A Court of Wings and Ruin Paperback – 16 February 2021 by Sarah J. Maas (Author)

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  • A Court of Wings and Ruin Paperback – 16 February 2021 by Sarah J. Maas (Author)


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      A Court of Wings and Ruin Paperback – 16 February 2021 by Sarah J. Maas (Author)


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      Fast-paced and explosively action-packed ― Booklist Online

      Sexual tension and deadly action are well supported by Maas’s expertly drawn, multidimensional characters and their nuanced interpersonal dynamics ― Kirkus Reviews on A Court of Thorns and Roses

      Thrilling ― Hello on A Court of Thorns and Roses

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      Be swept away as a world of seductive beauty reaches the brink of war … The tempestuous third book in the fantasy series from global #1 bestselling author Sarah J. Maas for fans of E.L. James and Deborah Harkness
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      9 reviews for A Court of Wings and Ruin Paperback – 16 February 2021 by Sarah J. Maas (Author)

      1. Shaljami

        The third book in the series, Feyre returns to Spring Court as a spy and plays a ruthless game of deceit that does more harm than she intends. It is not long before Feyre finds herself in the middle of the war bubbling at the surface. While unlikely and likely allegiance take place, bracing for war never turns simple. Unexpected foes turn into friends, yet the enemy remains undeterred on war.The politics, gore, manipulations all web around this plot. The characters Feyre, Rhysand, Cassian, Mor,  Amreen, Azrael along with many more hold impactful roles in the story. However, the character that stood out for me in this book, was definitely Tamlin, even though I would love to have read some more scenes with him in it. He turns more real for me than some other characters. His character arc is one, I will surely remember for a long time.The descriptions are detailed for each court mentioned and are so tastefully designed. It left me in awe of each of the seasons. Another masterfully crafted tale that carries themes like love, friendship, loyalty, war, humanity, loss and victory. So relevant to the present times, that it was quite unnerving.The climax has the right amount of revelations, confusions and subtle declarations and so much more. It perfectly knits together in the end. While this is the final ending to the series, the author has also penned two companion editions for the same. A series I recommend to all who enjoy this genre.

      2. Ahana Rao (Heart’s Content)

        When an author sows seeds long before a reader enters the garden of their work so that they can find unexpected, beautiful blooms and deadly thorns along their journey … that’s certainly something that’s hard to lose an addiction for.A Court of Wings and Ruin brings three books worth of plot strands together and begins braiding them together in a way that’s impossible to look away from. Every single character who has either been mentioned or seen before makes surprising appearances in this book. Every single scene of the previous books, every single conversation all comes together and you start to see a beautiful—terrifyingly so—painting come together. Because that’s truly what SJM is doing. She’s painting, first with a pencil, the impression faint and then with layers and layers of colour before an unimaginable thing happens: light hits the canvas and you’re perhaps seeing angles, hues, images within images you’ve never seen before nor particularly expecting to see now. You find you’re sentimental about things or people you’d never expected yourself to have developed a bond with.I just want to state that: A Court of Mist and Fury will undoubtably be my favourite book in the series so far (including after A Court of Silver Flames). I’m going to try to explain why. ACoWaR book brings the protagonist to a certain light that I’m not sure even she figures a way to fully deal with. And while showing the protagonist as imperfect is perfect, it felt like that this dubious space in the writing was handled by assuaging the reader into seeing a certain other character being painted almost wholly black with a spot of grey here and there. That plot thread fell apart for me personally. None of which happened in ACoMaF. There shall never be another ACoMaF. Everrrrrr!But, all the other relationships in the book exploded to its pinnacle and comes together at the face of death, pain and magic pitted against will. I won’t lie, I was crushed at many surprising points in the book and reformed once again. The book tears you down but somehow does so by showing you a certain strength in you. I can’t explain it without getting spoiler-y… but I have to say this series certainly has my heart.Another super smart thing that SJM does is set up open possibilities for other people in this book and leaves the reader already invested in whatever was to come next with no expectations but with so much of hope.I would definitely recommend this series and I certainly think I was lucky to have been able to consume Feyre’s story in one whole gluttonous gulp. So, if you were like me and were hesitating, I implore you not to. Dive into this book and I know there are many many many reasons I could state, but all I want to say is that it speaks so much about personal struggle, mental health, love, loss and betrayal in a way that we could apply to our very immediate situations in some way or another. So, read it, because it quietly validates you and reminds you that you’ve got this.

      3. Nisha bagla

        This book has grabbed my wits time and i find myself often lost in it evem hrs aftr reading few chapters..Rhys And feyre are coursge loyal fair badass al in one!

      4. Paperback_queen

        This has been an amazing read and an amazing conclusion to the series. The experience of the book was fantastic, albeit some problems. It was not as good as ACOMAF but better than ACOTAR.There are so many positive messages in this book. There is oppression, but that oppression is shown as wrong. And emotional well-being of the characters are given so much importance. Almost everyone in the inner circle have been through hell, and they are strong and got through it. There are strong female characters of different nature and there is love and support among them, which is so important.I loved that we see Feyre as cunning and manipulative in this book ( even though it is for good). Also, Feyre was allowed to make mistakes and her mistakes were clearly visible. She was so wrapped up in getting revenge against Tamlin, that she did not think about the long term consequences of her actions. I like that it was clearly shown and was not masked or excused, at least not to the full degree. There are many all too good protagonists out there that I don’t think I can stomach one more, and was glad that this was not a similar situation.I also loved that Feyre did not master flying within a few weeks. All too many times, the protagonist with special powers become instant masters of everything they try and that is so unrealistic. Something like flying takes a lot of time and practice to learn, both of which Feyre did not have and hence couldn’t learn to fly properly.Diversity in sexualities was a welcome change. I did not feel that Mor’s revelation seemed forced but her conversation with Feyre seemed out of place.I liked that the relationship between Ariel and Elain was explored to some lengths, it kinda solidifies my notion that mating bond is not the only thing that matter.One thing, I hated about it was that all of the inner circle survived. My heart is glad for it, but as an ending it would have given more credibility. Especially Amren, I felt like it was not necessary for her to come back. ( Give us something to cry over. Sure Feyre’s father died, but we didn’t know him. I certainly didn’t shed any tears for him). It felt like a happily ever after, which I have grown tired of.I think that Tamlin being on the good side was a nice touch. Not everybody is a just black and white.Coming to writing, it wasn’t as great as the rest of the books. Especially considering it was 700 pages. And, I can’t believe I’m saying this, there were too many sex scenes. It got tiring and I didn’t like any of them. Sometimes I felt that Maas was telling as what was happening rather than showing us, but it wasn’t present throughout the book, so it was tolerable.Finally, the books left me wanting to read more about so many characters like, Vassa, Lucien, Helion, Drakon, Clythia, The Weaver and so many more. I am eagerly waiting for the new books.

      5. EdwigTheme

        Il migliore della serieArrivato puntualissimo e in ottime condizioni. Di sicuro il libro più bello di tutta la serie, finalmente non si concentra solo sulla protagonista, ma esplora anche gli altri personaggi facendo vedere che non tutto è come a lei sembrava di prima mano (specialmente rispetto alle sorelle, quella maggiore in particolare) e belle sono anche le nuove coppie (la coppia principale rimane sempre tenera ed è carino vedere come imparano a fare tutto in coppia, ma la nuova fa troppo ridere, voglio dire le coppie tutto rose sono noiose alla lunga, invece un sano litigio ogni tanto ci vuole). Dunque complimenti all’autrice per aver messo dei problemi e delle situazioni belle, brutte e incasinate di vita vera in una coinvolgente saga fantasy alla Game of Thrones fiabesca. Spero che il prossimo libro rimanga su questo livello e non torni a quello del primo (che era davvero pessimo).Una sola cosa che non mi piace in questa saga, certe scene vengono descritte talmente tanto nel dettaglio che non lasciano minimamente spazio per l’immaginazione (sul fisico dei personaggi o le ambientazioni ad esempio) e considerando che il target è 16 anni trovo che ci siano un po’ troppe scene di sesso e un po’ troppo descritte, anche perché non servono a niente così lunghe per la trama e per lo svolgersi degli eventi! Accennarle? si Descriverle un po’? si Farle durare un intero capitolo…. no!!!!

      6. Ryan Harris

        Spoilers!I loved every moment in this book. I was worried that after A Court of Mist and Fury that the rest of the series would not hold up. While ACOMAF is my favorite so far AOWAR definitely held it own.I love all the new characters that we got to meet in this book along with all the new relationships.I love the connection between all the high lords. We get to see a lot more of their history and the relationships that they all had prior to the current timeline.Many secrets were reveled in this book… or more so truths that have not yet been told.Mor and her secret that now only Feyre knows. I love this direction for her but I also am sadden for the relationship I was hoping for, for her and Azriel. I hope that in the future books we get to see more of their friendship. I hope they will both have new love interest in the future books.Herion and Lucian… Father and son. I Hope this is something that gets brought up again in the net book.The relationships that still have so much questioning and I cannot wait to see what happens.Obviously my favorite is Feyre and Rhys. Enough said.Cassian and Nesta. Are they mates? Not mate? WHAT? I need more. I need to know! There is something more there and I cannot wait to read more to find out.Amern and Varian. I just need more of these two. I love the little bits that we got in this book.Lucian and Elain. We know they are mates. Elain is still in love with her human ex fiancé Greyson. Ew. I love how gentle and understanding Lucian is and backs away when she needs him too.ALL THE TWIST AT THE END!3 that got me the most!1. Feyre, Nesta and Elain’s father. I was in tears! “He calls himself the Prince of Merchants” “He told me he’s got three daughters who live here. And that he failed them for many years. But he would not fail them this time.” The ships at the front of the human armada became clear, along with the gold lettering on their sides. “He named his three personal ships after them,” Drakon said with a smile. And there, sailing at the front…I beheld the names of those ships.The Feyre.The ElainAnd leading the charge against Hybern, flying over the waves, unyielding and without an ounce of fear…The NestaWith my father…our father at the helm.I love this for these three so much. I completely forgot about their father and kind of just wrote him off. Then out of nowhere he has been battling and rallying for his girls. He didn’t know they were fae and was right in the middle of everything happening but he knew they were there and need help. I am sad that the King of Hybern killed their father. I would have really like to see more of his thoughts on becoming them becoming fae and what happened to them in his absence.2. Amren’s betraying/ not betraying Feyre. Let me tell ya I was so mad for a hot minute. I had to put the book down. I could not believe what was happening. I was thinking no way Amren is on the wrong side of this. She has helped and done so much. Then the twist.The Suriel left the message to Feyre for Amren. For Amren to release her true self so that she alone can defeat Hyberns army. The begging from both Feyre and Varian for Amren not to release her true self because she would not remember them. She would not be able to return. But she is able to come back but she now is different.She looked to Varian, a wry smile on her red mouth. “I watched them most—the humans who loved. I never understood it—how it happened. Why it happened.” She paused a step away from the Cauldron. “I think I might have learned with you, though. Perhaps that was a last gift, too.” Varian’s face twisted with anguish. But he made no further move to stop her. She turned to me. And spoke the words into my head—the spell I must think and feel and do. I nodded. “When I am free,” Amren said to us, “do not run. It will attract my attention.” She lifted a steady hand toward my arm.“I am glad we met, Feyre.” I smiled at her, bowing my head. “Me too, Amren. Me too.” Amren grabbed my wrist. And swung herself into the Cauldron3. Rhys dying. I did not see this coming! I have never had a book where one of my favorite characters dies. Or a main character die. I normally love the smaller characters more. Call me cheesy but I love, love. When he died and once Feyre noticed what had happened, my gut wrenched.Rhys was sprawled on the rocky ground, wings draped behind him. He looked like he was sleeping. But as I breathed in— it wasn’t there. That thing that rose and fell with each breath. That echoed each heartbeat. The mating bond. It wasn’t there. It was gone. Because his own chest … it was not moving. And Rhys was dead.The after math of this was just a much heart wrenching, maybe even worse. Feyre begging everyone to help Rhys and just when you think no one can help him. Feyre asks the high lords to bring him back like they did her. They need them all to do it, even Tamlin. Feyre says she would

      7. jhfreeborn

        Three books review and a little spoilersThese were some of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Sarah left nothing undone when it came to describing a world that doesn’t exist. Her story was original in many ways and in others you could see how it was similar to many others of its genre. Her characters were so engaging. You could feel there happiness, their pain, their conflict. I would recommend these books to everyone who loves fantasy. Oh and the fight scenes although not throughly detailed was enough to draw you in and make you feel as though you were in the battle with them.I know there are two other books. Number 4 is a very long epilogue so if you want to check up on Feyre and Rhys family, that’d be the book. Book 5 is Nesta’s book. I have not read that book and will be putting it off for awhile because in all honesty she was one of the only characters in the book I really did not like. Having said that I’m sure book 5 is supposed to be somewhat of a book redeeming her but I’m a little upset that she gets a book and Lucien doesn’t or Azriel for that matter.They were the only two characters that had the saddest back ground and deserved a HEA, not Nesta she was a grade a b****. Mor could be seen as another character that had a tragic back story and in need of an HEA, but I don’t agree. I hate how she strings Azriel along because she is a selfish coward, just like Nesta, but not so much of a heartless B.If Sarah does come out with books for these worthy males I hope she chooses a different female for them than Elaine. Lucien deserves someone who will love him the way Feyre loves Rhys. And Elaine needs a male who’ll love her the way Rhys loves Feyre. I cannot see Elaine and Lucien having that same connection as the two I mentioned. and Azriel cannot love sweet Elaine that way either cause he will always be tied in someway to Mor. You can’t drop 400+ years of longing and insta fall for someone else, especially if she’s not his mate, which Mor is. Azriel will always put Mor before Elaine. When Mor comes clean and finally lets Azriel go he’ll need time to heal and that would be a good time for someone, not in their circle, to help him through that. One could argue with time and the right setup Elaine and Lucien could make it work and be just as enthralled with each other as our power couple, but Lucien has some soul searching to do. Something Rhys didn’t have to do. He was everything Feyre needed.Finally Tamlin. Some would put him in the same category as Nesta and Mor but I don’t. Tamlin has a good heart. Feyre broke that heart. Did Tamlin handle things wrong? Yes but he could have been so much more hateful, and wasn’t. Instead he came to there aid, saved Feyre, spied for the alliance and even helped bring Rhys back to life, because he absolutely loved Feyre. His book would be an adventure for sure. The female would have to be fierce as well as soft and definitely more mature than Feyre. She matured quite a bit after everything that happened under the mountain but Tamlins and Feyres love was built before that and had she been more mature she wouldn’t have fallen for him so easily she would have been more cautious and discerning. My heart broke a little for him. Even if I am team Rhys and Feyre.Just my two cents. Enjoy reading these books!!

      8. Velarisreads

        I will try my best to make this spoiler-free because SO MUCH happensOh goodness. I will try my best to make this spoiler-free because SO MUCH happens!Now, this book came to me on its release day (thank you, Amazon). I started reading it almost immediately and then I had exams. This is why it took me so long to finish it. I would try to read it before work or before class, but I wouldn’t be fast enough.So, we know what happened in the second book. Feyre went back to Tamlin, but surprise! It’s just a little trick. She will find her way back to Rhysand.Duh, she does. That’s not really a spoiler.War is looming and she, as the High Lady, must work with the Night Court and her mate, Rhysand, in order to win this war and bring peace to all. Literally.So, I want to write this review differently. We love these characters so much, so I am going to break it down by character. No spoilers will be revealed for the characters. I will be careful.New characters are introduced in this book, but I will be letting you know about the familiar characters.- Feyre -So, the ending of the second book had us shook. For real. In the third book, Feyre is truly a badass. She is not taking any of Tamlin’s shit, let me tell you that. She is determined to find her way back to Rhysand and, yes she does, as noted above. When they reunite, of course there is the love-making. They wouldn’t be mates if they didn’t get it on, you know? Anyway…it’s a bit of an emotional reunion for Feyre, seeing her friends and such. Especially her sisters. We get a glimpse of them almost immediately, but I’ll talk about them lately. Throughout the book, Feyre is now a High Lady of the Night Court. She slowly learns how to control a room and she learns more about herself. This book really shows us how strong Feyre really is.- Rhysand -Right now, Rhysand is probably going through hell because he isn’t with Feyre and he isn’t sure when she will be back. It gets kind of worse when Feyre tries to get back to him. During that journey, their bond is silent. When they reunite, you get that giddy feeling reading their interactions again and I’m actually glad their separation doesn’t really last long. This is only if you ship them, though. In this book, I definitely got a sense of a struggle with Rhysand. It’s almost as if the ending of the second book and its events really made him vulnerable and he is definitely scared of losing Feyre and we learn more about his time with Amarantha when he was her icky love slave or whatever. We learn more things, too. I like this side of him, this vulnerable side. There are moments during the impending war where he expresses his fear of losing his family. I’m going to say that there is a moment with Rhysand where you stare at the book and you want to burst into tears. That’s all. No spoilers.- Lucien -Everybody wants Lucien. They wanted more of Lucien. I’m going to say, in my own opinion, that I was kind of disappointed in Lucien’s part of the story. I feel like there was not enough of him. He seemed to be absent, physically, for over half of the book. Before its release, I saw that people were excited to read more of Lucien and his POV. But, I was disappointed that it was lacking. I think his story isn’t over yet, though. There didn’t seem to be any closure for him. Hopefully, since this world continues, we will get more.- Nesta -Oh, Nesta. I think she is a love/hate character. We get more of her in this book and she becomes more likable, though still frustrating. Let’s just say the situation between her and Cassian drags and it just makes you roll your eyes. Not at Sarah, of course. At Nesta. She is so stubborn and it just annoyed me at times. However, with that aside, she definitely learns to become stronger and to accept herself as a Fae, which I find important. I mean, she doesn’t have much of a choice. She still has the attitude in her, but she has her badass moments.- Elain -Oh, man, It was heartbreaking to read about Elain and how she was handling things. I don’t know how else to describe it, really. It’s even worse when Lucien tries to interact with her with hardly any progress. In this book, Elain is stuck on Grayson. I mean, we know that isn’t going to happen anymore. But, it’s just sad. Again, with Lucien, I don’t think her story is finished. There are some unanswered questions. On a happier note, Elain learns to find her voice and her inner strength after what she went through. That made up for the rest of it.- Cassian -Oh, Cassian. He is still a smartass. But, something is definitely up with him here. I’m pretty sure it’s because of Nesta and her ignorance of him. He tries to hide the fact it bothers him, but you can tell it really does. We also see Cassian’s bond with Rhysand and how strong it really is; their fear of losing each other in this war. Cassian definitely wants to prove himself in this war and we see that, but some of the scenes were scary. Not sinister or anything. But, as a reader, you are very scared and worried something bad will happen to him. I’ll stop there, for your sake.I’m combining a few other characters together for one reason:- Amren, Azriel, Mor, Tamlin -Why are these characters combined? Well, let’s start with Amren. We only see Amren when she is helping Nesta and her connection with the Cauldron. There is a scene of betrayal, sort of. But, besides her AMAZING ending, she doesn’t feature that much.Azriel is kind of the same. He felt too much like a background character for me and, though there are scenes where you pray for him as you keep reading, I wish he was featured more. I don’t think he got much closure either.Which brings me to Mor. Oh man, we have a bombshell with her. I won’t reveal that, though. But, I wlll say her lack of closure goes with Azriel.Tamlin, Tamlin. I hate him, but I kind of don’t after reading this book. He spends most of the time just being pissy about what Feyre did, making innuendo jokes to get a rise, and just acting like a fifteen year old. However, there are moments where it seems he wants some kind of redemption or something. I will say that I do think he is still in love with Feyre, but I think his story is at an end. The closure is definitely there and hopefully he will find his own happiness.I want to reiterate that these opinions are my own opinions and how I felt about the book.Regardless of some of the negative opinions, I am still giving this book five stars. This book had me on edge and I’m glad but sad that this is the last full novel. Unless the book Gods and Sarah want to bless us with another full novel that isn’t a novella or something. I’m still praying.If you haven’t read this book because you are scared, don’t let that stop you. I was scared the whole way and I kept reading. I am very happy with this book and I loved entering this world again. This will probably be a series that I will definitely reread. That doesn’t happen often.Bottom line: You’ll always be wanting more of Feyre’s story.

      9. Alyshia

        The war has come, who will survive and who will lose everything? (SPOILERS)o This is the climax of the series as far as I am concerned. This book gets a lot of hate, but it is honestly, my favorite book of the series.o OVERVIEW: SPOILERS: I have NEVER in my life had so many feelings about a man in my real life let alone in a book. I lost count how many times I closed this book and just shook the crap out of it because Tamlin made me so mad. GOOD LORD MAN. This dang book had me so in my feelings about everything every single time I turned the page.o This is the climax of the Night Court story itself, the war with Hybern and trying to save the Fae Lands and the Courts. Hybern makes a deal with Tamlin and they bring the Night Court to his court and drag in Feyre’s human sisters, forcing them into the Cauldron to become made. But what they don’t know is that Nesta, ever the fighter, took from the cauldron just as it was taking from her and her sister. Which was when the Human Queens (part of the treaty) see that Hybern promised immortality from the cauldron with the sisters as tests, run but something was taken from Cauldron so it takes from the next one in the Cauldron, therefore making the Queens mad. War comes, Nesta saves Cassian twice, Hybern kills the girls’ father and Elain stabs him but Nesta has the killshot and removes his head, the girls’ father shows up with an armada when Drakon and Myriam show up with boats named after the girls, the cauldron calls Elain and they search for her. Feyre and Amren and Varian find the Cauldron but Amren deceives Feyre and dives into the Cauldron, she becomes her true form and wipes out mostly everything in the war with fire. The Cauldron explodes into three pieces and Rhys and Feyre save it by mending it back together because Feyre remembers that all life comes from the Cauldron, but when she comes back to reality, Rhys is lying on the ground and not breathing. She begs the high lords to fix him like they did her, so they do and he comes back.o Along the way, Feyre faces fears that the Bone Carver told her about to free him to get him to fight with them against Hybern, also faces Bryaxis (the dark thing in the lowest level of the library where the Priestesses work at the House of Wind). Rhys frees the Weaver of the Wood (Bone Carvers sister) to help as well. Hybern kills the Bone Carver and the Weaver of the Wood and Bryaxis is still missing at the end of the book.o There is just so freaking much that happens in this book and that is why it is my favorite. The weaving of stories is immaculate within this book. I know that quite a few people don’t like Sarah J. Mass’ writing but I did for sure. I’m also new to the Fae writing, etc. However, I did definitely like this one the best out of all of them and I would re-read it 2942359798 times if I could. The ending and beginning of stories throughout this is just one that I wish I could read for the first time again.

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