Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon Paperback – 8 December 2017 by Joe Dispenza (Author)

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  • Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon Paperback – 8 December 2017 by Joe Dispenza (Author)


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      Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon Paperback – 8 December 2017 by Joe Dispenza (Author)


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      Dr. Joe Dispenza first caught the public’s eye as one of the scientists featured in the award-winning film What the BLEEP Do We Know!? Since then, his work has expanded in several key directions that reflect his passion for exploring how people can use findings from neuroscience and quantum physics not only to heal illness but also to enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life. Dr. Joe is driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities. As a scientist, teacher and lecturer, Dr. Joe has educated thousands of people in how they can re-wire their brains and re-condition their bodies to make lasting changes. As a researcher, he explores the science behind spontaneous remissions and how people heal themselves of chronic conditions and even terminal diseases. He has been partnering with other scientists to research the effects of meditation during his advanced workshops, using techniques from brain mapping with EEGs to measuring heart coherence to demonstrating verifiable epigenetic changes in his students. He is also currently measuring telomere changes as well as 7,500 gene regulations in this research with advanced participants too. As a corporate consultant, Dr. Joe gives on-site lectures and workshops for businesses and corporations interested in using neuroscientific principles to boost their employees’ creativity, innovation, productivity and more. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter as well as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Evolve Your Brain.
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      13 reviews for Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon Paperback – 8 December 2017 by Joe Dispenza (Author)

      1. Chinmayi

        Put meditation in a whole different light of neuro science. Actionable insights in the most straightforward and lucid language. Changed my Outlook on healing and energy.Must read.

      2. Abhi

        Great to read.

      3. Farzin

        This book will help you understand the exact problem with you and with your life and gives you practical solutions to resolve your life’s problem by helping you understand your mind and its patterns.You will learn with best scientific reasons and life examples which will change your thought patterns.P.S: If you are a beginner into spirituality, this book will be a bouncer for you as it has lot of technical terms. It is not an easy read you have to be a Pro.

      4. Rahul Mishra

      5. Ananya

        Great book

      6. Devendra Singh

        I read book summery and videos, author worked very Hard for this so five rating matter for him. Indian monks already known this science and read many books on the topic so I think every Indian already know this. but this book present the same technique with modern science like Indian ancient science called ojas and author call this word energy field, so this is the difference otherwise all things are same.BTW Author forget the main point of becoming supernatural that is “calibacy”. Calibacy is the base.

      7. Amazon Customer

        Author has put a lot of efforts to explain each and every concept. The chapters are arranged in good sequence and maintained the link. No doubt that this book has wonders in it. Worth reading and practicing.

      8. Debopriya Biswas

        Welcome to the fascinating world of manifestation with “Becoming Supernatural” by Joe Dispenza! Brace yourself for a mind-bending journey where science and spirituality intertwine to unlock the secrets of the law of attraction. This captivating book encapsulates the wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques required to tap into the universe’s boundless abundance. Experience firsthand a transformative blueprint that guides you towards your dreams and desires, transcending the ordinary and allowing you to embrace the extraordinary. At the best price, this book illuminates the path to becoming the greatest version of yourself and manifesting a life beyond your wildest imagination.

      9. Joseph Augustine

        Brown is the new blackEvery year as far back as I can remember some fashionista makes a pronouncement, the coming season’s brown will be the new black! Every year I cursorily search in vain for evidence of a brown revolution. Similarly, every time a consciousness guru projects a utopian vision, especially in their Afterword, I am immediately sucked in with anticipation that a seductive assault on my believability isn’t too far-fetched!After reading this fascinatingly absorbing book I am like glue to its contents, feeling in the realms of a mystical rite of passage; for Dr Joe is doing his level best to make the esoteric commonplace, and the supernatural the new normal for anyone who cares to venture forth into dimensional areas of personal growth work. Of course, the sheer number of meditators that could make the quantum journey a critical mass of change for the planet is still some way off (a chapter outlining Project Coherence – or the ‘superradiance effect’ – might have a thing or two to add here). However, Joe’s forecasting, compared to other wild visionaries, does seem to be rooted less in mystical musings. Why? For three main reasons: technology, technology and technology, which Dr Joe has grasped smartly, creatively, and most of all, practically.Firstly, the internet’s powerful connectivity is facilitating the dissemination of spiritual ideas at a rapid pace – nonlocal quantum models of entanglement in the unity field, once considered voodoo magic are being explored openly as people find out for themselves this hocus pocus works.Secondly, we are living through the golden age of neuroscience and epigenetics that have given modern neuro-researchers tools of unprecedented power to probe the workings of the brain-body connection and how it can give rise to the mind; and with it, our thoughts, feelings, soul, and identity.Thirdly, bio-interventions are changing the game, be it entrainment machines, biofeedback instruments, and measurement analysers (of neurochemicals and EMFs). ‘Becoming Supernatural’ avails of such advancements, for instance with brainwave activity scans, GDV measurements, heart rhythm patterns, and fMR imaging adorning the centrepiece of the book (as colour plates). Tech-laden information can provide a leg up the mystical ladder into areas of proficiency once considered impossible without a dedicated course of yogic mastery.One of Dr Joe’s main assertions is spending time in Q5 (quantum fifth-dimensional healing) can biologically upgrade the autonomic nervous system through mystical states, since these will ultimately pay off in the 3D physical space. One’s neurology becomes accustomed to a new higher form of reality: “tuning into the energy of the future in the generous present moment you are drawing the future to you from a past-present reality to the future-present reality.” Therefore, Q5 power has the potential to transduce identities.Mystics like Eckhart Tolle have achieved such states of heroic enlightenment through a spiritual emergency (psychological breakdown), that indelibly left them in an altered state of higher consciousness. Dr Joe’s change curve is more gradual, supplemented by online courses, his live events and regular meditations. For some of his attendees bona fide miracles do occur; experiences which are evidenced as case studies throughout the book.Dr Joe’s healing rationale rather reminded me of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth cycle (or the hero’s journey): “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder. Fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won. The hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow ‘boons’ on his fellow man.”(Wiki). The three-dimensional world surely needs boons to be bestowed upon it!?I might suggest…yes as a primer… to have read, arguably, the more ethereal ‘The Power of Now’ (Tolle’s first book of the late nineties) described as a “sort of New Age re-working of Zen” which highlights a similar role – to Dr Joe – of the pain-body. This “consists of trapped life-energy that has split off from one’s total energy field and has temporarily become autonomous through the unnatural process of mind identification.”‘Becoming Supernatural’ offers a tried and tested way for many to raise their vibrations. Stand-out chapters on Heart Intelligence, Quantum Time-Space and the Pineal Gland tie together the learnings previously achieved by the practical methods introduced at the outset for reconditioning the body to a new mind. By comparison this is not a book “awash in spiritual mumbo jumbo” and “unhelpful for those looking for practical advice” (criticism levelled at ‘The Power of Now’ by Time Magazine).

      10. David H. Smith

        just like you and IBecoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, by Dr. Joe Dispenza, can place you on the path of transforming your future – in the present.This is a time in history when it’s not enough to know – this is a time in history to know how…Dr. Joe Dispenza.Right now – in the present – is the only time we have. The past and the future are of value only in so far as they enable us to make the changes needed to get where we want to be(come). If you want to live a more powerful life that is not simply a replay of your past beliefs and habits and is willing to take some reasonable steps to get there, then you need to read Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon.It’s been almost four years since Dr. Joe’s last book, You are the Placebo. Fully 93% of those who wrote an Amazon review has rated it as a 4 or 5. My own review is one of those, which I’m proud to say is currently ranked #1 of the more than 700 so listed.Given that Dr. Joe literally saved my life several years ago when he was still working full-time at his chiropractic practice, it’s a small repayment. For several weeks, I suffered incredible non-stop pain from a ruptured disc. The region’s top surgeon opined that “Your only option is spinal fusion.” Dr. Joe disagreed. With his bodywork, meditative teachings, and encouragement, along with training suggestions from Professor Bradley Steiner, my martial arts instructor of 30 years, I was able to cheat the hangman as my disc repaired itself.Several years of quantitative analyses on students in his Advanced 4-day workshops in many venues, literally around the globe have led to this, his latest book. Confirmation of the model came from analyzing and measuring brain waves/scans, neurotransmitters, and heart coherence, as well as internal and external energy levels. He concludes, “We now have data from common people, just like you and I, so that once they understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, (practicing and implementing) the ‘how’ gets easier.” You can “tune in to frequencies beyond your material world” by breaking habits of the old self and creating a new one.Paying attention is being present. We spend the majority of our time either living by past emotions/habits or anticipating the future overlain with the old guideposts. When we get there, that past is recycled into the same behaviors, and nothing really changes.Eastern mystics and religious leaders have advanced the practice of “being present”. But this powerful concept doesn’t keep us from dredging up past behaviors and replicating them, if not in the present, then certainly in the future, when we invariably “fall out of being present”. You are the Placebo, now reinforced “on the proof side” with an additional four years of scientific, measurable, objective data as recounted in Supernatural, clears the decks. Common people just like us can now see how to go about becoming uncommon, and capable of achieving benefits on the scale of those who have led the way.Understand that your thoughts create your life. Accept that if you keep thinking the same way, you’ll have the same (unsatisfactory?) experience, the same mental anguish, the same untoward physical response. In any skill set – martial arts, mountain climbing, driving a car, you’re going to respond in the event the same way you train. Without a change, won’t your future be just like your past, since those habits are still the drivers of that future?You may not have attended a conference. But as my Canadian friends like to say, “No worries!” Don’t hesitate. Read Supernatural and see how all the evidence indicates that effecting change is much less complicated than you might imagine. Also, read You Are the Placebo, then get to work following the trail Dr. Joe has blazed, and which is now being successfully traversed by so many others just like you.A few things help me stay on the path. When negative self-talk crops up, I quickly defuse its effect by simply thinking “Release”. You might visualize the idea sailing away or disintegrating – before it can become a feeling, followed closely by a physical sensation of tension, anger or depression. Even if it persists for a while, it seems to have been stripped of its power to bother me. Soon, I get up and do something as it fades away, having deprogrammed my subconscious one more time.Second, find a couple of things each day for which to be grateful. Try to choose something you’d like which has not yet taken place. The powerful act of expressing gratitude before it happens is an element in creating the future you wish to experience. Dr. Joe is the only person I’ve ever met who suggested this…and it works!Third, certain words or phrases can be highly emotive. Before arising each morning, I state silently, “I approach this day with Gratitude, Respect, Observation, and Wisdom (GROW).”Finally, release these thoughts into the Quantum Field, asking that they are organized in a helpful way; that they are returned in an unexpected, powerful, and positive manner.Dr. Joe states, “The only way to become “supernatural” is we have to start doing what feels unnatural – then keep doing it over and over again. We can create better lives for ourselves. In fact, each of us possesses the anatomy, chemistry, and physiology needed to become supernatural—it’s merely a matter of awakening it and activating it.”As you reflect upon and practice what Dr. Joe teaches in his seminars around the globe and now, in his fourth book, Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon, you will be acquiring the tools necessary to build an exceptional future before it even arrives! Better able to regulate your internal state regardless of what’s going on in the outside world. Your behavior will more closely align with your intentions. You’ll be more attached to the future-present than your past-present. As your thoughts and actions begin to mesh, what’s unnatural will become supernatural. I am grateful that these elements are at work in my own life. They can help transform yours as well!

      11. Jessica Buck

        Buy this book if you want to change your lifeMy all time favorite book! If you want to truly change your life then get into Dr. Joe Dispenza and read his books, watch interviews on YouTube etc.Reading his books and listening to him will help you understand how you create your own reality and how you can change it by becoming the creator of your life instead of the victim of your life or circumstances. I can’t recommend reading this book enough! Again if you’re ready to change your life, buy this book and once you understand the concept of his teachings there is no going back and you might create the life of your dreams.

      12. Lee Glenister

        Heard it, now need to read itThis is an intriguing book.It borrows heavily from Eastern philosophies and then adds a western scientific twist. I’m sure a lot of the methods are not popular with the mainstream scientific community but who cares? They do not have the monopoly on truth and the belief that they are the exclusive holders of knowledge is pure arrogance.This ties a lot of things together that I have long suspected. Of course there are some things which you may feel are a bit of a stretch but generally I feel this is a fantastic book.

      13. Aureja

        Loved the book!After I red this book, a lot of great things, great changes came to my life. I am recomending this book for everybody too read.

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