A Curse For True Love: the thrilling final book in the Once Upon a Broken Heart series

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  • A Curse For True Love: the thrilling final book in the Once Upon a Broken Heart series


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      A Curse For True Love: the thrilling final book in the Once Upon a Broken Heart series


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      I absolutely adore Stephanie Garber’s writing-the worlds she creates are just so magical and the perfect escape. I honestly think I could rave about her books and the world she’s created for hours ― Glamour

      Stephanie Garber’s writing is so magical, inventive and engrossing that these characters will live on in readers’ memories for years to come ― CultureFly

      Book Description

      The long-awaited finale to the #1 New York Times bestselling Once Upon a Broken Hearttrilogy.
      Dimensions 3 × 23.2 cm
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      ‎ Hodder & Stoughton (24 October 2023)

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      ‎ English

      Paperback ‏

      ‎ 400 pages

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      ‎ 1529399297

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      ‎ 978-1529399295

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      ‎ 14 years and up

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      ‎ 480 g

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      ‎ 15.2 x 3 x 23.2 cm

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      ‎ India


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      6 reviews for A Curse For True Love: the thrilling final book in the Once Upon a Broken Heart series

      1. Avni

        The story had a lot of potential to have more pages and an epic way of telling. Jacks and Evangeline needed more. They had worked so hard to be with each other and therefore deserved more script time. I loved the various aspects of Apollo and the Valor family however the protagonists couple could have gotten more.However I still love the series. This YA couple really had heart and my heart too

      2. Heather R.

        Jacks Forever!5 ♾ INFINITY Captivating Stars!OH. MY. GOD. – MY HEART!This was my most anticipated book of the year, and Stephanie Garber did not disappoint!He would carry her through more than just freezing waters. He would pull her through fire if he had to, haul her from the clutches of war, from falling cities and breaking worlds…Jacks had been the moon and she’d been the tide, controlled by his impossible force.What a glorious ride that was. I am so in love with this series and all of the characters! This is the type of story telling I love! The reason I love reading! I laughed, cried, chewed off some finger nails (I’m not even an actual nail biter) , got so angry, and was on the edge of my seat to see how this epic tale was going to come to a close.Let me just get out of the way how well Garber wrote these characters, and I want to touch on ApolloI really can’t remember the last time I despised a character so much, I mean EVERYTHING this guy did had me ready to jump into my kindle and just take off his head myself.Bastard. Murderer. Monster.He gives major Tamlin Tampon vibes through the entirety of this book and it gets to be enraging – or well maybe that’s just me, but when you read it .. lmk. 😉But let me just gush a little bit about our main man and our main girl here for a min…So, I have seen many people post about Evangeline and how she is so stupid or whatever, but she isn’t supposed to be a feisty/stabby character.This is a fairytale setting and she is a character who believes in hope and happily ever after and of true love. I only bring this up now and not in any of my previous reviews because it felt more prominent in this book, her naivety. I do think that for me personally it’s because of her lost memory. But all the same I love her and all of her hope. And her growth is amazing.”I know I seem naive,” Evangeline pressed on.”I know my faith in love might appear foolish.I also know it might not be enough. But I’m not doing this because I believe I’ll win. I’m actually a little afraid I’m going to lose.I no longer think love is a guarantee of victory or of happily ever after. But I think it’s a reason to fight for those things.I know my attempt to save Jacks could end in a fiery explosion, but I’d rather go up in flames with him than watch while he burns”Jacks wasn’t safe. He came with no promises of a happily ever after. If anything, he guaranteed the opposite. He didn’t believe that heroes got happy endings. Loving Jacks felt doomed from the start.But Evangeline had learned that love was more than a feeling. And it didn’t have to be the safe choice, because love was also more powerful than fear.It was the ultimate form of hope. It was stronger than curses.Of course, saving the best for last… Jacks *SWOOOOOOON*” Yes, I am a murderer. I enjoy hurting people. I like blood. I like pain. I am a monster, but whether you remember it or not, I’m your monster, Evangeline.”He’d been brokenhearted. Not in the same sense that most people thought of, as if one person had broken his heart. Jacks’s heart had been broken over and over again until it was no longer capable of hope and care and love.This story was so wonderful from the first page until the last, not just this book … but the entire trilogy. The world building was astounding, the writing spectacular, magical, dreamlike and a total page turner.I can without a doubt say that I will read ANYTHING that Stephanie Garber writes. This review is a whole hot mess , considering I’m trying to convey all of my emotions after just finishing the book lol I’ll have to come back at a later time to edit.HEAVY SPOILERS BELOW, DON’T READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ THE BOOK!⊹ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ⊹ ۪ ゚。⋆☾ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ。⊹ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ𝐒𝐏𝐎𝐈𝐋𝐄𝐑𝐒 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐎𝐖⊹ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ⊹ ۪ ゚。⋆☾ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ。⊹ ۪ 𖥔 ˑ ִ ֗ ִ ۫ ˑ━☆・*。  ・゜  °。+ * 。     .・゜     ゜。゚゚・。・゚゚。      ゚。   。゚       ゚・。・゚”I used to wonder if fate was real,” she said gently “I used to fear it meant that I had no real choices. Then I secretly hoped fate was real and that you and I were fated, that by some miraculous chance I was your true love. But now I don’t care i fate is real-because I don’t need it to decide for me. I don’t need it to make this choice. I’ve made my decision, Jacks. It’s you. It will always be you, until the end of time. And I’ll fight fate or anyone else who tries to tear us apart-including you. You are my choice. You are my love. You are mine. And you are not going to be the end of me, Jacks.”His eyes bled more tears, but his hand held tight to the jar. “I’m broken. I like to break things, Sometimes I want to break you.””𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒃𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒌 𝒎𝒆, 𝑱𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒔.””So you’d rather live without me?””I’d rather you live.””I am living, Jacks, and I am not going to die anytime soon.”Evangeline closed her eyes and then she kissed him.”I already told you. You are the love of my life. You are mine, Jacks of the Hollow. And you’re not going to be the end of me.””But you were dying””No,” she said, a little embarrassed. “I just forgot to breathe.”And he loved her.He loved her.He loved her.He loved her.He loved her so much he’d rewritten history. He’d given up what he had believed was his only chance at love. And now he had finally broken the spell that he never thought he’d escape.

      3. KP

        A Dreamy Sweet Finale for a New Age Fairy TaleI thought I hated Once Upon a Broken Heart the first time I read it.I hated Evangeline’s delicate nature, I hated how hopeful and kind she was to people who were clearly going to wrong her. I disliked her forgiving nature and I couldn’t stand her naïveté.And then I found myself reading it again. And again.My heart raced when I realized there would be a second book.The Ballad of Never After broke my reluctant, cold heart into shattered pixie dust just as I realized why I kept rereading a story I claimed to hate. I wept in a way I’ve never wept over a book when I read those final few pages. I made other people read the series just so I had company in my suffering. It was at the end of Ballad that I realized that Evangeline was not a weak character. Being sweet and flowery and lovely and liking pretty things does not make one a weak character. A forgiving nature and sweetness don’t make a person weak. Someone who can remain kind in this cold world is much stronger than the cruelest warrior.Finally, after weeks of suffering, Stephanie put us all out of our misery and admitted there would be a third book. I put a countdown on my phone so I wouldn’t lose track of this final installment.Over the past few years I went from hating Evangeline’s gentle nature to fully loving her and loving who Jacks has become to suit her. She made him a better character and he made her a better character.As it turns out, I have loved this series from start to finish. No matter how harshly I criticized it in the beginning. I was only jealous of Evangeline for staying so kind while I had let myself become cold under similar pressures.This last book really tied it all together with a gauzy pink bow. It was part adventure, part fairytale, but my favorite part is the one where there is no true ending. Because that is the reality of true love.The truth is, I have my own Jacks.He has bright witty blue eyes that change in depth with his moods and curly blonde hair that turns white at the edges in the sun and a quicksilver smile that could trick the devil himself into selling his soul. My husband is my one true love, and after ten years of marriage and two kids I still feel the flutter in my heart every time I catch him staring at me over his cup of coffee when he should be paying attention to a work meeting. Much like Evangeline and Jacks, we write new pages to our love story every day. Our story didn’t end when we got married, it didn’t end with our first kiss or our first “I love you” or one of our many big fights.Because a true love story is continuous and the ending changes all of the time.Stephanie’s message was clear to me as someone who fought against the odds for true love even when it felt impossible at times. We battled social norms as two loony college kids in love and followed each other across the country from military bases to colleges and then to the alter to say our vows at only 22.The love that was written really struck me as an accurate depiction of what true love really takes: hard work and fortitude. You roll with the punches and make magic out of the small moments when the world feels too heavy. You love each other through every season, good and bad.Cruelty begets cruelty. Only love can help to thaw this cold, indifferent world.My advice? Fall in love, hard; and let it take you to the next page, and the next, and the next…

      4. Lia 🌙

        A good ending to a great story 🍎4.0 ⭐️”I am a murderer. I enjoy hurting people. I like blood. I like pain. I am a monster, but whether you remember it or not, I’m your monster, Evangeline.”———————-—Tropes:🧠 Lost memories💫 Star-crossed lover⛔️ Forbidden love💔 Emotional scars———————-—I loved this series and I loved this book. Again, it’s magical, fast-paced, a lot of angst and I never rooted for a love story that much in my entire life. 😩💓I think this book is the most action-packed of the series so many things happen in this book, also we have 3 POVs we switch between so we FINALLY had Jacks POV! 🥰Long story short: Very much worth the hype. ✨The reason I didn’t rate this book 5⭐️ is bc I have unanswered questions. Like, after 3 books, things that I have wondered about from the beginning are passed through and not really answered… It felt frustrating. I wanted more. Way more.Also, the fast pace was great, but at times, it also felt too much. We were drowned in actions and twists, but plot-wise nothing really happened for quite some time.And what happened didn’t always make sense? I don’t know, I felt some things that happened near the end wasn’t necessary revelations / choices / or course of actions 🤷🏽‍♀️And last but not least: the ending needed more than an epilogue, it needed 3 chapters. I WANTED MORE! 😂🔥

      5. Gabriella

        It could’ve been better but was still goodTHIS REVIEW HAS SPOLIERS FOR ACFTL!!!!The Once Upon a Broken Heart Trilogy is a favorite book series of mine. But I have some disappointments with A Curse For True Love. It left many unanswered questions, loose ends, and some confusion about how things happened the way that they did. The first two books of the series do an excellent job building to the climax and keeping you on your toes. You just have to continue reading to figure out what happens next. In ACFTL, it felt different from the authors books in the past. It didn’t seem to embody any of the excitement from learning the truth like in the first two books. Even the characters didn’t feel truly like themselves. We also had characters who played major roles in the past completely disappear from this book such as Luc, Marisol, and Tiberius. What happened to the librarian that looked as young and old as time then disappeared in a puff of smoke? LaLa and Castor/Chaos didn’t have as much page time as before and neither did Jacks but I have to say, I absolutely adored the romantic tension between LaLa and Chaos. Also the explanation that Chaos isn’t truly a fate made that scene so much better. Continuing on, some of the things mentioned in the previous books seemed like it was going to build up to an exciting moment but was never addressed. How did Evangeline’s parents know so much? It’s inferred that her Dad knew he was going to pass so he rushed a marriage and then died? Why? Who was Jacks first fox? It seemed that it was going to build up to Evangeline being that fox but she’s not? Why does she hear the ticking of time when there’s no clocks around? What happened with LaLa and Dane? If Auroras curse on Jacks was that it’d break if someone who could never love him kissed him then how did Evangeline and Jacks kiss? Was it true love that broke the curse/a back door? What happened with Evangeline’s last debt/broken heart scar? Why wasn’t it paid when she kissed Jacks? How does their relationship work if Jacks is still a Fate and Eva’s just human?I have many more questions but with the few I have written, I hope it could be understood why I felt like A Curse for True Love might have missed its mark. One last thing I want to add is the mini canon epilogue that we got. It just felt like it should’ve been more than what we got. I did love the book but was left with a sour taste in my mouth. Aside from what I disliked, I loved the different POV chapters. I didn’t think I would love the Apollo chapters as much as I did. He was such a complex character and I throughly enjoyed diving deeper into that. Jacks attempting to teach Evangeline how to fight was so out of pocket but also so wholesome and I really appreciated its moment in the book. Jacks seeing the hollow in the Cursed Forest inferring that his best day ever was with her spent there was absolutely gold. The adventure, devastatingly romantic moments, and POV chapters are why I still love this book and series. I definitely would still recommend to any book lover that this series is a must even if I felt like ACFTL could’ve been better.

      6. Sara Machado Silva

        Beautifull conclusion to the series“It had taken all the heartbreak, all the almost love and the wrong love, to know that this love was true love.”Expectations were high for this book, and this often works against its own success. Overall, I think this is a great series, and I don’t regret the effort I made to have the matching UK hardcovers.Stephanie writing is beautiful, and similarly with the previous books in the series, her storytelling abilities shine on the second half of the book, which coincides when we get more of Jacks.They got the HEA they deserved, and my main concern right now is: How will they solve Jack’s being immortal and Evangeline being human?I liked the inclusion of Apollo’s and Jack’s POV, as I see them as more complex characters than Evangeline, and loved to learn about Jack’s curse source, which made a lot of sense considering what we learned in the previous book.The best surprise for me was the role played by Evangeline self letter. Absolutely wonderful!Other general thoughts:While I loved the series, I also feel a bit disappointed with its loose ends.Whereas everyone wanted to know about Jack’s apples, I already had that piece figured out… what I wanted to know was Evangeline heritage. Why did she have a connection with the Valor arches? Why did we get some many pieces of her mother teachings to end up not knowing anything more about her? Why did her mother leave the Magical North? Why did she always tell Evangeline the Ballad of the Fox and the Archer? Was all of this because every curse has a back door? Her being a key was a way out for the Valors curse and for Castor’s helmet, not for Jack’s curse… I don’t know.In my mind, Evangeline was the key for the Story curse, but that bit stays the same, and her role was mainly focused on love… which is ok, but I wanted more. (How do you leave something like the story curse open??? 😱)Jack is my favourite character of the series, and I wish we had more of him in every book. I was desperate to see him struggling with his feelings and to see more longing in him. This was particularly important to me because I wasn’t very convinced by his love for Evangeline (excluding the ending of the second book obviously). l understand the ending, and that Jacks was too broken to fight anymore, but I wish he would have fought a bit more for Evangeline, not only save her. He could have had more ownership in breaking his own curse.My disapointment has been increasing, but I’m excited for the possibility of a spin-off about Castor and Lala. I just hope their story can be told in only one book. I don’t think I can handle more series, and I much rather have a longer book, than three that might still leave some questions open.P.S: And the wrist scar… Am I the only one bothered by this?? I was expecting Jacks to claim the last kiss owned as his. How did this not happen??

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