it felt.I liked Luke a lot. He was very multifaceted- ranch hand, bar owner, emotionally invested but also real filthy behind closed doors. It took me a minute to figure him out, but I liked his character.All in all I think this is a GREAT debut novel for Lyla Sage! If you like the Chestnut Springs series, you’ll be a fan. I can’t wait to see where the next book takes us with Emmy’s brother Wes.—𝐲𝐨𝐮’𝐥𝐥 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝:🐎he falls first (and hard!)🐎brother’s best friend🐎ranch setting🐎found family🐎reformed playboy🐎no 3rd act breakup💬Have you read this one? What did you think?•𝘤𝘩𝘦𝘤𝘬 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘵𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘨𝘦𝘳 𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘵 𝘣𝘰𝘵𝘵𝘰𝘮 𝘰𝘧 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵•……….⚠️TW: death of a parent (off page)

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