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  • Addicted to You: 1 (ADDICTED SERIES)


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      Addicted to You: 1 (ADDICTED SERIES)


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      About the Author

      ​​Krista and Becca Ritchie are New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors and identical twins—one a science nerd, the other a comic book geek—but with their shared passion for writing, they combined their mental powers as kids and have never stopped telling stories. They love superheroes, flawed characters, and soul mate love.

      Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.



      I wake up. My shirt crumpled on a fuzzy carpet. My shorts astray on a dresser. And I think my underwear is lost for good. Somewhere between the folds of the sheets or maybe hidden by the doorway. I can’t remember when I took them off or if that was even my doing. Maybe he undressed me.


      My neck heats as I take a quick peek at the sleeping beauty, some guy with golden hair and a scar along his hipbone. He turns a fraction, facing me, and I freeze. His eyes stay shut, and he groggily clings to his pillow, practically kissing the white fabric. As he lets out breathy snores, his mouth open, the strong scent of alcohol and pepperoni pizza wafts right towards me.


      I sure know how to choose ’em.


      I masterfully slip from the bed and tiptoe around his apartment, yanking on my black shorts-sans panties, another pair gone to a nameless guy. As I pick up my ripped gray tee, tattered and practically in shreds, the foggy image of last night clears. I stepped through the threshold of his room and literally tore my clothes off like the raging Hulk. Was that even sexy? I cringe. Must have been sexy enough to sleep with me.


      Desperate, I find a discolored muscle tee on his floor and manage to tug it over my shoulder-length brown hair, the straight strands tangled and greasy. That’s when I find my woolen hat. Bingo. I smack that baby on and hightail it out of his bedroom.


      Empty beer cans scatter the narrow hallway, and I stumble over a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, filled with black spittle and what looks like a Jolly Rancher. A photo collage of inebriated college girls decorates the door to my left-thankfully not the room I exited. Somehow I was able to dodge that Kappa Phi Delta horn dog and find a guy that doesn’t advertise his conquests.


      I should know better. I swore off frat houses after my last encounter at Alpha Omega Zeta. The night I arrived at fraternity row, AOZ was hosting a theme party. Unaware, I stepped through the four-story building’s archway to be met with buckets of water and guys chanting for me to rip off my bra. It was like Spring Break gone awry. Not that I have much in the upstairs department to show off. Before I convulsed in embarrassment, I ducked underneath arms, wedged between torsos and found pleasure at other places and with other people.


      Ones that didn’t make me feel like a cow being appraised.


      Last night I broke a rule. Why? I have a problem. Well, I have many problems. But saying no happens to be one of them. When Kappa Phi Delta announced that Skrillex would be playing in their basement, I thought the crowd would be a mixture of sorority girls and regular college folk. Maybe I’d be able to land a normal guy who likes house music. Turns out, the demographic centered on frat guys. Lots of them. Preying on anyone with two boobs and a vagina.


      And Skrillex never showed. It was just a lame DJ and a few amps. Go figure.


      Deep, male voices echo off the marble balusters on the balcony and staircase, and my feet cement by the wall. People are awake? Downstairs? Oh no.


      The walk of shame is a venture I plan to avoid all four years of collegiate society. For one, I blush. Like intense tomato-red. No cute flushed cheeks. Just rash-like patches that dot my neck and arms as if I’m allergic to embarrassment.


      The male laughter intensifies, and my stomach knots at the nightmarish image spinning in my mind. The one where I stumble down the stairs and all heads whip in my direction. The look of surprise coats their faces, wondering what “brother” of theirs decided to hook up with a flat-chested, gaunt girl. Maybe they’ll throw a chicken bone at me, teasing me to eat.


      Sadly that happened in fourth grade.


      Likely, I’ll sputter unintelligible words until one of them takes pity on my flaming red leopard spots and shuffles me out of their door like unwanted garbage.


      This was such a mistake (the frat house, not the sex). Never again will I be forced to hoover tequila shots like a vacuum. Peer pressure. It’s a real thing.


      My options are limited. One staircase. One fate. Unless I happen to grow a pair of wings and fly out of the second-floor window, I’m about to face the walk of shame. I creep to the balcony and suddenly envy Veil from one of my newer comics. The young Avenger can vaporize into nothingness. A power I could surely use right now.


      As soon as I reach the top step, the doorbell rings and I peek over the railing. About ten fraternity brothers are gathered on leather sofas, dressed in various versions of khaki shorts and collared shirts. The most lucid guy nominates himself for door-duty. He manages to stand on two feet, his brown hair swept back and his jaw intimidatingly squared. As he answers the door, my spirits lift.


      Yes! This is my one opportunity to dash out unseen.


      I use the distraction to glide down the steps undetected, channeling my inner-Veil. Halfway to the bottom, Squared-jaw leans on the door frame, blocking the entrance. “Party’s over, man.” The words sound cottony in his mouth. He lets the door swing shut in the person’s face.


      I hop over two more stairs.


      The bell rings again. For some reason, it sounds angrier.


      Squared-jaw groans and yanks the knob hard. “What?”


      Another frat guy laughs. “Just give him a beer and tell him to piss off.”


      A few more steps. Maybe I can really do this. I’ve never been a particularly lucky person, but I suppose I’m due for a dose.


      Squared-jaw keeps his hand planted on the frame, still blocking the passage. “Speak.”


      “First of all, does it look like I can’t read a clock or furthermore don’t know what daytime looks like? No shit, there’s no party.” Holy . . . I know that voice.


      I stay planted three-quarters down. Sunshine trickles through a tiny space between the door frame and Squared-jaw’s tangerine-orange Polo. He clenches his teeth, about ready to slam the door back in the other guy’s face, but the intruder puts his hand on it and says, “I left something here last night.”


      “I don’t remember you being here.”


      “I was.” He pauses. “Briefly.”


      “We have a lost and found,” Squared-jaw says curtly. “What is it?” He edges away from the door frame and nods to someone on the couch. They watch the scene like a reality rerun on MTV. “Jason, go grab the box.”


      When I glance back, I notice the guy outside. Eyes right on me.


      “No need,” he says.


      I sweep his features. Light brown hair, short on either side, full on top. Decently toned body hidden beneath a pair of faded Dockers and a black crew-neck tee. Cheekbones that cut like ice and eyes like liquid scotch. Loren Hale is an alcoholic beverage and he doesn’t even know it.


      All six-foot-two of him fills the doorway.


      As he stares at me, he wears a mixture of amusement and irritation, the muscles in his jaw twitching with both. The frat guys follow his gaze and zero in on the target.




      I may as well have reanimated from thin air.


      “Found her,” Lo says with a tight, bitter smile.


      Heat rises to my face, and I use my hands as human blinders, trying to cover my humiliation as I practically sprint to the door.


      Squared-jaw laughs like he won their masculine showdown. “Your girlfriend is a skank, man.”


      I hear no more. The brisk September air fills my lungs, and Lo bangs the door closed with more force than he probably intended. I cower in my hands, pressing them to my hot cheeks as the event replays in my head. Oh. My. God.


      Lo swoops in behind me, his arms flying around my waist. He sets his chin on my shoulder, hunching over a little to counter my short height with his tall. “He better have been worth it,” Lo whispers, his hot breath tickling my neck.


      “Worth what?” My heart lodges in my throat; his closeness confuses and tempts me. I never know where Lo’s true intentions lie.


      He guides me forward as we walk, my back still pressed against his chest. I can barely lift up a foot, let alone think straight. “Your first walk of shame in a frat house. How’d that feel?”




      He plants a light kiss on my head and disentangles from me, walking forward. “Pick it up, Calloway. I left my drink in the car.”


      My eyes begin to widen as I process what this means, gradually forgetting the horrors that just occurred. “You didn’t drive, did you?”


      He flashes me a look like really, Lily? “Seeing as how my usual DD was unavailable”-he raises his eyebrows accusingly-“I called Nola.”


      He called my personal driver, and I don’t begin to ask why he decided to forgo his own chauffeur that would gladly cart him around Philadelphia. Anderson has loose lips. In ninth grade when Chloe Holbrook threw a rager, Lo and I may have been discussing illegal narcotics that were passed from hand to hand at her mother’s mansion. Backseat conversations should be considered private among all car-participants. Anderson must not have realized this unspoken rule because the next day, our rooms were raided for illegal paraphernalia. Luckily, the maid forgot to search in the fake fireplace where I used to keep my X-rated box of toys.


      We came away clean from the incident and learned a very important lesson. Never trust Anderson.


      I prefer to not use my family’s car service and thus embed myself further in their grips, but sometimes Nola is a necessity. Like now. When I’m slightly hungover and unable to drive the perpetually drunk Loren Hale.


      He has knighted me as his personal sober driver and refuses to shell out money to any cab services after we were almost mugged in one. We never told our parents what happened. Never explained to them how close we were to something horrible. Mostly because we spent that afternoon at a bar with two fake IDs. Lo guzzled more whiskey than a grown man. And I had sex in a public bathroom for the very first time. Our indecencies became our rituals, and our families didn’t need to know about them.


      My black Escalade is parked on the curb of frat row. Multi-million dollar houses line up, each outdoing the last in column sizes. Red Solo cups litter the nearest yard, an overturned keg splaying sadly in the grass. Lo walks ahead of me.


      “I didn’t think you were going to show,” I say and skirt past a puddle of barf in the road.


      “I said I would.”


      I snort. “That’s not always accurate.”


      He halts by the car door, the windows too tinted to see Nola waiting in the driver’s seat. “Yeah, but this is Kappa Phi Delta. You screw one and they may all want a piece of your ass. I seriously had nightmares about it.”


      I grimace. “About me getting raped?”


      “That’s why they’re called nightmares, Lily. They’re not supposed to be pleasant.”


      “Well this is probably my last expedition into a frat house for another decade or at least until I forget about this morning.”


      The driver’s window rolls down. Nola’s deep black curls caress her heart-shaped face. “I have to pick up Miss Calloway from the airport in an hour.”


      “We’ll be ready in a minute,” I tell her. The window slides up, blocking her from view.


      “Which Miss Calloway?” Lo asks.


      “Daisy. Fashion Week just ended in Paris.” My little sister shot up overnight to a staggering five-foot-eleven inches, and with her rail-like frame she fit the mold for high fashion. My mother capitalized on Daisy’s beauty in an instant. Within the week of her fourteenth birthday, she was signed to IMG modeling agency.


      Lo’s fingers twitch by his side. “She’s fifteen and probably surrounded by older models blowing lines in a bathroom.”


      “I’m sure they sent someone with her.” I hate that I don’t know the details. Since I arrived at the University of Pennsylvania, I acquired the rude hobby of dodging phone calls and visits. Separating from the Calloway household became all too easy once I entered college. I suppose that has always been written for me. I used to push the boundaries of my curfew and spent little time in the company of my mother and father.


      Lo says, “I’m glad I don’t have siblings. Frankly, you have enough for me.”


      I never considered having three sisters to be a big brood, but a family of six does garner some unique attention.


      He rubs his eyes wearily. “Okay, I need a drink and we need to go.”


      I inhale a deep breath, about to ask a question we’ve both avoided thus far. “Are we pretending today?” With Nola so close, it’s always a tossup. On one hand, she’s never betrayed our trust. Not even in the tenth grade when I used the backseat of a limo to screw a senior soccer player. The privacy screen was up, blocking Nola’s view, but he grunted a little too loud and I knocked into the door a little too hard. Of course she heard, but she never ratted me out.


      There’s always the risk that one day she’ll betray us. Cash loosens lips, and unfortunately, our fathers are swimming in it.


      I shouldn’t care. I’m twenty. Free to have sex. Free to party. You know, all the things expected of college-aged adults. But my laundry list of dirty (like really dirty) secrets could create a scandal within my family’s circle of friends. My father’s company would not appreciate that publicity one bit. If my mother knew my serious problem, she’d send me away for rehab and counseling until I was fixed up nicely. I don’t want to be fixed. I just want to live and feed my appetite. It just so happens that my appetite is a sexual one.


      Plus, my trust fund would magically vanish at the sight of my impropriety. I’m not ready to walk away from the money that pays my way through college. Lo’s family is equally unforgiving.


      “We’ll pretend,” he tells me. “Come on, love.” He taps my ass. “Into the car.” I barely stumble on his frequent use of love. In middle school, I told him how I thought it was the sexiest term of endearment. And even though British guys have claimed stake to it, Lo took it as his own.

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      ‎ 384 pages

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      ‎ 0593549473

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      8 reviews for Addicted to You: 1 (ADDICTED SERIES)

      1. RHD

        Nice read quit heart warming and a different kind of story giving us insite on addicts.And best part is no cliff hanger i hate when the authors tricks u to read the next book.

      2. Aditya Gupta

        After a long time, I finally read this super hyped book! Lemme tell you about the things you will find in here-1) Single POV and first person narration 🌝2) Forced proximity 🏡3) Two MCs having darker sides 🌚4) Amazing side characters 💅5) First book in the series 💫The MCs are in fake relationship to cover up the dark sides of eachother from their families. But my heart goes to the side characters of this book💕 Rose and Connor 🌝✨ even Ryke too ❤️The characters of this book are the young generation of families worth millions thus each character is described finely, i somewhere felt the age group wasn’t appropriate but it’s just the book 1 so let’s see what’s in the upcoming books.The book is quite fast paced and with each chapter, it keeps getting better and better but for the side characters.

      3. Devz

        There should be something “heroine”-ish in the heroine and something heroic about the hero.Especially when you are reading a book assuming it is a romance novel.If you like psychotic characters with deep insecurities, you may like this book.I found it hard to understand or like two pathetic people like the leads of this book.

      4. RC

        Treść- uwielbiam, wydanie- niekoniecznie:(Sama treść jest cudowna, robię reread całej serii i powoli zbieram papierowe egzemplarze- tylko nie do końca rozumiem dlaczego książka wydrukowana jest na białym papierze (takim jak do drukarki) :(

      5. Jessica | Booked J

        The Best NA Series (Ever)This review was originally posted to Goodreads and Booked J. It may not be spoiler free.“The deeper we sink, the harder it is to crawl out. I fear the moment where neither of us can breathe again–when someone discovers our secrets. At any moment, everything can crumble beneath us. The dangerous game both excites and terrifies me.”In all honesty, New Adult is not my typical genre. Not because it’s filled with bad selections but because I often feel as though I am reading the same book, the same plot, the same relationships every time. Addicted to You is not one of those books–there’s something far more interesting and authentic to it than the rest of its genre. My first thought on this series is how much it means to me and the second is how annoyed with myself that I didn’t purchase physical copies.Krista and Becca Ritchie provide us with so much heart in one tiny story. This isn’t your typical love story and I don’t mean that in the cliche sort of way. For a lot of people, it won’t be the same way but the vast majority agree that there’s just something about this novel that is so captivating.Addicted to You is a great introduction to a series because we see the flaws and addictions right away in Lily and Lo. Both have been best friends for years. As far as family knows, the two are in a relationship with each other and have been for three years; they live with one another.They have an arrangement two so they can keep up appearances and seem like good, upstanding people. Lily and Lo are the picture perfect couple on the exterior and behind closed doors, they struggle.Enabling each other isn’t how they view it, but by pretending to be a couple and embracing their addictions in the way that they do and covering for each other as opposed to helping, they are ultimately leading to their own downfall (as a pair and as individuals): Lo, alcohol. Lily, sex.Things grow more complicated when their darkest sides reach an all time high–for Lily, it’s waking up in a strange room with two strange men. Something in this event startles her for quite a while and she once again faces the fact that she has a serious problem. Sex addiction isn’t something that can be approached easily, as so many people are gross and don’t want to believe it is a real thing, but Lily has such a hard time focusing on such mundane tasks without fantasies it’s hard to see why people can’t understand it.Lily Calloway has a serious problem and you can’t help but to hope she gets the help she deserves.Soon after our story begins, Lily and Lo embrace their feelings for each other without giving up their vices. Along the way, they cruise through their struggles and family life and school and forming friendships with others mid-novel.They start a relationship–real this time–and things could be better but they could be worse. It’s obvious they love each other, but at the end of the day, like I said, they are enablers to each other and need help.Back to the all time high for Loren Hale.For Lo, it’s one fateful night (his 21st birthday) where he steals liquor at a party, nearly gets his ass kicked, and has to be carried up the stairs by a new addition to their lives, Ryke Meadows. He doesn’t let up even after this event but in some ways it really wakes him up to his problem and opens himself up to Ryke, who genuinely cares about him.It was unexpectedly nice to see the additions of Conner and Ryke to Lily and Lo’s life. They kind of blended in so naturally with the two and the plots and seemed like they were in place all along. Conner and Ryke care a great deal for Lo and it is nice to see them wanting to help the man in spite of how little they seem to know him. And eventually, how much they show an interest in helping Lily as her addictions come to light.I also enjoyed seeing one of Lily’s sisters, Rose Calloway.“In the end, it was not a boy who helped me. It was my sister.”Rose is very… oh, I can’t actually describe her. I loved her first scene, the way she is described as she enters the room. She has a cold exterior, no bullshit attitude, but she has a really solid heart and this much you can see when Lily finally confides in her after a disastrous night out at the club.Their relationship is beautiful. I mean that. It’s not a very common thing to see a sibling bond like theirs in literature, let alone New Adult. You see, Rose and Lily are sisters in every way. They fight. They get snippy. They don’t always do the right thing. But at the end of the day, they support and love each other in every way that you would want.I’m interested to see more of Rose and her interactions with Lily. And the other Calloway girls. I’m interested to see more of Rose’s interactions with Lo, now that she understands him better and respects him for seeking help for his addiction.I’m also very interested in seeing her relationship with Connor explored. There’s something about the two that just seems… well, right. And I can’t wait to explore that more heavily as we get to know the characters. That, and her fashion line and everything really. I just want to know everything about Rose Calloway–who doesn’t?Addicted to You is a wonderful read. A true standout in the NA genre that will surely continue to establish itself in the masses. I thought the ending was lovely: Lily and Lo getting help for their addictions, gaining a support system (and in Lo’s case gaining a brother in Ryke) and thought the entire novel was a fresh, important take on the tough topics it tackles.I’m excited to see their relationship grow and flurish as they embrace help and try to conquer their demons. It’s going to be a battle but there’s something about these two that is redeemable and that they are up for the challenge. Especially since they have something to truly fight for: each other.The topics aren’t something you should overlook. Addiction, love, family, seeking help. Strong female leads, strong male leads–all good people, with flaws, worthy of good things. All those things that make life. It is also something that is so raw at times your heart will race or break and you really begin to root for these characters, understand them in a way you didn’t know possible. Krista and Becca are on fire with this standout.Don’t ignore the hype. I can’t wait to continue binge reading the entire series and already am regretting not buying the physical copies. I can already tell this series is going to be one of my favorites of all time and I hope you enjoy it, too.But wait! There’s more!(Yes, I did that television advertisement voice.)Addicted to You, the first book of the series, is free to read on digital platforms. Give it a try, won’t you?

      6. Alyssia Mutcherson

        This was a hot ass mess!!!4 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Like this book literally exhausted me… And even though it was like super duper dramatic sometimes Addictions are like that so I completely understand where the book is going… CA sometimes it’s hard to give up something you’ve been doing for so long.This book was a dumpster fire of mess… Lily and lo Have issues like when I say issues like big big issues. They are so toxic for each other but they like absolutely need each other. Don’t know how I feel about Lily’s character like I know she has a sex addiction I get that But like her sex addiction seems to be like on a 100. Lo Has an alcohol addiction and it’s bad bad like I’m surprised hes still living breathing like his liver and kidneys I shut down on him yet. But I do like the full circle we get 2 towards like the last like 15% of the book to where he realizes he has an issue and he really wants to get better and he knows that she needs to get better and they both need to work on each other separately so they can be there for each other together . I love that about lo, I like a good character growth. I’m not gonna lie I really hope Lily can hold out I know she’s gonna struggle but I really hope she can hold out and I do think that low will get you know his act together it’s gonna take some time considering they their love story branches over like 5 books. This book just took me on a rocky a** roller coaster like my head hurts all the drama and s*** that is unfolded in this book but I didn’t enjoy every last minute in a bit , even though it was a lot to you know Digest.I can’t wait to read about rose and Connor I’ve heard great things about their story and also Daisy and Ryke.

      7. Tonyalee

        AmazingHaving read my fair share of NEW ADULT this year, not to mention books on ADDICTION, I thought there wasn’t a whole lot more that could be brought to the table. Well, I was wrong. I have said it a MILLION TIMES, but I love it when an author(s) takes a step outside the box and writes something different. Not only that, but do it well. Addiction is no easy feat to deal with, discuss and I would assume, write about. Bring in SEX addiction and you have my interest piqued. This book isn’t perfect but it was amazing in it’s own right.I don’t know HOW common sex addiction is; I haven’t seen too many cases on it, I haven’t researched it– nor I have EVER read it about it before in a novel. I can see where the lines might be a little blurred to some–the difference between an actual addiction or just promiscuity. However, I never thought ONCE that Lily didn’t suffer from addiction.. It’s raw, gritty and very, very hard to witness at times. That’s what makes this book so amazing. When I a finish a book and left thinking, emotional and just generally suffering that feeling that a band-aid was just ripped off, I applaud the author(s). Becca and Krista did an amazing job capturing Lily’s desperation. Her turmoil and her reckless behavior.My heart really went out to Lily. She had been suffering for years. Not only to sate her addiction, but to live out her crafted lie with Lo to protect herself and hide it from her friends and family. Then again, there were times where I felt she was SO SELFISH I couldn’t stand it. Her thoughts that her behavior doesn’t affect anyone but herself and that is was less reckless than others was really hard to grasp. She puts herself in harms way every time she hooks-up with someone. Sure, she was safe for the most part but that doesn’t mean that what she was putting herself through emotionally wasn’t any less harmful. Not only was she suffering from her OWN addiction, she was an enabler to Lo’s. This is where I start thinking. She didn’t feel like she had the RIGHT to tell Lo to stop drinking, since it would make her a hypocrite. Then again, she used him to sate her addiction as a way to help lessen his intake. It took me awhile to comes to terms with this, because it was NOT okay. Yet, you can’t help but sympathize because she knows it’s wrong. She knows it’s selfish but she can’t help it. It’s so.. RAW.When things started to change between her and Lo, you can’t help but SEE the disaster coming. I loved them together though. They had been friends for years, having each other’s backs at every turn. You KNOW they feel more for each other than what is initially let on and you can’t help but to root for them. They are each other’s rock AND kryptonite (aside from their addictions, that it). I honestly thought it would have taken them longer to get together, but there was more to the drama and plot than meets the eye. It took awhile to see the direction of where things were going, due to some serious slow parts in the middle, when Connor and then Ryke enter the picture. I liked Connor form the beginning. He is funny, a little too arrogant but is a REAL friend to both Lily and Lo. As for Ryke… Hm.. Like I said, I didn’t know the direction of where the story was going to go with him in it. It was random and threw me off when he’s concerns came out about Lo. Still, he was a good friend to Lo and at times, Lily. I thought it was an interesting plot twist, albeit random. I also really loved Rose, Lily’s older sister. She was pretty crass at first though, so it caught me a little by surprise how INVOLVED she became in everything.My Peeve- Well, it’s minor things. The middle of the book was really, really slow and I hate having that “WHERE IS THIS GOING” feeling. There were too many similar scenes that I felt we could have went without. There were also some inconsistencies with the writing. One minute, Lily would be “wiping her hands on her jeans” and the next ” Fixing her dress”, so which was it?Overall- I REALLY liked Addicted to You. Although there were some things I personally could have done without, I thought this was an amazing book overall. It’s dark, gritty and one of the best NA’s I have read in a long time. I will defiantly be continuing on with this series

      8. Kassie’s Book Thoughts

        Addicted to You was a refreshing read, and something completely different from all the New Adult books I’ve read this year.I don’t want to be fixed. I just want to live and feed my appetite. It just so happens that my appetite is a sexual one.His vice is a bottle of whiskey.Addicted to You was a refreshing read, and something completely different from all the New Adult books I’ve read this year. When I first heard about this book I thought it was going to be a great read. I was completely wrong. This is an AMAZING book! Krista and Becca Ritchie did an incredible job in writing a story in which two characters, Lily and Lo, suffer through their addictions together. I will admit that Addicted to You reminded me of Ellen Hopkins writing. If you love reading Ellen Hopkin’s books-Crank, Glass, Fallout, etc- then you will definitely love Krista and Becca Ritchies Addicted to You. The only difference is that Addicted to You is a New Adult book, and the situations Lily experiences with her addiction are raw and very out there.I guess the only way to be close to me is to inject yourself in my world because I won’t make the move to enter yours.The water washes away the smell and grime, but my sins are here to stay. The memories don’t vanish…I never thought that I would love a character like Lily’s- a sex addict with family issues. Once again I was completely wrong. As I read Addicted to You, I started to learn about Lily’s sex addiction and I started to know her character in a whole different level. She is not just a shy, sex addict. She is a caring, loving, and broken girl that just needs the right person to stand by her side and understand what she is going through. I understand why she keeps her sex addiction a secret from her family, and why she shy’s away from others. If I were in her shoes I would do the same thing, because people would not understand this sort of addiction. Heck, I’ve heard about sex addicts but after reading Addicted to You I learned a lot more. I know that all of this (what happens in the story) is not true, but at some point all addicts, in real life, will cross their own boundaries to get a high of their addiction. I seriously felt everything Lily had to go through in the book. I cried with her when she just felt lost and confused with all that was going on, and I felt her strong love towards Lo. By the end of Addicted to You, I felt a connection with Lily’s character.Loren Hale is an alcoholic beverage and he doesn’t even know it.Lo’s face darkens in contempt. “Watch it, Lily.” He picks up the bottle, unbroken, and reacts as though I hit his child.What can I say about Loren (Lo) Hale? Just as Lily, Lo suffers from his own addiction to alcohol. He is totally bad news, but a total swoon worthy guy. I will admit that I don’t like alcoholics, but his thoughtfulness towards Lily and the way he cares for her made me love him. He is even more emotionally broken than Lily. I believe that Lo needs Lily more, then Lily needs Lo. I will admit that there are times he is a total jerk to Lily, and at these moments I just felt like slapping or punching him in the face. I already knew more about alcohol addicts and what happens to them, because this is what health teachers teach in all of their health classes. Like I said before I don’t like alcoholic addicts, but I just had to make that exception with Lo. Who can resist a protective, caring, thoughtful hottie like Lo? NOT ME :D! His character does develop (matures) by the end of this book, and I can’t wait to find out what happens to him in the second book :).We’re pretending, aren’t we? I’m so confused. What is he to me right now? Friend, boyfriends, something else entirely?The deeper we sink, the harder it is to crawl out.At the beginning I really had no clue what was going on between Lily and Lo. He tells a guy that she is his girlfriend, but as I kept reading I find out that they are in a fake relationship. I seriously felt sorry for Lily, because she was so confused with Lo’s loving affections and actions- this of course would only happen when their relatives, or known people would be watching them. Who would agree to be in a fake relationship? This is just torture for both Lily and Lo, because they are both confused with what the other one feels. The longer they stay in their fake the relationship the longer they hurt (not intentionally) one another. But the loving affections and actions between these two are both sweet and hot :D!Our relationship is dangling on thin strings that threaten to break. I feel it. I’m sure he feels it as well.When they start a serious relationship, it all starts off well. Lily is getting her sex fix and Lo is still getting his alcohol fix. The sad thing about their relationship is that they are just not that good for each other, but at the same time so right for each other?!?. Does that make any sense? Let me try to explain this :). Their addictions just get in the way of their love towards each other. It just doesn’t let them love each other, and care for each other the way it is truly meant to be. But at the same time Lo and Lily are always there for each others breakdowns, and they are two broken people who can actually fix each other with each others presence. Lily’s and Lo’s relationship is just as broken as they are, but at the same time it is also kept together because of their need to be close to each other. I really hope this works out at the end for these two, because they are the perfect match for each other :).We’ve been friends, allies, for so long that I don’t know who I am without him. Our lives intersect at every possible junction…Krista and Becca Ritchie delivered an incredibly fresh debut in the New Adult genre. This is a book that you will not want to miss, trust me when I tell you that this is a MUST READ! There is romance, heartache, sorrow, real life problems (addiction & family), believable characters, and there is a twist that no one will expect (I didn’t even see it coming). I will say this once again, if you love reading about true life problems, raw characters, and love reading Ellen Hopkins books, then Addicted to You by Krista and Becca Ritchie is the book for you :D!~Kassandra @ Kassie’s Book Thoughts

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